Am I worthy?

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Chapter 1

The sun rises and another day has come. A soft wind blows through the trees to a window of a pink haired girl. She stirs as the wind moves her hair onto her face. Her eyes shoot open remembering what day it is. Today is the 23, Sasuke's 16th birthday. And to top it off, there's no mission. Sakura happily gets out of bed.

'Today, I'll confess my love for Sasuke!' The Inner Sakura shouted in her mind

It was going to be the worse day ever. First, he ran out food. Second, it's his birthday. Third, he has a major headache. Fourth, he knew that girls would come by the thousands to say 'Happy birthday'. Sasuke grumbled and kicked some stones under his feet. Yes, it's going to be the worst day ever.

Suddenly the young man heard his stomach mumble something. 'Yah, I know what you mean.' Sasuke thought. And yet his stomach growled back in reply. (AN: It's nice having conversations with your stomach U LOL) Sasuke came upon a Ramen Bar. He looked both ways to see if anyone of the Female kind would be heading his way. He sat down and ordered a regular.

Naruto wasn't happy that he had to get up early on a 'no mission' day. But he didn't want to go back to bed either. He's been having weird dreams lately. The fifteen year old gave a big sigh as he walked out of his door. He wore a loose fitting white t-shirt with some orange colored slacks. 'Maybe some ramen would help.....'

'Why are you so addicted to that nasty stuff anyways?' a dark voice came from Naruto's head.

'Because it's good, Kiyubi. Duh!'

'Well guess who has to deal with it? ME! From the DIGESTIVE TRACK for evilness sake! Of all the places to seal me, it just has to be your stomach.'

Naruto shrugged. Kiyubi is the nine tailed fox that almost destroyed the Konoha Village. But once you get to know him, he's not such a bad guy after all.

Halfway along his journey to the Ramen Bar, Naruto thought he heard someone humming. He turned and saw a happy-go-lucky Sakura with a face of determination. 'Wow! Sakura's up. –She looks kind pretty in the morning.' Naruto smiled. He waved at his crush.

"Ohiyo Sakura-chan!"

Sakura stopped her humming and looked to Naruto.

"Oh, hi Naruto." She half-smiled back and went on her marry way.

'She said hi.....' Naruto gave a soft sigh.

'Uhg, I hate emotions. I'm going to sleep for a week or two.'

The blond-haired blue-eyed young man finally came upon his destination. He sat down and ordered, but he heard a familiar voice to his left side.


'Sasuke! Eating Ramen! And in the morning no doubt! Plus, he doesn't look good. Better not get on his bad side today.' "Uh, hi Sasuke."

"Are you going to say something?"

'Say? Say what?' "Um, Ohiyo?"

Sasuke huffed. "Forget it." After a while of silence, Sasuke looked back at Naruto. "Have you seen any girls looking for me?"

"Huh? Uh, well, Sakura seemed to be happy today. Why?" Naruto semi- glared at the sixteen year old.

"It's my birthday. Ugh, I could tell Sakura would be coming. She's so annoying!"

Naruto didn't like this talk at all. "She's not annoying! She- just likes you, that's all." It was hard for Naruto to confront about Sakura's feelings.

"Yah, that's it!" Sasuke slammed his fists on the bar. "Why is it that girls can't comprehend that I don't want a relationship right now! I just want to do training! They are always in my way. Especially Sakura. She's so low!" The next thing that happened Sasuke couldn't see coming was Naruto's fist in his face. Sasuke didn't get up from the ground. He just looked back at Naruto's flaming eyes. 'Huh, I guess he does care for her still.'

"Don't – DON'T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT SAKURA LIKE THAT!" Naruto took off without eating any of his ramen. Which is a first.

'Sakura.....Sakura-chan was probably looking for Sasuke. I have to find her before it's too late.' Naruto thought while running. After passing a few alleyways, he finally found her. He had to talk to her. He knew somehow that she might get heartbroken if she talks to that- Sasuke. 'Please, don't misjudge me-'

Naruto started to shout. "Sakura-chan! Wait! Stop, I need to talk to you!"

The pink haired girl rolled her eyes. 'He already said his 'Hellos'.' "What do you want? I need to find Sasuke."

Sakura's response sounded a little harsh to Naruto. The boy hesitated a bit. "Sa-Sakura-chan, I don't want you to find Sasuke."

