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"You can ride my broomstick any day, Harry."
by juxtaposed

Chapter One: Stupid Alcohol. Stupid Me.

"You can ride my broomstick any day, Harry."

It was this single sentence that reverberated throughout Severus Snape's head. It was this one line that kept veins pounding relentlessly against his temple. It was this solitary remark that was slowly, but inexorably, driving him to the brink of certain insanity. He was sorely, sorely tempted to numb all his thoughts with a shot of his strongest Fire Whiskey, but he had learnt his lesson there. In fact, that was what had made him say that damned line anyway. He groaned out loud as he thought about it. Again.

"You can ride my broomstick any day, Harry."

Merlin, kill me now. If you have any mercy in you, you will strike me down in flames and pestilence and the pain of a thousand crucios.

His gaze flickered to a bottle of prime Fire Whiskey, but he dragged it away forcefully. That was what had caused this whole mess. Well, it was part of the reason, anyway. His drunkenness had been because of another very odd predicament he had found himself in – he had been unable to control his behavior, and had ended up being nice.

That had been two days ago, when it had first started, and he had been uncharacteristically nice to everyone. Everyone. Even the blasted Gryffindors, which, obviously, had horrified him to no end. It had lasted for two days, and had only just worn out an hour ago, as he discovered when the unluckiest little Hufflepuff had crossed his path. He had been absolutely thrilled to discover that he had been able to not only insult, but also punish and send off crying, a student.

At least something good finally happened, he sighed to himself. The past forty-eight hours of him having to smile and be cheerful and friendly with everyone had been exhausting. Physically and mentally. It was just not in Severus Snape to be pleasant to other people, and it had drained his reserves for him to do so.

Of course, it had been one thing to just be affable, as he had been when the spell – hex – charm – curse – he didn't know what misfortune exactly had befallen him, but it was more of a bloody curse than anything else, he felt – had first begun to wreak its havoc. In any case, simply that might have been tolerable, even forgettable – not by him, certainly; but by the students, after several detentions had been dealt and points deducted.

But no, I had to get myself drunk.

Severus supposed it wasn't really his fault. After all, anyone else in his position would probably have done the same thing – drank themselves into a stupor. Of course, not everyone would have said what he had said.

"You can ride my broomstick any day, Harry."

Ugh. He had called the Potter brat Harry. Now, why had he said that? Why had he stood there, smiling at the boy, called him by his first name, and then made a painfully blatant sexual innuendo to the brat?

In front of thirty other students, no less.

What the hell was I thinking?

Oh, no, that's right. I wasn't thinking. The alcohol was making it rather difficult. Not to mention that I still had to be pleasant.

And why was I pleasant again?

It was this, as much as that stupid line he had said, that ran constantly through his mind. Severus wasn't a stupid man. And years as a Slytherin, Death Eater and spy had given him unbelievable reflexes. And yet, somehow, somehow, someone had managed to catch him off his guard and cursed him to be nice.

Well, it definitely wasn't a change of heart.

He snorted to himself as he thought this, momentarily amused at himself, then sobered up as he tried to think of who could possibly have done it to him, when, how and why.

Well, the why part wasn't that hard.

He was a snarky bastard of a Potions Master, the requisite 'evil' professor that every school had to have.

Although you'd think that with so many actual evil professors that the title wouldn't automatically land on me, he mused. Not that he minded, of course. Severus actually rather delighted in the façade he had to present to the students. It had helped maintain his cover when he had been a spy on Voldemort. Of course, even when Voldemort was defeated and he had no need to remain as he was, he had chosen to do so. He found the students were often a lot more manageable that way.

And, of course, being the Slytherin that he was, Severus thoroughly enjoyed making his scathing little remarks. Especially since it was actually expected of him – he didn't need to explain himself to anyone if he, oh say, told a student she looked like a bullfrog, or if he deducted dozens of points from any house other than Slytherin, just for the heck of it.

He always made sure he had someone to take the fall for the points being deducted, of course. It would have been no good if he had suddenly declared "A hundred points from Gryffindor!" with no reason, that would have made him look too discriminatory. So he took great pleasure in waiting for students to make even the slightest mistake. And even when he wasn't in class, he enjoyed prowling the halls for unfortunate, wayward students.

Failing which, he always had his three favorite students to harass. Well, four, counting that Longbottom fellow – thank Merlin he had dropped Potions after fifth year. But without him, it was just those three – the Gryffindor Golden trio; the Dream Team; Boy Wonder and his sidekicks…

Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Just-Would-Not-Die, who looked so much like his rather detestable father yet acted so much like his rather compassionate mother that it drove Severus insane to no end.Hermione Granger, that annoying know-it-all, who he grudgingly had to admit usually did know it all. Ronald Weasley, who thankfully had also dropped Potions, but nonetheless seemed to be always attached to the other two. Those three could always be counted on to be found sneaking around the castle late at night, and Severus often found himself actively searching for them, just to meet out detentions and other punishments.


