Title: A wish come true.

Author: electricgurl

E-mail: electricgurl0582yahoo.ca

Disclaimer: I don't own them...please don't sue me:)

Paring: S/B

Summary: Five minutes challenge....If I could have just one wish granted

"If I could have just one wish granted it would be that I could live with you forever and never have to worry about anything." Brennan confessed. Shalimar was stunned. She didn't know what to say to his admission.

"Brennan...I." He held up a hand to her.

"Shal, I now this is sudden, but I would like to give us a chance." He said as he held onto her hand. "I know that you dislike going into relationships but it-" She cut him of with a mind blowing kiss. He stopped talking and pulled her closer deeping the kiss. She smiled and moaned against him. She finally broke the connection.

"That was...Wow." Shalimar said.

"Yeah...That was..." Brennan smiled at her.

"Want to do it again?" He asked already pulling her in for another kiss. She giggled as his fingers traced her body. He was perfect. She broke apart long enough to gasp for a mouth full of air and then reattached herself to his lips.

This is the way everything should be. She smiled as she deepened the kiss. Everything was perfect.