Just like most people at this website, I DO NOT own the rights to the lion king (Disney does) and I DO NOT own the rights to ANY of the Mario bros. characters (Nintendo does).

Also, I need to inform all readers that I have tried to keep this story as accurate as I can to the lion king story, but I have needed to make several changes so it makes sense. For example: the characters are not lions, they are humans (duh). The role of Simba is now played by a girl and Nala is a boy (so now Simba is played by Peach and Nala is played by Mario). I did that because I was five years old when I made up this story and Peach was (and still is) my favorite character. I have also needed to modify or delete a few scenes because even though they are appropriate for lions, that doesn't mean it's okay for humans. I would like to keep it as G-rated as possible. Y'all should also know that Timon is played by Luigi, Pumbaa is played by Yoshi, Rafiki is Toadsworth, Zazu is Toad, the three main hyenas are Wendy, Roy, and Iggy, and Scar is Bowser. The wildebeests in the stampede are now a bunch of reznors (the evil triceratops things that guard the fortresses in Super Mario World). And, the hyenas (koopas) do not hunt yoshis, and neither do the humans. Also, I've left it up to y'all's imagination to determine what Princess Peach's parents look like. I also make a very minor reference to the movie "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist" (which, once again, I do not own the rights to but I don't remember the name of the company that does) by including the "this is CNN" line from their minor Lion King spoof. And finally, I am fully aware that The Lion King is a musical, but it is very, very hard to convey that in writing so I have removed almost all songs (but I left the "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" song in there because it's funny).

Have fun reading this! It's really long, so I'll have to update it every so often. However, my chapters are relatively short.


From the smallest Toad to the largest Reznor, all creatures great and small gathered outside the Mushroom Kingdom palace to welcome their future queen. Today was the day that King Toadstool and his wife were to present their newborn daughter, Peach, to the residents of their kingdom.

King Toadstool stood proudly on the balcony of his castle as his loyal advisor, Toad, approached. Toad bowed to him and announced that Toadsworth the wise guy was coming. Soon afterwards, Toadsworth came limping up the stairs to the balcony (he was very old). He approached the king, and they embraced like old friends.

"So where is the little one?" Toadsworth asked. King Toadstool pointed to his wife, who was sitting behind him in a rocking chair holding a small baby girl wrapped in a pink blanket. Toadsworth approached the queen to have a better look at the baby. He smiled at the baby, then took a berry from his staff, broke it open, and took some of the goop and made a mark on her forehead. Then, he took some dust and sprinkled it on her head. She sneezed. Smiling, Toadsworth picked her up and carried her out over to the edge of the balcony. He then lifted her up as high as he could for all the kingdom to see. As he held her up high, a sunbeam came out through the clouds and shone upon the baby, who seemed very confused, and everyone watching from below, from the smallest Toad to the largest Reznor, bowed before their new princess.