Chapter 30 Forgiven

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It had been a brief moment of pain for Ana before she passed out. The Count, however, did not stop at this. He bit harder into her flesh, one hand seizing hold of her sleeve as he made to tear them away, exposing the curse that was imprinted onto her arm. He snarled. What? Not fully a vampire?

"Isn't this interesting?" the Count drawled, his dark gaze falling upon Celeste and Gabriel with a thin sneer, watching how the girl flinch when he looked at her while the hunter remained motionless. He did not even think about Ana being under a mere curse. Oh if they had consummated he would have noticed. But then again, he never slowed just to notice while having sex, so perhaps that was not a good idea after all. He could have watched her undress though...

"Let her go." The voice was weak, barely audible…But it was enough for Dracula's dark orbs to flicker toward Celeste. He noticed how pale she was, how she had wrapped a hand over her stomach so protectively. A slight smirk formed against his sensuous lips. Did she honestly think he was going to hurt her

A single swish of an arrow caused him to drop Ana onto the floor, dodging it by instinct. Her form fell with a thud and now lay motionless.

Gabriel lowered the crossbow he was holding and stared speechlessly as Celeste scrambled over to her friend's form, unconcerned by the danger she would be in. She pulled Ana closed. "What have you done to her!!"

Blood continued to flow from Ana's wound and despite how she pressed it with a portion of her ripped clothes, it seemed to be endless. The material soon was soaked of blood. Panic rose within her. The Count gave a chuckle as he watched the helpless girl before him.

"She will be fine…" he whispered, making to kneel beside her. Another arrow went swishing toward him. The Count gave a groan as it struck him in the chest, inches from where his undead heart should be. From the side, Gabriel gave a disheartened growl.

Grunting, the Count pulled the arrow away and tossed it aside with much distaste. "So much for your accuracy, Gabriel. You disappoint me." The hunter swore beneath his breath, making to retreat a few steps as the vampire stepped toward him. The last of his arrow had been used up… Carl's dead. There's no one to help him…anymore.

A wide smile broke across his features, like a child would when several sweets were offered. "Oh… Are you alone now, Gabriel? The monk and dog aren't here to help you…" His eyes gleamed at the though of slaughtering the man before him. "A pity. I would enjoy some…resistance."

Soft whimpers could be heard from behind. Apparently Celeste was against the idea of… bloodshed. There should be no more killing… No more. But she was powerless in such matter, in fact, any matter to be precise.

The Count ignored the pathetic sound and advanced on Gabriel so quickly that it was just a blur. His useless weapon was knocked out of his hand, and before he knew it, felt cold hand seizing hold of his throat, lifting him off the ground. "No!" the hunter roared, kicking and thrashing wildly about in an attempt to throw him off.

"Struggling proves to be futile…as always," the Count whispered as he pulled him in close. Fists came into contact with his face but it didn't deter the vampire from baring his fangs. Another one connected with his chest.

The vampire laughed.

"No…!" Celeste cried when a defeated groan was heard. The Count had sunk his fangs deep into his old friend's neck as he feasted on his blood. The struggling soon ceased - the hunter's body gone limp with the last beat of his heart.

Fully sated with the hunter's blood, he tossed the body aside no less than one would toss a disgusting ragged doll. The body landed with a dull thud. Celeste gasped. No sound. Not even a groan was heard. Nothing. Gabriel was…dead.

No. No. The Hunter couldn't be dead. The only one who could help them now was dead? All hope was lost now, or was it? Biting back tears, she rushed toward Ana and pulled her close. She was cold.

"Ana…Wake up…" She choked, shaking her lightly. "Wake up…Don't die on me."

A soft crunching of boots told her that the Count was behind her, but she ignored it. The bastard can just die for all she cared.

Eyes closed, Celeste pulled Ana's form closer and…felt her breathing. She is alive! Tears rolled down her cheeks as she let out a sob. She had been so scared, afraid that she might leave her after all. Of course the bastard wouldn't kill her, but accident do happened sometimes.

"The vampire hunter is dead now," the Count purred into her ear as he made to kneel beside her. "You shall be my bride and…" His hand reached for Ana's hair but Celeste shifted her out of his reach. Gaze was exchanged. One that was full of hatred yet calm in some sense, another of amusement.

"She will be my bride as well," he continued as if nothing had happened, withdrawing his hand.

