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Someday I fear

I'll be rescued from this borderline

with lack of memory

I fail to question why

with perfect sound,

You bring me down.

motion city soundtrack, perfect teeth

Chapter 9

"almost home"

"Are you awake?" a silky smooth voice asked.

It was unfamiliar to my ears and seemed to pose no harm.

Or at least I hoped so ...

I have been tangled up in so much bad stuff lately that it feels like I am just digging a deeper and deeper hole for myself. One that makes me feel like there is no way I will be able to dig myself out of.. Almost like if I just stop trying and let go.. That I will never be able to find my way back.

How scary...

"I know you are." the voice said again when he had not been given an answer.

Yes, it was a he.

Or at least it sounded like one to me.

I could be wrong.

"Err.." I mumbled allowing him to know I was awake.

"See I told you she was awake!" another man yelled in a almost child like voice to somebody else in the room.

Either that or he was talking to himself.

And that could definitely be a possibility.

Because it has happened and I have sadly witnessed it happening.

"Whatever." The other voice replied. It startled me for a second because I thought I have heard that voice before but I just can't figure out where.

Who was it?

Come on Sakura think...

Who could it be...

"Can you open your eyes." the first man asked softly. "You took quiet a beating."

No kidding...

Why don't you tell me something I don't know.

"Hey! Her beating wasn't even half as bad as mine!" another voice replied and my eyes fluttered open in shock as I remembered whose voice it had been.

The Voice... the one I couldn't figure out..

It was...

"Sakura-chan you're awake!" the voiced beamed as a yellow headed figure jumped to its feet and flung itself at me, which caused me to collapse onto the bed and breathe heavily because he was now blocking my oxygen supply.

Which was never a good thing

"You baka you're going to suffocate her!" another man replied as he hit the orange haired boy in the head with a book.

It was Naruto.

I mean the yellow haired figure...

Naruto.. That was the voice I could not remember...

How could I forget?

It was only a few months ago..

"No I'm not! Am I hurting you Sakura-chan?" He asked his face puffing up and I couldn't help but giggle.

Ya laughter...

I haven't been able to do that in such a long time...

It feels good...

Really it does...

"Just get off her okay?" The other man spoke calmly.

This was the first time I had gotten a good look at my savior.

Yes, this man was the one who had saved me.

He was odd.

He had silver hair.. And a patch over one of his eyes..

I couldn't help but wonder what kind of scar he was trying to cover up.

"Fine." Naruto said getting off of me and I sighed in relief as I was finally able to breathe again.

Because breathing was a good thing.

"Who..who are you?" I asked once I was able to regain my breathe and be able to speak again.

Naruto laughed

"Oh Sakura this guy.. He saved you his name is Kakashi and the other guy Neji..." Naruto said stopping as he looked around the spacious room obviously looking for this Neji person only to be disappointed that he was nowhere in sight.

Which was odd..

I wonder why he left..

Did he not like me?

"Hmm well I guess he left." Naruto said scratching his head in question of why he would have left.

I couldn't help but laugh

"It's alright Naruto I have met Neji before." I answered giving a bright smile for rehesurance.

"Wah you have? He never told me!" Naruto yelled obviously offended by this action.

I couldn't help but laugh, again.

God, How great it felt to laugh.

To actually whole heartedly laugh...

"I'm glad to see you haven't changed." I said softly after getting over the fit of laughter he had put me in.

Naruto just grinned before walking towards the door. "I'll be back in a little while.. There is a matter that I have to attend to. Besides I think Kakashi would like to have a word with you." he said before completely disappearing.

Naruto.. You've grown up so much.. And you've become so strong.

I nodded my head softly before turning my attention back to this silver haired man known as Kakashi.

"I guess I should properly introduce myself before I explain what has happened." The silver man replied as he put his book down and stood up from the chair he had been sitting at.

"My name is Kakashi. I am part of a secret organization that battles a secret war with the world of the vampires." he said bowing his head. Before walking towards me. His patch sort of scared me and his silver hair was just mystifying.

"I know the situation that you are in." Kakashi said plainly as he stopped and stood right next to me.

I nodded numbly.

"You don't have to be afraid anymore. We'll protect you. You'll never have to deal with Sasuke or his brother Itachi again. Hopefully we'll be able to eliminate them and make you safe once again. You must be terrified with this experience." he said his eyes observing my every move.


