Ok, so I know that you all are this close to KILLING me. Am I right? -nod nod-

But, I want to make excuses for myself. Cept... I can't really think of any... ::sweatdrop::

I'm a liar! ::prostrates self in front of readers:: I said I'd update weekly, and LOOK! I haven't updated in almost 2 months! I'm a horrible horrible person... -cries-

I know it won't make up for it, but I'm in the process of writing 2 or 3 chapters, and they should come out in the next week. If they don't, you have the right to flame me, and email me, and bug me until I actually do. But you SHALL get them!

If you're desperate for Angel Sanctuary, why don't you check out my new fic, A Forced Dimension? Heheh... ::nervous laughter::

About Ancient Secrets: I do have the plotline all planned out and everything, I'm just a lazy bum. Who writes too much Yuugiou. I know at least one of you has me on author alert, so you can see how incredibly lazy I've been... Waah.

On a lighter note, today is my birthday! ::cheers::

Hope to update soon! Bye bye...