"What? Why?" Sakura was a bit taken for what the dunce of a teen said.

"Well, first of all he's not in a good mood. I-If you're going t-to talk to him about something, you should reconsider. He might not feel the same."

This shocked the pink haired girl. 'What? Not feel the- How would the BAKA know! He's not Sasuke!' "How would you know? Anyways, I'm still going to talk to him. I'm going to show my feelings!"

"But I do know! He said some things about you I don't want to say. I heard him. Don't go! You're going to get heartbroken!" Naruto grabbed her hand to try to get the girl to stay, but Sakura jerked him away. Not believing what he just said.

"Go away, you..... you Liar! You don't know! You're always in the way! I hate you STUPID BAKA!!" Sakura ran with tears down her face.

'I'm so sorry. I-I just wanted to protect you.' A small tear slid down from Naruto's cheek. Who wouldn't if the one you loved told you the worst thing you would hear. But in his mind, he had to tell her. He had to try to stop her, even if it meant breaking his own heart.

Sakura ran as far as she can from Naruto. But she knew in her heart that he might be right. 'I—I said I hated him. I think I went too far.....too far. What was he trying to do? He could be lying. Sasuke might still like love me. But Naruto..... Oh well, forget about him. He probably hates me back-' The girl slows her running speed. 'I'm such a wench.'

Suddenly the pink haired girl almost fell over from bumping into someone. "I'm so sorry" The girl looked up and saw her crush. "Oh Sasuke-kun!" She got up by herself. "Ohiyo!"

Sasuke started to leave while holding his head.

"Ah, wait! I need to tell you something." Sakura caught up to the young man. He stopped and finally turned to her. 'It better be short.' Sasuke thought.

"Uh, um, you see- ah, Happy birthday Sasuke-kun." Sakura said with a shy, blushing smile.

Sasuke lifted an eyebrow. "Yah, thanks for reminding me." Sasuke walked off again.

"Please stop! Sasuke-kun-"

"What? You already said your 'Happy Birthday' to me. -- Do you know what? I just want to be alone right now. Without you or anybody else." The young man put his hands in his pockets. He soon shaded his eyes with his bangs.

"But Sasuke-kun..... I wanted to tell you-"

"Pardon?? You want to say you love me or something? Uhg. Sakura, we're just friends. Stop bugging me. This is not the best day to talk to me. Why don't you talk to Naruto? He's the one who cares." Sasuke walked off coldly and didn't turn back.

Sakura couldn't stop crying. The tears might have started sometime when he talked but she couldn't tell when. She was hurt. Cut deeply in the heart. Her vision started to blur and she walked the opposite way Sasuke-kun went. Soon the sky started to cry with her. 'Sa-Sasuke..... Why doesn't he like me? I've been there for him. Cried for him. Yet, I'm still in the way. I guess I don't deserve him.....'


'I don't deserved to be loved!'

I hate you STUPID BAKA!

'Naruto, he-'

He's the one who-

'-cares for me. He told me about this. He cares about me. He knew what would happen.'

He might not feel the same Your going to get heartbroken!

'And I called him a liar. I said he was always in my way. But is he really? I told him I hate him. But I didn't mean it..... Me and my stupid mouth. He probably hates me back now. I should of listened.' The rain started to pour in, but Sakura didn't think of much else. She didn't know where she was going. 'I'm so mean to him. Even if he cares, I don't deserve it. Why am I thinking about him? I should give up.' Sakura started to shiver. 'I'm so cold, inside and out. I deserve this too.' She notices the way she was going felt like it was going up. Sakura knew she was on the bridge. She got on the rail and sat on it. With arms crossed, her body slightly leaned forward. 'I'm always in the way. For both Sasuke-kun and- and Naruto-kun. I'm sorry.' The girl cried once more.

Naruto didn't care about the rain or any of the glares he got when people pass him. He was walking strait to his home. 'She hates me..... That girl just can't see what feelings I have for her. I try and try, but she's so blind by that SASUKE..... She's going to get hurt. Or she probably is now—I don't know if any of our relationships in team 7 will ever be the same again.' Naruto sighed. 'But someday, someday Sakura-chan I'll show you that I lov-'

Something pink caches Naruto's eye and he turns. He sees a shivering Sakura on the bridge. She's leaning towards the water.....


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