A little more than a year has passed since the "tragic events" took place. Over time, Pan had simmered down and slowly went back to her normal self. She continued with her training and hobbies, which consisted of eating, hanging with friends, and playing video games and what not. You'd think she was back to normal...

But one mention of the word "trunks" and she would flip out and cuss you out.

Her family members were worried about her. She was never able to forgive Trunks for breaking her heart and feared she'd drive herself insane if she never got over him. Her parents tried to talk to her, but as mentioned, they'd only get cussed out.

"Who cares about that effing creep!? He can rot in hell for all I care along with that southern bitch he got wrangled up with! Just drop it before I drop you through the floor!" completely forgetting the fact that both her parents could take her down with one punch.

Gohan and Videl knew they had to find a way to help Pan overcome this dilemma. They couldn't even talk to Bulma on the phone without Pan shouting from across the room, "Mama! Papa! Stop talking to those traitors!" or "Why you talkin' to Bulma? Is Trunks too busy screwing that pugged-nose twit to even care about his friends??" And it was a lot worse when they actually were talking to Trunks. The best they could do was try to avoid conversation with any of the Briefs, but they feared that would drive a wedge between the families. The last thing they wanted was to lose contact with each other for who knows how long? One hundred years?

One day, however, Videl rushed over to Gohan and Pan, who were sitting on the couch in the living room watching television. "Gohan, Pan," she chirped excitedly, "I've got great news! I just got off the phone with Paresu, who just finished talking with Bulma!"

"You call that great news?" Pan snapped, "Now Aunt Paresu is a traitor too!"

Ignoring Pan's comment, Videl continued, "She says Bulma and Vegeta are grandparents!"

Gohan's eyes widened as he smiled. "You're kidding! You mean...?"

Videl nodded with a broad smile. Pan however crossed her arms. "HMPH! Bra better have gone through teen-pregnancy!"

Videl scowled. "For your information, young lady," she scolded, "Trunks and Icalla had a baby!" She then turned to Gohan and smiled, "It's a little girl, weighed eight pounds, seven ounces. The mother and baby are doing just fine and are coming home tomorrow. They named her Zurosu!"

Gohan raised an eyebrow, "Panties...?"

"You know them," Videl laughed, "The whole underwear-name thing. Anyway, Paresu told me that Bulma invited all of us to stay at Capsule Corp. this weekend and see the baby!" She glanced over at her teenaged daughter, "I'm sure even Pan wouldn't mind seeing such a cute, little creature."

Pan snorted, turning away, staring out the window. "Forget it!"

Videl frowned. "Now sweetheart, come on. Be reasonable," she pleaded, "I know you may still be mad at Trunks, but you've got nothing to hold against this innocent child."

"Don't be so sure," Pan sneered, "It's the freakin' love child of Trunks and that ugly tramp. Why would I wanna go see their little spawn?"

At this, Gohan had about enough, and stood up from the couch, looming over Pan. "All right, knock it off Pan! This has gone on far enough!" Pan stayed silent, glumly looking out the window. Seeing that she was ignoring him, he grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him in the face. "Did you hear what I said? Stop all of this! Look, I'm sorry that your feelings were hurt, and I was always supportive of you during your crisis. But now it seriously needs to stop! It's been over two years now! You need to learn that feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere! Got it? Get over it!"

Pan scowled and broke her father's grip, turning away from him and hugging herself. "Shut up!" she cried, "You don't know what it's like to be in love!"

Gohan knitted his eyebrows. "Actually, I should know... I married your mother, didn't I?"

Pan was silent for a moment, then sniffled, "Why couldn't I be the mother of that baby?"

Gohan sighed. This was a lot tougher than destroying Cell into nothingness. He threw his arms up in frustration. "Alright, fine. I give up. You wanna be sad, be sad. Maybe when you realize that it's getting you nowhere, you'll finally snap out of it. But until then, you're still coming with us to Capsule Corp. this weekend."

Pan whipped around, angered. "Why are you putting me through this torture?!"

"Sorry, but your mother and I don't trust you home alone for the entire weekend. Your grandmother, aunt, and uncle are coming with us as well."

"I'm seventeen years old!" Pan protested, "I should be old enough to take care of the house myself!"

