"Harry, Harry! Get up! We're at Hogwarts!" The sound of Ron startled Harry awake. They both looked at the window of the Hogwarts express and saw their school. Finally the train stopped they all climbed out, Harry, Hermione, and Ron, and saw the first years going across the lake with Hagrid.

Suddenly a very tall Bushy haired man came out of nowhere.
"Hagrid! Its so great to see you!" Hermione said happily. "Well its great to see you to Hermione! Hello Ron! Harry, aren't you excited your sister is coming to Hogwarts!" Hagrid beamed out.
Harry looked surprised and confused if he had a sister why didn't she go to the Dursley's with him?
"Hagrid, How can I have a sister when my parents are dead?" "See you were a year old when your parents died. Lily got pregnant again a month after you were born and had little Andre." Hagrid replied.
Harry mumbled, "Well, when do I get to meet her?"
Hagrid said pointing, "She's over there... talking to Malfoy." Harry didn't care where she was. He walked over to his sister and Malfoy and when he got over there he heard Malfoy speaking to him, "What are you doing here Potter."
"Well I've come to talk to my sister, Andre, thanks." Harry said looking at his sister.
Andre looked up her red hair flying everywhere, "Harry?" That was the only word she could say then she just broke down crying.
By that time Malfoy left to slytherin tower. "Andre? Andre? What's wrong?" Harry said in a gentle voice.
She wiped away her tears and said, "Its just...well... I always wanted a brother or sister and I just find out I have one!"
She held out her arms and hugged Harry; he hugged her back too of coarse.
After a few minutes Harry replied, "We better get up to the castle, how was the ride across the lake?"
"Fine, but what if I don't get into gryffindor?" Andre gulped. "What if I get put in... in slytherin?"
Harry just said, "Lets hope you don't get put in slytherin." Harry and Andre got inside just in time for the sorting hat. She went over to all the first years and sat down waiting.
Ron walked over to Harry and said, "Its about time! So were is she, your sister?"
"Well she's getting sorted right now." Harry replied.
"Andre Potter hmm... tuff choice really tuff. Maybe between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. What could I put you in? GRYFFINDOR!" the sorting hat said out loud.
Andre said a silent "Yes!" and walked over to her brother. "Harry, Harry! I'm in Gryffindor!"
Harry smiled while Andre said, "Who are your friends?" Andre said looking at Ron and Hermione.
Harry looked at his friends and said, "This is Ron and this is Hermione."
They both waved when Harry said their names. They all started out walking to the gryffindor table when Ron pulled back Harry.
"Um... Harry?" before Harry could say what Ron said, "Your sister... she's um really pretty."
Harry looked at Ron. Could his best friend have a crush on his sister?
Harry then lightened up, "Well why are you telling me!? Go say that to Andre!"
Ron just gave Harry a yeah right what to you think I am some kind of loser look.

After getting the password all the gryffindors walked into the common room and had a party to celebrate all the first years in their tower.
Harry saw Fred talking to Andre and overheard them talking.
Fred said, "So do you have a boyfriend or a guy you like anything!?"
Andre politely answered, "No boyfriend, but I kind of like a guy but its not you, sorry."
Fred followed her and said, "Will you tell me what tower he is in?"
"Fine he is in slytherin. He likes me too." Harry paused could it be? The only slytherin he had seen her talking to is Malfoy! She couldn't like him! The next day he decided to ask Andre If she really liked Malfoy. Then he turned off the lights and went to sleep.