Lately things have been going great since the tournament occurred. People seem to have gained a new respect for me. Nappa does not try to touch me as much but when ive caught him trying a glare is all that is needed to make him freeze up. Although the controversy about the engagement between an elite and a low-level soldier is still there, it had subsided somewhat. I found that a lot of people have been trying to get the secret identity of the masked elite out of me, even King Vegeta. But I had to tell them all that his identity is classified.

Today feels strange and it is oddly silent. When I entered the palace I found that the guards and attendants would not even look at me when just yesterday they couldn't talk to me enough about the tournament and the masked elite. When I asked what was up they looked a bit troubled and wouldn't say anything. I knew something was up and picked up my pace toward the throne room. I felt my stomach sink when I pushed the creaky doors open and saw Frieza in King Vegeta's throne.

My mind begin to race and panic. "Why is he here? Did he find out what I did to his lackey? Is he going to do something to King Vegeta because of me?" I thought. My mind was screaming when he stood up and began to walk in my direction toward the door. My heart began to pound, feeling like it was sinking into my feet. I quickly moved to the side of the door, my heart still pounding despite the fact that his eyes were still on the door. He stopped just right next to me and grinned, keeping his eyes foreward.

"Oh hell, what is going to happen to me?" I thought. "I'll give you time to think about my little proposal. I think you'll make the right decision" He said before pushing the doors open and walking out. Everyone stood still and didn't say a word for ten minutes after he had left and a collective sigh of relief filled the room though the feeling of worry still lingered. "What happened my King?" I asked.

King Vegeta was clenching his fists almost to the point of making them bleed. He was looking down growling when he said "That monster wants to take Prince Vegeta away to be his heir. Everything in me felt like it hit the ground hard. "No…we cant let him take Prince Vegeta. Does Queen Celera know?" I asked in almost a whisper. King Vegeta shook his head and that made my mind race again, but only on her reactions.

I stood guard for awhile, and the feeling in the entire room was a heavy one. King Vegeta broke the silence by telling me to go get Queen Celera for him. Just before I turned the corridor I heard some yelling that sounded like the Queen. "No You cant have my son!" After that I saw a flash of light from a ki blast before I heard footsteps. Fade away into the opposite corridor.

Everything sank again and I started to feel sick as I ran toward her chamber. To my horror I found Queen Celera on the floor, completely lifeless. What made the sickness even worse was the gruesome sight of where the ki blast had burrowed into her lower abdomen where the baby was developing. I trembled at the sight walking over to the bed and removing the sheet, gently placing it over the body. I slowly walked over to the throne room, staying fixated on my hands which had grown inhumanly pale.

King Vegeta Leaped out of his throne when he saw me and asked "Whats wrong? My hands felt weak as I grasped his wrist and led him to the chambers. He shook his head slowly when the look of horror spread across his face. He stepped foreward just over the body and fell to his knees, he looked like he was ready to cry when he picked the body up into his arms "Leave us…you can go home now." He said in a disturbingly soft voice. I backed up out of the room before I began to run. I ran the entire way home and when I got there I crashed onto my bed, just laying there and staring at the wall not saying a word. I began to feel numb when Bardock burst into my room and quickly seized me into his arms holding tightly. "I heard what happened, the news is all over Planet Vegeta. I knew she was your friend." He said. I didn't say anything back, I couldn't. I could tell he understood though I knew he would be very reluctant to leave my side for a long time.