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Ancient Secrets

Kira... and the window?


Her mind was conflicted. What could she tell Setsuna? That she was the reincarnation of some celestial angel? No. He would never understand. Her dear, sweet, goofy big brother… She loved him, but was afraid he would never return it. Of course he wouldn't. It was wrong; unnatural. To fall in love with your own brother? It just wasn't right. The girl sighed, and morosely treaded the path she had walked so many times in her dreams.

She had seen this path so vividly and clearly in her mind, yet this was the only time she had the disposition to actually search for the path, let alone walk it. All she knew was that there was something advantageous at the end. If she just knew what it was exactly! Sarah trudged on, her overwhelming love for Setsuna clouding her better judgment. "Something about Setsuna.." she whispered to herself. That was the reason she was following this path to begin with. She would keep following this path until she found what was so surreptitiously hidden at the end of this road, which seemingly went on forever.

It was almost dinnertime; Sarah's mother would be greatly worried about Sarah's safety. After inquiring about her well being, her mother would quickly infuse herself with anger. Then she would blame Sarah's welfare on Setsuna. She always blamed everything on Setsuna. Sarah stopped dead in her tracks. Her mother might even forbid Sarah to meet with Setsuna ever again!

She cursed inwardly. An excuse. The teacher kept me after school late? No. I twisted my ankle? No, she will want to take a look at it. What do I do?Sarah thought to herself, dismissing idea after idea. Stealing one last wishful glance toward the street ahead of her, she abandoned all her hopes and wishes to unearth what lay beyong the path, and took off, running home as fast as her feet would allow.

Panting, Sarah almost collapsed on the doorstep to her house. But as soon as she opened the door, she knew something was amiss. "Hello…?" she called, in a tremulous voice. "Please, Mother, are you home?" There was no answer, as she had feared. She flicked the light switch, but it sparked once and returned to its dark, dull state. Sarah quickly took in her breath. She then decided to grope her way up the staircase, to see what lay beyond.

Feet slowly advancing on the stair, she gasped as her feet struck something in the middle of her path. Eyes clenched, Sarah sunk to her knees, to reach out a shaking hand to feel what she had stumbled upon. "Oh!" she uttered, surprised.

Sarah ran a hand along the features of the body she had encountered. Thankfully, the man was still warm, and she could feel his chest rising. He had soft, longish hair, full, sensual lips, and a well muscled torso and stomach. She could feel the indents of glasses on his nose. Suddenly, a light snapped on above her. "Kira?!" she wondered incredulously. Hoping to capture a glimpse of whoever had turned on the lights, she looked up, receiving a fleeting glance at a figure leaving through the window in her mother's bedroom.

Sarah frowned, as the figure was wearing a miniskirt and a short, revealing top, but had distinctly male legs. She let her attention return to the prostrate body in front of her. What was Setsuna's best friend doing in her house?



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