Why, because he could, of course.

Severus let out a chuckle. Yes, the Golden Trio were always good to cheer him up.

But not right now, he sighed darkly. Now, it just brought thoughts of that damned Potter brat. Which, in turn, brought up what he had said to said brat. Which, in turn, led to his unusual behavior. Which, in turn, took him round and round in useless circles of thought. Which, in turn, left him with a massive headache.

"You can ride my broomstick any day, Harry."

He stared at the hard liquor on his mantle. It was practically calling his name, asking him to drink, drink away all his problems…his biggest problem at the moment being that damned line…

"You can ride my broomstick any day, Harry."

He glowered at the Fire Whiskey suspiciously. Was it the one that was repeating that stupid line to him over and over again? It simply stood where it was, silently mocking him.

"Well? Are you?" he yelled at it. It remained where it was.

Oh, Merlin. I'm yelling at my drinks.

"You can ride my broomstick any day, Harry."

"Argh!" Severus suddenly threw his hands up and growled in exasperation, casting another glare at the bottle.

Goddamn sexual double entendres.

He was fully in denial, of course. And he was, obtusely enough, well aware of that fact. He chose to accept that he was in denial. It saved him from analyzing himself.

After all, he knew he was gay. Not flamboyantly gay, - like that bloody ponce Lockhart - but gay.

And he knew he found Harry Potter attractive. What with those brilliant jade eyes, and chiseled jawline, and deliciously messy hair, and full pouty lips, and Quidditch-sculpted body… Besides which, he really was rather intelligent, and powerful and courageous – of course, he's a bloody Gryffindor who defeated the Dark Lord, Severus couldn't help thinking – and loyal, and on several occasions that Severus had been privy to, rather witty and a pleasant conversationalist. And then there were those eyes, and hair, and lips, and body…

Severus could put two and two together. But he simply chose not to.

I have enough issues to deal with without having to acknowledge the fact that I have some silly schoolgirl crush on Harry bloody-James Potter.

Like, for the fact, someone actually managed to get past my defenses to put a curse on me.

Severus groaned, massaging his throbbing temple, eyeing his extremely tempting liquor. He wasn't by nature a vain person, but he did take considerable pride in being constantly vigilant – Mad Eye Moody's words flashed in his head – and never being caught off guard.

Well, except for this time.

Stupid spell.

Stupid alcohol.

Stupid me.

I might as well have had gone up to him, batted my eyelashes and giggled incessantly at his every word, like so many of those blasted younger girls, for all I did. I fell two knuts short of telling him I rather fancied him.

"You can ride my broomstick any day, Harry."


Telling Harry Potter, bloody savior of the Wizarding World, that he, Severus Snape, only famed for being the greasy git extraordinaire, something as outrageous that. What was he thinking? Potter was probably naïve and innocent, and likely straight as a wand, anyway. Severus hadn't seen him with a girl since that Ravenclaw two years ago, so he was fairly sure of the first assessment, but it did cast a shadow of doubt over the second.

Not that he noticed things like that.

And not like he cared about which gender Potter preferred.

Not at all.

He found himself staring rather lustily, and rather angrily, at the still-full bottle of Fire Whiskey.

Focus! He commanded himself. Do not think about drinking. And the bottle is not mocking me. It wouldn't dare.

He forced himself to dwell on the conundrum that was the 'curse of being nice', as he had taken to thinking of it. Obviously, the question of why anyone would want to do that to him was something that didn't really need to be asked. But the when and how and who…that was what bothered him.

Who would want to do that to him, was, again, a question with too many answers. But who could have done it; that narrowed the field considerably. It would have taken a very smart, very sneaky, very cunning, very organized, very powerful and very brave witch or wizard to have been able to pull one over Severus Snape. Immediately he thought of his Slytherins, but just as immediately dismissed the idea. They may have fit the profile – especially the cunning part - but he was positive none of them would want, dare, or try to pull a stunt like that on him. Almost as quickly, he dismissed Hufflepuffs. That left the Ravenclaws and Gryffindors.

Well, the Ravenclaws were definitely smart enough, and there were probably some decent strategists among them, but he could think of very few who would actually go through with a plan to curse a teacher. The Gryffindors…were certainly brave and foolhardy enough, and weren't exactly the bottom of the barrel in brains, but he couldn't imagine any of them being sneaky enough – after all, Gryffindors were supposed to be noble and honest and all that rubbish.

He groaned. This was getting him nowhere.

"You can ride my broomstick any day, Harry."

Not again!

He grabbed the nearest pillow and screamed his frustration into it, before chucking it at the bottle of Fire Whiskey.

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