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A/N: Allright, if you don't know me, then let's get some things straight... I am NOT a Trunks/Pan shipper. Not now, not ever. Nor will I ever be Goten/Bra (NEVER!). But unlike Bra, I have respect for Pan, and am willing to let her get off easy (as opposed to my BraBashing fic).

So trust me... this'll be worth reading. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I just recently watched the Dragonball Z video with the Junior Division (when Trunks and Goten fought against Idasa and Ikosa), and I found out that they, as well as their mother, had a southern accent, so I went back and chagned a little bit of Icalla's speech, so that she has a bit of a southern accent. In chapter 4, it's little, but in chapter 5 it's heavy, only because it's in Pan's mind and she's clearly making fun of Icalla. ;


It's been almost an entire year since Goku left the Earth with Shenron. Ever since then, everybody had gone on their seperete ways, enjoying their own lives. They didn't have Goku anymore to keep the bonds held tightly anymore.

During the Grand Tour, Pan and Trunks had become quite close, and promised to keep in touch. Lately, however, Trunks had been having trouble keeping up with his letters, e-mails, and phone calls to both Pan and Goten. Her uncle assured her that it was because he was being swamped with paperwork, meetings, and business altogether to be able to drop in a line as often as he used to.

But it wasn't long ago that there was another reason added to it.


"Pan!" Videl called up to her daughter's bedroom while sorting the mail, "You've got a letter! I think it's from Trunks!"

The fifteen-year old girl wasted no time racing down and grabbing the envelope from her mother's full hands and ripping it open. "It's about time!" she chimed, "It's been over two months! I was beginning to think he'd forgotten all about me!"

She finally managed to get the letter out, throw the envelope aside and open her message to read. Videl sighed as she picked up the tossed envelope and left to throw it away. "Dear Pan," Pan read aloud excitedly, "How are you?

"I've been doing allright myself. I'm really sorry I didn't write back any sooner, but you know me... work work work! I've been so busy with so many things lately! There's keeping a prompt schedule to all sorts of these meetings, usually about nothing in particular! Not to mention merges and company deals, and run-downs on stock and statistics. It's really crazy! Not only that, I've been currently courting a lady for the past couple of months. Anyway...."

Pan froze for a moment, silent. What was that last line?

"Not only that, I've been currently courting a lady for the past couple of months."

Disbeliefed, Pan read it over again.

"Not only that, I've been currently courting a lady for the past couple of months."

"Not only that, I've been currently courting a lady for the past couple of months."

"...I've been currently courting a lady for the past couple of months."

"...currently courting a lady for the past couple of a months..."

"Courting a lady..."

"Courting a lady..."

"He... he's seeing somebody?" Pan murmured to herself.

"Pan, sweetie," called her mother, who was just entering the room again, "Are you okay? You look like you've just seen a ghost!"

Pan shook her head, "Er, I'm fine, Momma," she responded, "I... I just gotta go!" And with that, she raced up back to her room, the letter gripped tightly in her hand.

Videl blinked. "My goodness! I hope she's allright..."

Pan screamed as she crumpled the letter and threw it across the room. "Why?!" she shouted, "WHY did he go get a girlfriend?? Didn't he know that I liked him?? Why, Trunks, WHY?!"

She fell to her knees, hugging her waist as she sniffled. "You jerk," she grumbled, "If you woulda given me the chance, I woulda told you how I feel! Why can't you feel the same for me? Is it because I'm a kid? Bullcrap!"

Pan took a deep breathe, collecting herself. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding. She crawled over to the other side of the room and retrieved the crumpled letter, opening it back up again. "I've been currently courting a lady for the past couple of months..." Pan painfully reread, but continue reading the rest, "Anyway, I hope you're not mad at me for taking too long. Do respond soon, and tell me what's going on with yourself. Any boyfriends? ;) "

Pan snarled. 'Yeah... it coulda been you!' she thought angrily, tearing it to pieces. There was nothing left but his signature. She still wasn't sure if by courting a lady he meant dating her, but it certainly sounded like he wasn't intrested in being with HER!

Pan stood up to her feet. 'This is nuts!' she thought, 'Why am I getting myself worked all over this?' She then smirked, 'I'll just see what Uncle Goten knows about this 'court' of his'

And with that, she took to the sky, out her window.