Brides. To hell with him. All he cared was about procreation. Domain the world with his fiendish spawns, no?

The Count smiled when he saw the unmistaken look of disgust on Celeste's face. "Oh… it is not that bad…" he drawled, mocking her as he made to stand. "You enjoyed it, no?"

Hatred soon seeped in. Her blood boiled. Unknowingly, she began to place Ana on the ground.

How could he even say such a thing? She was raped for bloody sake!!

"Bastard!!" she roared as she lunged for him. But the Count simply held her at bay, gripping her tightly by the wrists. His smile widened, showing his fangs. "You would want to keep your friend close, dear…"

What? A threat? Or is it one of his sick joke? Risking a glance toward Ana, her eyes widened when she saw a creature walking toward her form. His minion?

"What are you – "she started as she tried to free herself but was yanked close to the Count himself. Wasting no time, she was dismayed to see the creature walking off with Ana in its arm.

She remembered the creature. He killed Black not long ago. Clad in dark robe… with a scythe as weapon hoisted behind its back. Pointy ears… Oh, the elf like assassin. The Count's deadly minion.

"Let her go!" Celeste shouted after the creature in vain, struggling with all her might against the Count who simply refused to budge.

Helplessly, she watched as the creature disappeared from her sight.

The Count chuckled at her fragile state of mind, taking the liberty to caress her forehead. "Look at you…" he cooed, "so helpless…so weak."

Perhaps she should just surrender to this fate. Why resist? Why make things so… difficult? The Count would treat them both well, or at least that was expected of him.

Celeste was about to speak when she heard a sound, a horrified hiss, coming from the Count. There was no need to look back at him for she saw a bright light emerging out of no where. It engulfed the entire place for a split second before dying down, but the source of light still remained.

It was the unicorn.

The white mare reared up, kicking its hoof toward the sky. She gave a soft yet sharp cry before speaking with a silent warning:

Retreat to where you came from, spawn of Satan. You are not welcome here, your very mere existence.

The Count responded with an angry growl. He would make sure the horse is skinned alive and her horn held in display at his throne room.

Without waiting for any further interruption, the guardian galloped toward the Count's last remaining minion. The glow radiating from her banished the fiend back to where it should be before it could even raise a finger, if it had one that is.

No! The Count watched in utter disbelieve. His minion is gone, just like this? Not even a single filth of it was left. He growled, releasing Celeste as he slowly backed away. Celeste ran toward Ana's form. She was suspended in mid air, perhaps held there by the unicorn's power. Ana was slowly placed onto the floor and she began to wake soon after, as if a certain spell had been broken.

"What… happened…" Ana whispered, shielding her eyes from the sudden blinding light. The warmth radiating from it… Could it be?

"You're fine Ana!" Celeste said softly as she embraced her friend tightly. "Gabriel is lost," she added in a whisper soon after.

Lost? Struggling to look out to the distance, she saw the Count almost cowering in a corner. To his far left, there was a heap on the ground. A fallen figure. Gabriel?

"S-so…" Ana struggled to speak but found her throat dry all of a sudden.

The Gods will rest his soul, my child… He had fought to his very last breath.

She tried to speak again despite her mouth trembling; she was on the verge of crying.

But the Count forestalled her. He laughed insanely.

"Poor girl, lost your sweetheart have you?"

Slowly, she stood up with Celeste, staring at the pathetic figure of the Count.

"You have lost all. Not me," she told him.

Snow began fall, mimicking the effect of the rain. So cold… so gloomy. Everything seemed so lifeless… Hopeless. No, definitely not for her, them.

The vampire looked up briefly to the sky before resuming his gaze on Ana. "Why make things so difficult for yourself…" he growled, speaking the exact same thought Celeste once had. She gasped softly which went unnoticed.

It seemed the future was bleak for him. Cornered he was. The Count growled and stared at the unicorn with utmost hatred. She was the only threat here. The only damn bloody threat.

"Damn you all to hell…" he hissed, eyes glowing in icy demeanor. "My death shall not relieve this world of turmoil. Mark my words, Uurwen."

They know each other? The mare has a name?? Celeste exchanged bewildered glances with Ana.

The mare snored softly.

Poor frightened child. Are you confused? Her voice echoed around them. You reap what you sow.

