Creak. Ccrreeaakk. "Oh, the stairs are still creaky," Sunny said to herself. She was walking up the old attic stairs into her old attic with all her old stuff. She walked up to a box and saw a diary right at the top. "Oh, my old diary! She opened it up and read the first page.

Dear Diary, Well, this is my first diary so I will start by introducing myself. My name is Sunny but people call me many different names. I am Sun, Sun Shine, and Sun Flower. I like Sunny best though because it sums up all those names in one. I am almost ten years old and I have one best friend. Today was an amazing day. Let me tell you what happened.

"Okay come on," I urged my friend Tuli. Tuli was short for tulip, which was her nickname. I always shortened the nickname to Tuli.

"Wait a minute! Can I sleep at least a minute after 7?" she asked me.

"Nope," I answered.

"Sunny!" she yelled.

She of course was just being her normal self, kidding while I tried to wake her up early in the morning. She would yell and scream so I would let her sleep, but it wasn't happening today.

I looked around Tuli's room to find something to wake her up. The pale yellow color of her walls matched her comforter of white and yellow perfectly. I love her room, and want one just like it in my house.

We were going for a walk though and she wouldn't get up. I pulled her covers off and poured ices down her back.

"Okay, you win!" said Tuli. She quickly pulled on her clothes. We went outside, but didn't walk.

The barn was right in front of me. At least it seemed like it. We both stared.

"A barn?" I asked Tuli.

"Sunny, it's a barn all right," we kept staring.

Sunny put the diary down. She sat down in a corner in the attic. She picked up the book to read it some more.

"Now I can clear up all the memories. This is how my story really began.

She turned the page, and started reading.