"I..You mean I'll finally be safe?" I asked my eyes widening in surprise as everything pieced together in my mind.

I'm .. Finally .. Everything's going to be okay again..

Okay.. But can I be so sure of this?

Can they really keep me safe?

Can things.. Really go back to normal?

"Yes, if everything goes according to plan." Kakashi said walking towards the door. "I unfortunately have to leave your side at the moment. It seems that there is a matter that I have to see too. Once I have seen to it I will bring you some food and send you off to sleep. In the morning I will explain everything to you." he said rather calmly as he bowed before leaving the room.

'Peace... I may finally be at peace.' I thought to myself. It almost seemed to good to be true. It felt so good a warm feeling washed over me and for the first time in a long time.

I felt.. Like I am almost home

"Dammit!" Sasuke growled as a noise ensued afterwards and causing a rather large hole to appear in the wall in front of the man cursing colorfully.

"S..sir I am sorry.. Master .. Please forgive me.." a voice squeaked from the other side of the room. The person not seeable due to the dark shadows seemed shaken up and rather afraid of what the young man might have done if he lost is temper any further.

"HOW COULD YOU LET HER GET AWAY!" Sasuke screamed again as he began to pace back and forth quickly. If he walked anymore he might have burned a path into the wood.

"I..I'm.. Sorry but you know how Itachi is.." the voice squeaked again.

"I KNOW! HE IS MY OWN BROTHER DAMMIT!" he yelled again before realizing that walking back and forth would not help anything and that it might have been a good idea to sit down and take a couple shots of alcohol.

"Yes.. Well it seems that Itachi was defeated by Kakashi. The man from the 'other group'." the voice squealed again.

Sasuke stared up in surprise. "What do you mean defeated? I can't even defeat my own brother how could the likes of a group like THEM defeat such a powerful man?"

"Well.. Were not exactly sure.. But it does get worse.. It seems that by the word defeated.. It means that your brother had been killed."

Sasuke gagged even though he wasn't eating or drinking anything. "KILLED?" he barked out. "IMPOSSIBLE!" he scowled again. It couldn't be possible could it? Itachi... Killed? It just couldn't be. He was supposed to be the one to kill him not... THAT MAN.

"Y..yes sir."

"I see. Do we know the where about's of this organization? After all this is were Sakura was taken right?" He asked he was now so annoyed with the situation that he was starting to get a painful headache and a powerful erg for alcohol.

"Yes.. Well we did get the where about's of this organization."

Sasuke smiled "good.. Very good.. I'll be departing in one hour. Come .. We have a lot to talk about."

"Yes sir."

Sasuke smiled evilly as he stood up. "Cherry blossom.. You thought you could get away.. But you won't get away... no you won't.. You'll soon be mine..again"


"Huh?" I thought lazily as I opened one eye to peer around the darkened room.


"What the?" I asked myself mentally.


"Okay.. This is starting to annoy me." I thought sitting up in my bed and waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness.


"Whose there!" I growled softly not wanting to wake up the rest of the house. I knew was someone was there. I could feel it. The question was... who was in my room.

"Cherry blossom you are getting better." A voice whispered and in a flash I found myself being pushed down on the bed. Two hands falling on either side of me and trapping me so I wouldn't escape. Memories of what Itachi had done started to flow back into my mind.

I was scared...


'"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I hissed softly gripping my eyes closed and trying to get rid of the images.

They were haunting me..

They wouldn't go away and I desperately wanted them to go away.

"Is that anyway to treat your master?" he hissed into my ear before licking the side of it.

I gulped my hands gripping into fists and my body started to sweat uncontrollably.

"What's wrong didn't you miss me?" he asked hurt as he slowly started to get off me. "Well we'll have time for fun later right now I am taking you back with me." he hissed. I had no time to protest as he grabbed my waist with both of his arms and threw me over his broad shoulder.

I started to scream uncontrollably hoping to attract some attention.

"Shut up you'll wake everyone up!" he growled covering my mouth. I bit it almost instantly and he pulled away glaring at me.

"That's the point!" I growled and started to scream again.

'Please let someone hear me..' I thought and it was my last thought before falling unconscious to a blow at the head.

"Sleep tight cherry blossom." I heard him whisper in my ear before I was surrounded by darkness.

after that day.

I don't really remember what happened.

You would probably call me a fool.

I mean how do I sleep through such a crucial fight.

A fight to the death.

Yes, I know you are probably confused by know. And I mean I don't blame you.