"Never," he snarled. Taking on the form of the beast, he made to assault Uurwen with his deadly talons. Strangely enough, the aura around her did nothing to damage the beast. Uurwen was struck once in the flank and crimson blood began to pour forth the gaping wound.

"Uurwen!" Both the young women cried out. Ana made to rush forward but was pushed away by an invisible force.

Stand aside!

From above, the Count's beast form hovered over the white mare, like an eagle would over a wounded rabbit, crackling darkly. He struck again, this time daring to lift Uurwen off the ground. She struggled in his grip as he flew higher.

Then, he released her.

The women below watched in horror. Uurwen was going to plummet to her death.

"Uurwen!! Do something!!" Ana screamed. She was not just any ordinary horse. No, she could save herself.

Nearer and nearer she was approaching the ground. Just before the impact with the ground, bright light engulfed the area, much like it had done so before. The Count screeched in pain having caught in the ray. It blinded him of sight, causing him to crash to the ground.

The ray died down. Where Uurwen should have been was now replaced by a form of a woman instead of a unicorn. A pool of blood decorated the spot she was lying in.

"Uurwen?" Ana whispered as she carefully approached her form, afraid that the woman might not be Uurwen after all.

The woman with her long pale ivory hair slowly opened her eyes. "…Ana…" Her clear blue eyes met Ana's own grey ones before reaching out for Celeste's who knelt beside her. "Celeste."

"Are you… going to be… fine?" Celeste questioned softly, noticing the blood at Uurwen's mouth. There were cuts and bruises all around her. But what was most noticeable was the blood on her clothes. Blood continued to ooze from the wound at her side, an obvious evident that she was once the unicorn.

Uurwen allowed a smile to grace her lips. "The deed is done…" she whispered. "My role…as your guardian…is complete. What is left now… is all up to you. But never …-"

She never managed to finish her sentence. The Count's last bride delivered the final blow, ending her life so suddenly within a blink of an eye. They never saw it coming.

"Foolish wretch!!" Verona hissed as she morphed back.

Ana gasped. But never - what? What was she going to say? Celeste was stunned as well.

"How dare you wound my Master!" Her features start to change into that of a beast. It did not take long for her to attack the two.

"Dodge!" Celeste cried as the bride swooped for them with her claws.

"You two don't stand a chance against me!" The bride crackled above them.

Trained and well verse with simple equips such as daggers and stakes, Ana ran toward Gabriel's fallen form while Celeste tried to lure Verona's attention from Ana.

She got to search his body for equipments without getting all too emotional. Fighting back tears, Ana found one dagger and two stakes, and was about to move when a pair of icy hands grabbed her ankle, causing her to fall.

"I'll kill you first, you little tramp!" Verona cried as she closed in on Celeste. She feint a fall, causing the bride to miss her mark, gaining more time for herself. "Ana!!" she shouted, turning to see what was taking her so long.

Much to her horror, the Count had Ana straddled. Damn it!!

"Ana, do not resist me…" the Count whispered, blinded in both eyes. "I need you."

She looked into the vampire's eyes. There was nothing in those eyes. No longer were they chilling and… captivating. The Count's once handsome face was now smeared and ruined with blood and gore. He looked more like an undead corpse right now.

"I need to heal…" he continued with a rasp, struggling to hold her down. "I need blood… Fresh blood."

"Get off me!" Ana watched in horror as he leaned in close to her neck. No, no, no… She could almost feel his fangs scraping across her skin and the pressure… increasing…

Her ear was met with a deafening growl emitted by the Count as she thrust a silver stake she managed to seize into his chest. But that didn't deter him from biting down, hard. She screamed.

The scream caught the attention of her friend who halted, turning toward the source of it. A deadly mistake. The bride caught up with her and with a delighted hiss, hurled her off into the sky with a slash of her claws.

She landed several feet away and was, surprising, still conscious. The bride landed before her, fangs bared in all eagerness to kill her.

"Do not touch her!" Verona turned to see her master standing before her, looking as fine as before. The blood and gore was gone from his face. As for his sight, they recovered. Ana was held in his arms, barely conscious.

"Ana…." Celeste called out softly, recoiling in pain. Did she hurt herself? The children?

The Count looked at Verona coldly. Of course she wouldn't know Celeste was with his children. None of his brides would even want to think about it. Silently he strolled toward Celeste and knelt by her side along with Ana in his arms.