"Yeah right... the last time you said that, the entire house was blown to pieces."

"Sheesh, you're never gonna let that go, are you??"

Days later, the Sons had packed their things together and headed off towards the long drive to West City. They debated about flying there, but there would be too much to carry in luggage and those who couldn't fly. That and Chichi complained it's been too long since she had a regular family car ride. Pan agreed. The later they'd get to Capsule Corp. the better.

Throughout the trip, Pan sat in the backseat with her uncle and aunt, absolutely refusing to sit up in the front with her parents, whom she felt were forcing her to come along and expand her sorrow even more. Jerks.

Paresu couldn't help but notice the irritated look and crossed arms and legs on her niece. She lightly nudged her in the side. "Hey you," she smiled, "Why so glum? I thought you'd be happy to see your old friend Trunks again!"

Pan, unmoving in her posture, glared up at her aunt. "Y'know... you're an airhead."

Paresu blinked, seemingly hurt. "But... I thought you accepted that when I married Goten!"

'Scratch that... MAJOR airhead...'

After the long drive, they finally reached West City and pulled into the Capsule Corp. parking lot. They didn't even make it out of the Check In when Bulma appeared, greeting them with a huge smile. "Oh it's so good to see you all again!" she chimed as she hugged everyone, "I missed you so much!"

"Same here!" Chichi smiled, hugging back, "How is everybody?"

"They're doing great! Vegeta and Bra are in the other room. C'mon, I'll take you in."

Everyone followed Bulma out of the Check-In and upstairs into a large living room, where Bra sat on the couch waiting for everyone, and Vegeta leaned on the wall, keeping to himself. 'At least Trunks and his creepy offspring aren't here,' Pan thought.

"PAN-CHAN!" Bra cheered as she leaped from the couch and wrapped her arms around the small female Saiyan, "I missed you so much! How're you doing?? Can ya believe I'm an aunt??"

"Yeah, incredible..." Pan mumbled.

"Where were you all this time? I heard you were mad, but what did I do? Why didn't ya try to talk to me? Did I do something wrong? Oh well, you're here and that's all that matters! Wait 'till ya see the baby! She's sooooo cute!!"

'God somebody needs to wire her mouth shut,' Pan thought.

"So where is the little bundle of joy?" Videl asked, looking around only to see Vegeta in his own thoughts, trying to ignore everyone else.

"Oh, that crazy couple took little Zu-chan out for a walk, probably to show her off to the neighbors," Bulma smiled, "Just like I use to when Trunks and Bra were babies."

"I know the feeling," Chichi beamed, grabbing her two sons and hugging them close.

Gohan slightly sweated. "And where's the... AHEM other grandmother?"

Bulma winked. "No worries. You just missed her. She and her sons went home a couple hours ago."

Gohan sighed of relief. He was worried about getting yelled and scolded at by Mrs. Wisenheimer again. Last time she threw a hissy fit towards the man for just staring in her general direction during the wedding reception.

Pan crossed her arms and grimaced. 'Just what we need... ANOTHER whiney brat from their messed up family...'

"We're back!"

Everyone, minus Pan (and Vegeta, who'd rather be by himself at the wall), raced over to the doorway, where they heard Trunks and Icalla enter the room, carrying a little carrier with no doubt a baby in it. After exchanging greetings and hugs, the guests cooed and smiled over the newborn.

"Awwwwww! She's so darling!" Videl swooned.

"So is this your little girl, Trunks?" asked Chichi.

"Naw, we took her to the park and got her mixed up, so we ended up taking some stranger's kid back," Trunks retorted.

"There's your sign," Goten mocked, as he and Trunks laughed and high-fived.

"May I hold her?" asked Paresu, and Icalla carefully picked up the tiny baby and placed her into the woman's arms. "Awww... hello there, precious! Look, she's staring back at me! How cute!!"

'Sheesh, make me barf!' Pan groaned in her thoughts, and walked over to the wall and leaned back on it, crossing her arms. This was going to be one hellish weekend.

"So why aren't you googling over the lil' runt yourself?" she heard Vegeta ask. She looked up, seeing the adult Saiyan standing parallel from her.

