Dear Diary,
I couldn't go on with my page yesterday because I didn't know what to write or where to start. I'll try to start at the beginning, but some times I skip a little. I'll just say this: my parents said we got a barn. It was mine-MINE! I was so surprised and so happy. I could make a bed room just like Tuli's! Of course, Mom and Dad said it had to be a play house for me and Tuli. But it would be so much fun! We could paint it and make a beautiful house. Just for us. Today we made plans because my parents left all the work up to me and Tuli.

"Okay, lets write down the different color paints we'll need," said Tuli.

"Well, for my room, I want a pale purple and yellow. For the rest of the 'house' I want red, yellow, blue, and purple. Bright, fun colors right?" I asked, making sure Tuli agreed with my idea.

"Of course, and we will need bean bag chairs, a T.V," Tuli was cut off by Sunny

"No T.V. We want to play, not watch,"

"Oh, right, sorry. What I meant is we need card games, board games, and.." said Tuli.

We both laughed knowing we both loved food. Don't think I'm fat though, because we are the skinniest people I know. It's funny how much we like to eat and stay our size. Tuli is tall and thin. I am short and thin. Tuli's at least two heads taller.

The list looked like this:

Pastel Purple
Pastel Yellow
Bright Red
Bright Blue
Bright Yellow
Bright Purple
Bean bag chairs
Exercise equipment

"Exercise Equipment?" I asked.

"Well, I though we could work out. That way we can be the fastest runners on our soccer team, the best basketball players, and the best dancers. We will be able to do a split in no time!" Tuli laughed, knowing I would love the idea.

"The barn has stalls too. Maybe we could get horses...." Said Tuli.

"Wait where is all this money going to come from?" I asked.

"This," Tuli said, and handed me a map. A treasure map. Oh goodness, believe me, I've never believed in treasure maps, but this one really did bring us luck.

I am too sleepy to write right now, but I'll finish the story in the morning.

You've had enough of todays adventure.