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            Standing out in the grass by the house staring at us was a woman. I suppose she would have been quite pretty; but her ears and eyes were both dripping blood, and dried blood was all over her body. She held an old, tattered brown book in her arms, and her expression was one of extreme anger.

            I didn't get much of a chance to stare in horror. The truck suddenly jerked sideways, and I grabbed onto the steering wheel, holding on for dear life as it lurched completely over onto its side. I fell against the passenger side window and it shattered, and then I heard a strange and horrible shriek.

            I heard Ashley scream at me, and then the truck was hit once again and flipped onto its roof. My head slammed into the ceiling of the truck, and I scrambled for the busted-out side window. I crawled out and stumbled to my feet, holding back tears and sprinting away from the destroyed vehicle, my ears ringing and pain jolting through my limbs.

            I turned around and looked for Ashley, but she was nowhere in sight. I knew the truck hadn't flipped onto her; she had been on the other side of it. But where was she?

            I heard that strange, horrible cry again, and I suddenly saw what was causing it. A deformed looking person stepped through the mist, the remains of a straight jacket hanging off him and a crude metal cage fastened around his head. This must be the Jackal that Arthur described to me. An inhuman growl escaped the Jackal's lips as he caught sight of me, and then he began to run right at me.

            I decided that this would be a good time to run.

            I knew that he would catch me if I tried to get to the trees. They were much too far away. Instead I headed toward the remains of the house, where I could at least put some wreckage between myself and this monster.

            I reached the house and almost tripped and fell immediately- there was no way that I could run with all this scrap metal sticking up everywhere. I navigated my way through the remains, hearing the crunch of the ghost's feet right behind me. There was no way to move silently in this place, and the ghost seemed to be no exception. But he was a whole lot faster than me.

            Another thing I hadn't counted on? Falling through a gaping hole in the floor.

            I screamed as I fell, and every ounce of air was forced out of my lungs as I hit the floor. And when I looked up, I wished that I'd never run for the supposed 'safety' of the house.

            A rotting body lay in front of me. Rather, the front half of a rotting body. The other half lay on the other side of a pane of glass.

            I scrambled backwards, trying not to become physically ill and quickly turning my eyes elsewhere. Then, I heard the slam of the ghost's feet hitting the floor. He'd jumped down in here after me.

            I used a still-standing wall to pull myself to my feet and I took off running again; my life depended on it. I turned one corner, but it was a dead end. Instead, I found myself looking right at what was left of Kalina, still pinned…well, squashed…between two walls of glass.


            I looked up, and Ashley was standing on the level above me, holding out her hand to me. I grabbed onto her hand, rapelling myself up the glass wall just as the Jackal turned the corner. He tried to reach me, but by then I had both feet firmly planted on solid ground. He scowled and paced, watching us carefully, but he couldn't get out unless he found a stairway or something like that.

            "What's down there?" Ashley asked, and I realized that she couldn't see the ghost- she didn't have the glasses on. I took them off momentarily and handed them to her. She slipped them on and cried out in horror when she looked down at the very pissed off ghost.

            I took the glasses back from her, and as I put them on I saw yet another thing that made my heart leap. Standing behind her, baseball bat in hand, was the 'Torn Prince'.

            "Run!" I yelled, grabbing onto her sleeve and dragging her with me out of the wreckage and back into the grass. We didn't get very far at all before Ashley was struck with the bat in her back, flying forward in the grass onto her stomach. I grabbed the nearest small piece of steel that I could find, and I threw it at the Torn Prince.

            It didn't hit him hard, but he was mad just the same. His eyes immediately locked on me, and I drew in a sharp breath, waiting for a blow from his weapon.

            But then, the handle of a big flashlight was brought down upon his head, and he disappeared momentarily.

            Standing behind where he had been was Arthur Kriticos, wearing a pair of the 'ghost glasses'.

            "Arthur!" I yelled, practically leaping into his arms.

            "Come on. We've got to get back to the house," he said, not wasting any time with greetings or introductions. I agreed without question and we followed him back to the house at a jog, going back into the maze of glass and twisted steel.

            "No, not that way," Arthur said, grabbing my arm and pulling me away from a hallway that I had been headed toward. "That's where…"

            He didn't finish. He didn't need to. I knew from the expression on his face that that was the hallway where my brother's body was.

            "Why didn't the police remove the bodies?" I asked quietly, my voice shaking.

            "The police couldn't handle the constant attacks. They don't know what to do with this place, so they're just leaving it alone for now," Arthur explained, making sure Ashley wasn't injured and giving her a pair of the ghost glasses. "We have to leave. Now. We'll make a run for my car."

            I felt like arguing against this conclusion; I knew Dennis was here, I knew it, but I hadn't seen him yet. But then again, if we stayed, we would die. I bit my lip and reluctantly nodded.

            "Let's go."

            We took one look around and then left the relative safety of the house, running for Arthur's car. But then, we all stopped at the sight of a figure standing in the fog. As his features became clearer, I couldn't believe my eyes.

            It was Cyrus Kriticos. Come back as a ghost to haunt his life's work.

            We slowly started to back up as he pulled the cover of his cane off, revealing the blade underneath. And then, he lunged at me.


            I opened my eyes and Cyrus was gone; in front of me on the grass lay a scooter, which Arthur quickly said was Bobby's that they'd left here at the house. And then, I looked up once again, shivering both with the now freezing cold air and with fear at what could have beaten off Cyrus.

            My brother stood in front of me, a smirk on his face from having scared off Cyrus Kriticos.

            "Dennis…" I started, unable to finish the sentence. He smiled and pulled off his suit jacket, gently laying it over my shoulders without touching me.

            "You're just as crazy as I am, Julia," he said affectionately.

            "I'm so sorry."

            "Don't be. You've done everything right."


            "Don't worry about me. I've been looking out for you ever since you started looking for me. And I'm always gonna be there for you. That's what big brothers are for," he said, his eyes sparkling with intensity. "Now you get out of here before any more ghosts decide they don't like having company."

            "But…I don't wanna leave you," I said desperately, tears finally coming to my eyes.

            "You aren't leaving me. I'll stay with you, I promise. I'll be there for you."

            I looked back toward the car and glanced at Arthur, taking a deep, shaky breath. "Can I…Can I at least touch you?"

            For the first time in the conversation he seemed to hesitate. Then I lifted my hand and reached toward him, and only a moment later he followed suit, and ever so slowly our hands touched.

            Nothing. Nothing except warmth. His curse wasn't in effect now, at least not between us. I jumped at him and wrapped my arms around him, burying my face in his chest and holding on tight. One of his hands stroked my hair gently, and then after a few moments he pushed me away.

            "Go. Just walk to the car. You'll make it," he said, and I smiled. Arthur and Ashley led the way to the car, and Dennis held true to his word; both Cyrus and the Torn Prince attempted to attack us, but it was as if a tunnel of spell barriers had formed a path to the car. They couldn't break through to attack us. I got to the car and pulled the door open, looking back one more time…but Dennis was gone. And then I realized that I still had his suit jacket draped over my shoulders.

            I pulled the jacket tighter around my body, sitting down in the car and taking long deep breaths as Arthur drove us away from the house at a high rate of speed. Ashley, sitting in the front with Arthur, slowly turned around to look at me.

            "Julia…how much are you gonna pay the tow truck to tow your car out of there?"

            I couldn't help it…I started laughing, burrowing myself down deeper in the warmth of my brother's jacket.


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