Pan snorted and looked away. "Why should I? Trunks shouldn't have ever had that baby to begin with!"

"And why not?!" Vegeta asked rather harshly, "That is my granddaughter you're putting down... and she's only a week old!"

Pan shuffled, "Well... it's just I'm still pissed off over Trunks marrying that stupid broad instead of me. I mean, at the very least, if Trunks married me, the Saiyan race would be saved, right?"

"The Saiyan race was doomed the moment Freeza destroyed Vegeta-sei," the prince explained, "The only thing you would do is just expand the Saiyan blood for another generation. Our race cannot be saved, and I've learned to accept it. Besides, I'd never allow Trunks to go near you."

Pan growled, "You too?? God, why does everyone think I'm too young for him??"

"Age has nothing to do with this, my dear," Vegeta murmured.

Pan blinked. "Then... why?"

"I'd much rather die an unhonorable death than to be related to Kakarrot. He's my rival, and nothing more. I'd probably kill Goten on the spot if he wanted to marry Bra. Of course, I'd kill anyone who'd want to marry Bra... but you get what I mean."

"I see," Pan sighed, "It's just an in-law dispute. You just don't wanna be close with my grandpa, who's probably already dead anyway... Figures."

"Well, there's that, and the fact that Trunks was likely to get married and have children of his own before you even come of legal age."

Pan growled, "Don't you dare start me on that!"

"Get over yourself!" Vegeta spat, "I've accepted the fact that the Saiyans are a dying race! You should accept that Trunks is just simply not interested in you. In the end, don't you think all that matters is his happiness?"

Pan was silent for a moment... Throughout the entire situation, she was upset with Trunks, depressed over his relationship with Icalla, and angry to the point that her only source of cheering up was poking sharp knives into a crappy Icalla-voodoo doll she made up.

Never once did she think about what Trunks wanted and how he felt.

Seeing that his words got through the young girl, Vegeta chuckled. "See? I'm not ALWAYS a bad man, am I?"

"Hey Pan!" Trunks called over, "C'mere! Don't ya wanna meet lil' Zurosu?"

Glancing up at Vegeta one more time, Pan sighed and made her way towards the group. "Okay, fine... only because I'm gonna have to see this kid some time. Might as well see her now..." When she approached everyone, she sighed to herself and forced to look into the little squid's face...

And was surprised at what she saw.

Clouded by the thoughts of an evil Trunks and Icalla spawn and a child that wasn't hers, she was awed at sight of wide, blue, innocent eyes gazing back at her. She was just a tiny little thing, curious about the world as she gazed up at the teenaged girl. Her tiny hands and fingers that she was sucking on, the small tuft of brown hair on her soft little head... Pan was loss for words. This child was incredibly precious.

"This kid is totally cute!" she reworded. For the first time, she meant what she said when it came to Trunks and his new life.

Trunks smiled. "Thank you. I think so myself. She certainly gets her looks from her mother."

Pan gazed up at Icalla. 'Hmm... I dunno about that...' she thought as she noticed the pudgy nose and the incredibly curly hair... 'Oh hell, what am I thinking? Icalla's pretty, and this baby is definitely gorgeous!'

"Y'know, Trunks, you're absolutely right!" Pan smiled.

Icalla blushed. "Why thank you, Miss Pan," she spoke, as Paris carefully handed her daughter back. She held her out to the young girl. "Heah ya go. Would ya like to hold her? She certainly loves t'be held."

Pan blinked a bit surprised at the offer. Slowly she held her arms out, and Icalla placed Zurosu into them. Being as careful as ever, Pan slowly rocked the tiny infant as little Zurosu gazed up into her eyes. After being softly rocked by the girl holding her, she felt completely comfortable in yawning and nestling up into Pan's chest, falling asleep.

At this, Pan felt a proud smile come across her face as the baby snoozed in her arms. 'Welcome to the world, Zurosu Briefs,' Pan thought, 'You certainly are a special person. I might not have liked this before, but now I'm really glad that you happened!' She gently rubbed her "little sister" under her chin. 'I may not be your mother, nor married to your father... but I will certainly help raise you into a better person than I was lately.

'By the way... I'm Pan, your new big sister!'