He smiled down at Celeste. "Thought Uurwen could save you?" he taunted, flashing his fangs.

Uurwen… she did save them. But something was missing apparently. Something was not complete.

"You ought to be dead, Count. You should have seen yourself," she spat.

He smiled. Rolling back his sleeve, he made to bite into his wrist. Blood flowed and he pushed his bleeding wrist against Ana's lips.

Celeste watched in dismay. What? No. Ana's blood healed him… Her blood healed him. As far as she knew, vampires could just heal by themselves. And if they lose the ability to do so, drinking blood wouldn't heal one so quickly. They would need at least a week or two to fully recover from the damage caused.

Ana's blood…. Her blood. What did Uurwen want to say...? But… But what? But never let the Count drink from Ana? Is that it? Her blood would aid him in his recover. Oh. That must be it! But it was too late! He had recovered.

Was it too late now?

"Don't!" Celeste growled weakly, reaching out to shove the Count's wrist away. "Don't poison her with your filthy blood."

Drinking from Ana had caused such an effect on the Count, there was no saying what could the Count's blood do to her. Celeste definitely wasn't going to risk it.

"You will have your turn soon. Be patient." The vampire smiled darkly. His wrist was then placed against Ana's lips once more.

Celeste watched helplessly. This could not be happening. Something… She must do something. Looking around she spotted a dagger lying a few feet from her. She must reach for it.

With a soft strained groan, she began to inch toward it. Closer and closer she went without any detection from the other party. Just as her fingers touched the cold handle of the dagger, she heard a shriek.

"Fancy a weapon, wretch?"

She tried to dodge the oncoming attack from Verona but was struck once at the shoulders. A low hiss ended the assault.

"I did make myself clear…Verona." The Count's low voice warned. "Do – not – touch – her."

The bride's eyes went wide with fear and confusion.

"But – but she was trying to reach – for a – "

"Enough. Let her be. She cannot kill me with that puny weapon."

Verona bowed her head and turned to leave.

This is her chance. Celeste lunged after the bride, knocking her down before bringing the dagger to slit her throat. She gasped and attempted to shove her away but Celeste held her firmly by the neck.

"You take her life. I shall take your beloved one," Celeste growled, yanking Verona's hair so the Count could take a look at his bride's face that showed all her pain and agony.

Blood flowed like running water from the deep gaping wound as the bride tried to speak, but all she managed was to emit guttural sound.

Celeste looked over to the Count with a cold smile, almost haughtily. She thought she had won when the Count looked at her coldly, seeming to reconsider what he had done. But when his eyes darkened and his jaw line hardened, she knew she had lost, especially with what she had been dreading to hear:

"Feel free to rid her."

"No…" Verona managed with much difficulty, eyes wide with shock. "M-my…Lord…!!"

Fine. So this is how it turned out to be? Celeste gritted her teeth before plunging the dagger deep across the bride's throat. Blood spurted out, splattering wildly across the ground and onto her face, staining her hands and clothes of the cursed blood.

No time for remorse.

Shoving the bride aside, she left her to convulse and bleed to her death.

Still holding onto dagger, she walked calmly toward the Count.

"Let Ana go. "

The Count appeared shocked when she killed his last remaining bride. He wouldn't have thought she was capable of doing so… The shock passed over him and he growled in distaste.

"It's over," he said softly with a sneer. He had fed her with his blood.

From where she was standing, she noticed that the curse was gone. The curse had been broken? Does this mean Ana was one of those cursed creatures?

She was about to bring the dagger to the Count's throat when a sound catch her attention.

"No…" Ana began to stir from the Count's arms. Her eyes opened. Celeste gasped. No longer were they the natural grey… but it was of haunting silver.

"Such a beautiful creature…" She heard the Count hiss to Ana as he made to set her onto the ground. Ana looked over to her Sire with a small smile.

No…No…. What is happening?? Celeste stood watching as the scene unfolded itself before her. Ana having her hands all over the Count while he pulled her close and kissed her. They exchanged whispers and dark suggestive smiles.

This must be an illusion….

His hand moved up to Ana's bare neck, tracing the curve of them. A brief display of his fangs and Ana cried out in rapturous ecstasy just as he bit down.

A horrifying nightmare…

"No…no…no…" Celeste whispered but she couldn't bring herself to move. She was paralyzed with shock.