I too, was confused when I woke up ten days later.


But I did know one thing.

I was no longer in the hands of a vampire.

I was in the hands of Naruto-san and Kakashi-san.

I was safe.

You'd think I would have been happy.

I mean after I heard what happened.

And how I would never be bothered again.

And that was a promise.

But I wasn't.

I mean I wasn't happy.

No, in fact I started to cry for him.

Yes, I started to cry for Sasuke.

The one who had started it all.

The one who made my life a living hell.

The same person who gave me a reason to be standing at a grave that had no headstone.

Because why would you have a funeral for a vampire.

Why would you berry something that supposedly was not supposed to exist?

I guess love does strange things to people.

I mean.. That was the only logic I could come up with.

It was now summer time.

How time flew...

And I am currently standing in front of a grave that is not marked.

But it is supposedly supposed to be the place he breathed his last breath.

The place he died

I tried not to cry.

Really I did.

I just stood there with a bouquet of flowers in my hands.

Do guys like flowers anyways?

I gripped them tightly and did not fear that I might crush them before I was successfully able to offer them up to his deceased soul.

After all that is all I can do.

Offer flowers and bitter tears.

But I wasn't sure that any of these things would help.

Sighing I dropped to my knee's and laid the flowers at his grave hoping that he is smiling down on me.

Well I guess smiling would be a exaduration.

It be more like scowling.

Because you don't smile.

You smirk

and you scowl.

But deep down..

I knew you were a good person.

Even if things had to end this way...

At first I didn't really know what to do with myself.

I never thought you could die.



I thought they were immortal or something.

But once again I was wrong.

Naruto kindly pointed out to me that if you stick a piece of wood into a vampire's chest it will destroy them.

Not that thats a easy task.

I mean stabbing a vampire with a piece of wood is no easy task.

I just couldn't believe I had not thought of it earlier.

Only then it hit me that I could have done a lot to get myself out of that situation. But deep down I never wanted to let it go. I wanted to stay with Sasuke for the rest of my life. I just made up excuses that this was wrong and that I could never be with him.

But I could have.

If I hadn't resisted.

You could have made me one of your own.

I could have lived just like you and your brother Itachi.

I could have become a vampire.

"You're not still here are you." a voice asked.

I almost immediately recognized it to be Naruto's.

Ever since the incident I have spent more and more time with Naruto and Kakashi.

I learned more about the organization what they do. I also learned how it protects innocent people from demon vampire like the ones who terrorized me.

After a few days of thinking and solitude confinement in my room I realized I wanted to join and help people that were in positions such as myself.

So at the moment I have been training really hard to learn to become a better fighter so I can protect the people who mean the most to me.

"Yes.." I said standing up and quickly wiping away the tears before turning around to look at the yellow headed boy who was standing behind me.

He looked solemn.

"You know.. You have to let go.." he whispered softly.

I knew he didn't understand

I mean I can understand where he was coming from.

From a person looking in on this situation.

I just looked insane.

"I know.. I don't' expect you to understand." I whispered more to myself then to him. But I had a feeling her heard me and deep down understood what I meant.

That was just how Naruto worked.

Sure on the outside he was a big loudmouthed overgrown kid who has everything to prove to the world. But deep down he is sensitive and really does care about the people around him besides himself.

And I was truly grateful for his company.

"Well Kakashi is looking for you. You know how he feels about us missing training. He'll have our heads." he said grabbing my arm and trying his hardest to drag me away but I held my ground.

I couldn't leave without saying a final goodbye.

Because I decided that after today's visit.

I would never come back again.

I would put all these memories in the past and never look back on them again.

I was going to start new.

"You go.. I'll be back in a few minutes promise!" I said putting on the fakest, cheerfulest smile I could muster.

Which was hard.

Believe me.

"Okay. But if you're not back in ten minutes I'm coming back and dragging you back wether you like it or not." he said teasingly as he ruffled my short pink hair and walked out of the forest.

Smiling I turned around and looked back at the blanc head stone.

"I just want you to know... That I will always love you and that you were my first love. But know I am letting go maybe I'll see you in the afterlife." I whispered kneeling to the head stone and kissing it softly. I then got off my knees and took one last long look at the surroundings that I would never come back to see. Once I had a image burned into my mind I turned my back and walked away.

Good Bye Love.

The end

When you go

I will forget

everything about you

Or at least try too

Fallout Boy

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