(Millina's POV)

I wasn't born the way all beings are normally born though it did take quite some time for me to grow before I was introduced into the universe. I didn't enter the universe crying and screaming, nor was I welcomed by loving parents. I had entered this universe as a fully-grown woman. It was cold though when I entered a conscious state, so very cold. I looked around, I was in a large white room with machines everywhere in it. I put my hands to my face and felt something: an oxygen mask. I looked forward and for the first time saw my creator. He was short and had a wrinkled, pale orange face. He wore a bodysuit with a white lab coat over and had short white hair on his head along with shaggy facial hair, which enhanced the look of loathing on his face. He looked at me as if I was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen. This made me feel as if I were. I sensed something negative about him. He approached my holding chamber and pressed a button near it; the fluid around me drained out from the bottom. He pushed another button and the glass around me moved away freeing me from the prison. I tore the oxygen mask from my face and approached him, slowly feeling the stinging cold of the air in the room hitting my naked body. I wrapped my tail around my waist and put my arms over my bare breasts shivering. He gave me a really angered look and struck me down. I looked up at him and growled, very angered and wanting to kill him. "Nuh uh uh, you aren't going to attack me you dirty Saiyan." He said mockingly as he pulled out a small black box. He pushed a button, which sent an unbelievably painful shockwave throughout my entire body. I screamed in the horrible pain as it surged through my body. After what seemed like an eternity of hell the pain stopped and I stood up looking him dead in the eyes, there was nothing really there except a cold nothingness that could only be found in a corpse. He snickered cruelly at my pain and then spoke. " That's what you get for rebelling against your master. If you want to be fed then you will address me as so, your master. "This only further angered me; I had nothing to say and shook my head. My quiet rebellion only infuriated him further. He grabbed a long, metal cane with a sharp end and struck me twice leaving me two large gashes across my back that bled so much that I passed out from blood loss, but it was still better than experiencing the shockwaves in my opinion though. When I came to I was on the ground of a cold, damp, filthy holding cell. There wasn't a bed in it so I had to sleep on the ground. In the corner was a folded set of clothes, I was given the basic things I needed along with a long black cloak, a tight dark blue bodysuit, and some boots and gloves.I put them on; it was cold but still better than nothing. The cell was almost pitch black except for some light that luminated through a small vent. Though I had the body and intelligence of an adult, chronologically I was an infant. As I sat there alone feeling an unfillable emptiness, I thought about how he wanted me to call him master. Deep down it disgusted me so much that I punched the wall fiercely, which didn't even make a dent but made my knuckles ache. I decided that I would rather keep a silence around him and never let him know that I could speak. Because I knew that if he found out, he would try and force me to call him master, and I would die before he ever heard me call him that.