Andre sat at the side of her bed with a bruise on her leg from rolling of the bed so hard. Finally she got dressed and went to breakfast. She wanted to see where Harry was sitting but couldn't find him so guessed he was sleeping. She decided to sit next to Harry's friends Hermione and Ron.
"Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?" asked Andre politely.
Ron quickly said, "Oh, yes, of coarse, sit" It was almost 12:00 when Andre asked her brother's friends, "Where is Harry? Does he usually get up at noon?"
"Well he seems to on weekends, holidays, and the first week of school." Hermione seemed mad at Andre because Harry told her and Ron what he was thinking of Her and Malfoy.

Harry finally got up. He came down for breakfast, sat next to Hermione and there asked if Andre liked Malfoy.
Andre didn't answer she almost spit out her food, she was laughing so hard. At last she managed to say, "Me –laugh- and that scum! He said I looked just like my muggle mother! I would have got him for that if you haven't have come along!"
"Well I heard you tell Fred you liked a slytherin." Harry said almost angry.
"Oh, well I..I lied all right! I don't like it when people say, hi you are the prettiest girl here will you be my girlfriend!" Andre said almost yelling.
"Harry? Do you ever miss mum and dad? I sure do even if I didn't know them really but I've been staying with Padfoot!"
Harry couldn't believe it! She got to live with Sirius and He didn't!

"Why did you got to live with Black and I had to live with the Dursleys!" Harry said now very angry.
"I ran away from my home okay! There I found Padfoot, and don't say his name you could attract attention!" Andre answered quietly. Harry just marched away furious already he was angry! It really wasn't because he was mad at his sister... he was jealous.

Ron was waking him up saying, "Harry! Harry! What's wrong what happened! He was lying in the Hospital wing. What had happened? He tried to get up but couldn't, he saw Andre in the bed next to him sleeping.

He asked Madame Pomfrey what happened so she decided to tell him which she would not normally do, "You were walking into the gryffindor common. Andre was following you afraid she upset you. When three large gray dogs started to attack you. Andre hid behind the couch then went over to help you. She got the dogs away. Then she bent down next to you and just fainted. A great sister she is to help you like that." Harry nodded looking over and then said. "Yeah, a great sister." Harry he saw Andre smile in her sleep but it couldn't have been. Before he knew it he was asleep again.

The next morning Harry was feeling Horrible just like the day before. Andre didn't feel any better then Harry did. She had scratches and bites all over on her face her stomach, arms, and legs. So did Harry. They were both awake now when Harry said, "Andre? Why would you help me the way I was yelling at you?"
"The answer is simple Harry, You are my brother and I love you."
The both smiled then Harry said, "Thanks, you are a great sister."

"Can I ask you some questions?" Harry asked.
"Oh, yes go ahead." Andre didn't mind answering questions about herself at all.
"Where were you the night when Voldemort attacked me?" questioned Harry.
Andre quietly answered him, "I was in the closet. Mum hide me there but had no time to hide you, that's was Padfoot told me. Harry? Can I answer questions later, I'm still tired."
Before Harry could answer Andre was asleep.