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Hi there. In this little collection, you will find my 100-word drabbles. Anything exceeding 100 words gets its own story file. Anything 100 words or less... has its own chapter somewhere in here. Most drabbles are rated G or PG, with a few rated PG-13 and one that's rated R, thus far.



Title: Cheeks
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: PG-13
Date Composed: March, 11, 2004


Miroku turned and stopped. The taijiya paused, and he lovingly stroked her cheek.

"Such lovely skin you have, my dear Sango," he complimented.

Sango was startled by the sudden touch upon her face and tensed before relaxing, a slight blush growing. She hoped no one else saw this. "Th-thank you, houshi," she managed to say.

"I bet they get rosy at all the right times," he said reaching his other hand out to stroke the other cheek. His mind wandered. "So soft, firm, good to grip-"

Her firm hand landed on the side of his face. "Not those cheeks, houshi."