The last of the Valerious

Chapter 1 Meeting of a devil

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Ana's point of view

Walking alone in an alley, especially at night, was not a good idea, since dangers lurked in every corner. Everyone was asleep as the moon hanged high above the sky, casting its pale light upon the small village beneath. I was a traveler, searching for Gabriel Van Helsing for some help; I knew that he would be shocked somehow...My name is Ana Valerious...sounds familiar to you, hmm?

To begin with, I'm actually a long lost sister of Anna's; my facial features are more or less the same as hers, save it for the hair and the eyes, which are straight and for the eyes, which are grayish, which might seem a little bit strange... We were separated since we were a baby due to some events that I had long forgotten.

I knew of my identity though and decided to keep it a secret, knowing that, Count Vladislaus Dracula was keen on finishing the last of the Valerious. But now, my dear sister was was my brother, Velkan. Sometimes, I even wondered if they knew of my existence...

But what really hurt me most was that, Draculais back, he had once again rise from the ash that Gabriel had failed to completely get rid of, but I did not blame him though, for Anna had died and he would be somehow grieving over her death, not caring about a single thing around him.

For months, I had been trying to find the where about of him, hoping that he would kill Dracula for me, like he had done so before and to break the shocking news to him about Dracula if he still did not know.

You was such a great risk for me to be out wandering, I could only pray that Dracula will not know about my true identity. Since young, I had caught a glimpse or two of him, terrorizing our small village and such with that three brides of his, and from there, I knew that heis up to no good. And it had been proven.

Sighing, I continued to walk down the alley, so far I had collected some information; Gabriel and his friends were heading toward a small village called Gate of heaven. It sounded holy to me and I guessed he isthere to pray for Anna...Well thatis where I would be heading. I continued on, the lights on the street glimmered faintly in the distance.

Soft beating sound could be sounded like a pair of huge wings beating down against the wind. I stood frozen to the ground. Iis that Dracula? My mind began to panic, no; it can't be...he did not figure out my true identity, did he? A bat-like figure emerged from the darkness, a grin plastered on its face.

I gasped as the figure swooped down toward me; I turned and began to run. The figure gave a sinister laughter and flew over and in front of me, blocking my way, forcing me to stop. I glared at it as it changed back into a human form. I backed away. Itwasconfirmed; yes he is Count Vladislaus Dragulia...

He was tall and lean, clad in black from head to toe, with a long cape that draped on the ground behind him. From how he dressed, one could tell that he was a person of nobility or something close to that, for he was dressed formally. And had a vaguely military look, of a style that I had never seen before.

His long dark brown almost raven hair was pulled back into a ponytail which was clipped with a silver clip; a stray lock of hair decorated his face which he tucked it behind his ear as he looked at me intensively, which I did not notice for I wastooengrossed in studying him...

His face was pale and it appeared a bit old, nevertheless, he still looked handsome like a prince, a dark enigmatic and engaging prince I must say, for I could sense a strange aura of darkness within him, accompanied by mysteriousness. The oddest thing about him was the single earring he wore in his left ear-a small golden hoop, which enhance his facial features. I had never known an aristocrat who wore an earring.

My eyes slowly wandered to his eyes, his eyes were a deep black, charming, seductive and endearing, but devoid of emotions, they appeared wise as well with a hint of crystal blue deep within its depth, and it appeared I stared into them...

Not long after, I realized that I had been charmed by him; I jerked my head back, managing to break feel from his little spell, I took another step back. He gave a smile, sensing the fear and weakness in me and took a step toward me, his riding boots made a soft clipping sound as he moved, like a horse would when it trots. I backed away once more, and he took another. I continued to back away into the dark and narrow alley till my back hit a cold wall... A dead end.

"Hmm...You are trapped..." he mused out loud, his thin lips curled into a smirk as he closed the gaps between us.

"B-back off!" I stuttered, my eyes darted toward the either sides of the walls, trying to figure out a way to escape. I had no weapon with me, which when I realized, seemed too late. Weapon...I need a weapon...where can I find one? My eyes continued to wander, searching for a weapon to fend him off while I escape. A good idea...butI don't have a weapon! My mind started to panic.

His figure loomed closer every second, but I was too busy to notice that till I felt an icy hand reached beneath my chin, gently pushing my head up to meet his gaze.

"Ana, my dear, you look so much like Anna..." he whispered huskily. What kind of silly statement is that? I'm after all Anna's sister...I thought to myself.

My gaze was fixed upon the moon behind him as he spoke, for I knew that if I looked into his eyes, he would try and hypnotize me. He seemed to know that for he gave a jerk as his hands rested upon my shoulder, causing me to gasp and direct my attention to him...No! I tried to avert my gaze from his, but found it too irresistible.

He smiled and stared into my eyes, "you will be mine...soon...Ana." I stared back and suddenly felt weak and drowsy. He jerked me toward him and I fell completely under his spell. He jerked me back; his cold arms behind my back as he did so, my untied long blond hair fell back, revealing my neck to him.

My vision was blurred as I struggled to look up at him, "" I muttered weakly and he gave a sinister smile and opened his mouth. I watched in horror as his canines lengthened, turning into menacing fangs. He then placed his mouth around my neck and gave a lick, "Hush..." he whispered before he sank his fangs into my neck.

I moaned in dismay and gripped hold of him tightly as his fangs pierced the skin of my neck, warm blood trickling down his jaw and down onto my neck and collarbone, staining the collar of my white dress. He wiped his mouth dry after he was done and proceed to lick off the blood on my neck and collarbone. I looked at him weakly, with a mixed feeling of hatred, the bite left a burning sensation.

"I hate and despite you, Count," I spat out. He looked at me softly and placed a kiss on my lips, exactly the way of how he looked at me. His hands wandered over my body and came to a rest on my waist, locking them in place as he pulled me closer to his embrace.

Strange...I wondered to me, he is cold...but I am still warm, am I not a vampire? Alas, there is still hope if I'm still alive...."Not for long...," his words strike fear in me, could he read my thoughts or was he just answering what I had just stated? Still in my dreamy state, he continued, "I shall now bring you back to my castle, the icy fortress," he breathed next to my ear. With his strong pair of arms, he hoisted me ontothem and changed into his true form in which he took flight, taking the both of us into the crisp and cool night.

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