Chapter 3- Skeletons in the closet

The day had vanished the cold night had now taken over. The moon was high but not quite full, the grounds of the McGonagall estate were silent.

"Albus…." Minerva whispered softly watching her fiancé walk across the huge living room to her.

"Yes my love." He answered, smiling sweetly at her.

"I want you to do something for me… I… I want you to go into my mind I want you to go into my memories and go back to June the 24th 30 years ago." Albus sat down on the floor in front of her and took her shaking hands in his. She was so pale.

"Why?" He asked curiously while stroking the palms of her hands softly.

"Something Severus said to me… it's not important. I just want to see if what he said was true." Her whole body was shaking violently, she looked worried about something. Albus decided not to question her any further. He moved closer to her, focusing his energy on her. He waited a few seconds before breaking into her mind; she gasped and tensed as he dug deeper into her active mind. He searched for at least 15 minutes until he came upon what he was looking for. He saw her, his beloved Minerva arguing with a man now dead.

"I can't take this Minerva! Your never home, I never see you anymore. You know how much I want a child you've been avoiding me. Minerva we are adults now we should be able to sort this out by sitting down and talking like adults do! Not all this sneaking around and avoiding me!"

"I don't want a child Francis, I'm not ready! But you just keep pushing me demanding that we try! If all you want is a child then go Francis just go!" She screamed her cheeks blotched with angry red marks.

"Maybe I will, maybe I should! I mean there are plenty of woman out there who would gladly give me a child! Or even spend time with me unlike someone I know!"

"GO THEN! Go find all, these woman who want you so badly!" She screamed her fists clenched.

"Fine! I don't need a prude, uncaring, fucked up ice queen like you," He yelled back before clasping his hand his hand violently over his mouth. "Minerva… I didn't mean that I'm sorry." He gasped walking closer to her trying to wrap his arms round the shaking body of his wife.

"Get away from me!" She yelled pushing him away from her, watching as he slipped across the wet floor before falling into the bath full of cold water and banging his head against the bottom. Albus felt Minerva's body jerk violently against his, the image he had been watching suddenly became blurred like an old TV that hadn't been tuned properly. He felt her body start twisting and wriggling against him, a cold flood ran down Albus' spine as something unnatural pushed against his own mind trying to force him out of Minerva's head. But he wasn't going to give up that easily, he forced himself deeper into Minerva memories and watched the seen in front of him intently. The image was blurred and jumpy.

He watched as Minerva walked over to the unconscious form of her consort and grabbed his neck tightly in both her hands forcing him down to the bottom of the bath. Francis wasn't about to go with out a fight, his legs kicked out but Minerva's grip was strong. She pushed him further down her pupils becoming fully dilated.

Her breath caught in her throat, a small satisfied smile graced her features. Albus couldn't believe it his Minerva, his sweet Minerva was there slaughtering someone. It wasn't real it was a lie he told himself, it couldn't be real. Minerva could hardly believe it herself, Angerona had been right. She pushed her consort out of her mind; she opened her eyes to see Albus in front of her, staring his mouth slightly hanging.

"Minerva…" He started his voice soft and confused. He didn't notice his fiancé pick up her wand and point it at his back.