"Cat got your tongue, Celeste?" The Count purred, licking the sweet blood off Ana's neck. They kissed again, almost hungrily.

Absent mindedly, Celeste had her hands wrapped around her stomach. Would the children grow up to be like their father…? To behave in such a…beastly manner?

Unable to look on, she turned her head away, letting a single tear roll down her cheek. She had been fighting back the urge to cry... Another tear caressed her face.

"Uurwen…" she whispered. "Help me… Help us…"

Sparing a glance over to the two, she was speechless at the scene before her. The Count had her friend straddled and was starting to remove her clothes.

That bastard!

She ran toward them without thinking and halted when Ana reached up and tore the Count's throat apart with her hands.

"Ana!" She gasped.

The Count was taken aback as well. He stared at Ana, the color in his eyes slowly draining as he struggled to stand. Ana held onto him, made to roll over so that she was straddling him instead.

"Poor Dracula…" Ana whispered, watching how the blood seep into the ground beneath them, draining him of his life.

"How…did you…" he rasped, unable to continue any further.

Ana narrowed her eyes. "Kill you?" she finished the sentence for him.

His eyes widened a little more and then, he was dead.

Celeste watched in disbelieve.

"Ana…?" she whispered again, daring to approach her.

Abruptly Ana stood up.

"I will not hurt you…" she told Celeste.

The voice…

Taking another step closer, she found Ana's eyes to be blue. Uurwen?

"Is that you…Uurwen?" Celeste whispered, praying silently.

The figure before her nodded lightly.

The truth hurts.

Celeste found herself stammering. "W-what…about…Ana…? Why…."

"Ana is no more… She is lost to the beast."


"No…You're lying to me…" she whispered. "She is standing before me…"

"Ana was dead the moment she drank from the Count - the only part I failed to deliver. What you see earlier on was the beast, not she. I possess her body to slay the Count though she would slay him in time to come. But I fear for your safety, child."

Noticing the confused look in Celeste, Uurwen continued on, "I sacrificed myself to wound the Count badly… but I never thought Ana's blood would cure him. The curse was there to protect her as you should know by now. My death broke the curse. A guardian could only protect one as long as they lived…"

Celeste's tears began to flow freely down her cheek. So terrible. This is just so terrible.

"How could you be so certain…"

"I'm here to warn you… You must kill her, now."

Celeste shook her head. "No…no…" she moaned.

The figure before her slowly pulled her into an embrace. At one point in time, she silently wished it was indeed Ana. She held onto her, blinking back tears.

"Don't… Don't leave me… Uurwen…."

She pulled away and pressed a stake into Celeste's hand. "Do it now. Time is short. The beast is resisting."

Kill Ana? ….Hell no! No!

"I can't do it!!" Celeste flung the stake away with a scream. "I can't kill my friend!"

"Listen to me Celeste. Would you want to sacrifice an innocent child's life? Ana is not who she used to be."

Innocent child's life… Her child? Dracula's?

"C-Child…?" she questioned.

"Yes. Child. A boy in fact."

She looked into Uurwen's eyes speechlessly. So they wouldn't be spawns. But a live child? A live baby boy?

"I…" Celeste began breathlessly, breaking the eye contact. So now what? She should kill her friend just to save herself and the child that belonged to the Count? Isn't it hilarious?

"Save yourself, Celeste. I'm sure Ana wouldn't want you to be killed… by the beast."

Ana…I'm sorry.

Celeste smiled weakly at Uurwen. "Thank you."

Slowly she walked to the nearest dagger she could find and when she turned, was knocked back to the ground, pinned by her friend.

"Ana?" she questioned, noticing the silver gleam in her eyes. So the beast had broken free.

Ana smiled.

The sudden attack was too swift and Celeste was injured by the sharp slap across her face. She stared hard at Ana.

Is she really…lost?

"Ana…." She began softly once more. The attack was harder this time. She tasted her own blood.

Then with a hungry snarl, the figure before her seized hold of her hair, forcing her to bare her neck to her. It was at this moment Celeste felt fear constricting itself around her heart. She felt breathless…

Panicking, she thrust the only weapon she had into the figure and heard a groan. Looking up, she saw Ana's eyes wide in shock. The silver in her eyes left her, revealing the grayish ones they once were.

"Celeste…" she breathed painfully. The weapon Celeste used was no dagger, but a broken stake. It had found its mark.

Celeste bit back tears and quickly moved so that she was now cradling her delicately, like a mother would to her dying child.

"I'm…sorry…" she whispered, looking at the stake protruding from Ana's chest.

Ana merely smiled.

"I'm…glad to have such a sister like you…"

Celeste forced a smile, daring to pull her a little closer to herself.

"Don't leave me… I'll be alone…"

"You won't… be…alone. Your child… Raise him…well. He is…innocent."

How did she know…

"I was told…" Ana said shortly after as if she had read her mind, the smile never seeming to falter, "by Uurwen."

Her eyes soon began to close as Celeste leaned in and placed a kiss on her forehead, "I love you Ana…" she whispered.

"I you too…" Ana's eyes met hers for one last time before closing them again, ignoring the trickles of tears falling onto her face." Celeste… Please…don't cry."

Celeste held her close, forcing herself not to shed anymore tears. There was silence. For the longest moment in her life, she held Ana quietly in her arms. She had told her not to cry, but in the end… she cried.

Black, Gabriel, Carl and now, her dearest friend and sister… They were all gone.

Uurwen told her to stay strong, so did Ana. In fact, all of them did.


Turf of grass swayed gingerly in the wind of spring, accompany by a cheerful laughter from afar.

"Come here sweetie. Don't stray too far now."

Before a large patch of snow, a woman began to place flowers onto it and smiled warmly when a young boy, a toddler of age three ran clumsy up to his mother, hugging her leg.


The boy was then carried by his mother where she gave him a quick peck on his cheek.

"Aren't you a handsome boy, Laz?"

The boy beamed at his mother. His bright brown eyes soon rested on the flowers and he looked at his mother once more.

"Why put flowers there mommy?" he questioned. "You dirty the place!"

She laughed softly, running her hand across her son's dark auburn hair, the color of black at some point of time.

"You foolish little boy. Those are for mommy's friend."

The boy looked at his mother again, this time with confusion but soon got to understand what she meant.

"Ohhhh…." He began softly and bowed his head.

"Still thinking about Kitty?"

He looked at his mother with a small sad smile. "I missed her mommy…"

"I know…"

Placing another kiss on her son's cheek, she threw him up and caught him again, earning a loud giggle from his son.


He was still giggling when she stopped the play, but seemed to quiet down and look over to the flowers, pondering quietly.

"Is daddy…there too?"

She looked over to her son, concern clearly shown across her face. "Laz…"

"Are you sad mommy?"

She looked over to the flowers and to his son, placing yet another kiss on his forehead as she slowly made to leave.

"Don't worry, I will stay strong… for all of us."


At the edge of the white patch of snow were various tombstones with the inscription that reads:

Here lies Friar Carl. He who bring joys into the life of many. His laughter and brilliance will be greatly missed.

Here lies Black, our protector and brother. He had done us a service no others could have possibly achieved.

Here lies Gabriel Van Helsing, a fierce and strong fighter who fulfilled his job and role as a vampire hunter.

Here lies Ana Valerious. Sister of Anna Valerious. May her soul find rest within the gates of Heaven.

Here lies Uurwen, our noble Guardian. Her sacrifice will be deeply remembered.

Here lies Count Vladislaus Dracula. A great man with a burning passion. But greed and power had led him astray. May the Gods guide his poor soul.



Couldn't save you from the start

Love you so it hurts my soul

Can you forgive me for trying again

Your silence makes me hold my breath

Time has passed you by

Oh, for so long I've tried to shield you from the world

Oh, you couldn't face the freedom on your own

Here I am left in silence

You gave up the fight

You left me behind

All that's done's forgiven

You'll always be mine

I know deep inside

All that's done's forgiven

I watched the clouds drifting away

Still the sun can't warm my face

I know it was destined to go wrong

You were looking for the great escape

To chase your demons away

Oh, for so long I've tried to shield you from the world

Oh, you couldn't face the freedom on your own

And here I am left in silence

You gave up the fight

You left me behind

All that's done's forgiven

You'll always be mine

I know deep inside

All that's done's forgiven

I've been so lost since you've gone

Why not me before you?

Why did fate deceive me?

Everything turned out so wrong

Why did you leave me in silence?

You gave up the fight

You left me behind

All that's done's forgiven

You'll always be mine

I know deep inside

All that's done's forgiven

Within Temptation - Forgiven