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Piper woke up later than usual, but she had been feeling a lot more tired since she got pregnant with Chris. She headed towards the kitchen.

"I hope someone is making breakfast because otherwise there is going to be a house full of chaos and I really don't want to deal with that"

Piper smiled a little at the thought of chaos. Soon she was going to be chasing two little boys all over the Manor. Speaking of her boys, she wondered where adult Chris was. Piper entered the kitchen to find Phoebe and Paige eating breakfast with Wyatt in his high chair having some Cheerios. Phoebe looked up from her coffee and ran over to Piper.

"Hi honey! Hi baby Chris! You are going to be soooo cute! Yes you are...yes you are!" Phoebe squealed at Pipers stomach.

"Phoebe, please I am not even showing yet. Besides it is kinda creeping me out you screaming at my stomach every time I walk into the room," Piper said but she couldn't help laughing at the same time. "Have either of you seen Chris lately? I kinda want to talk to him," she asked.

Paige got up with her coffee to reheat it. "Um not recently, but you know how he is, he's probably off someone demon hunting or you know, his other favorite past time, hunched over the Book of Shadows," Paige smirked.

"Paige!" Phoebe exclaimed in mock shock.

"Hey that's my son you're making fun of, "Piper joked. "But seriously, I would think that he'd hang around here more, now that we all know who he really is. But he keeps avoiding me!" Piper cast her eyes down. She didn't want her sisters to know how much it hurt her that Chris didn't seem to want anything to do with her.

Just then Chris orbed into the foyer and looked around. The coast seemed clear. He could go up to the attic without his family wanting to ask him a bunch of questions. Just in case, he quietly tiptoed towards the stairs, hoping nobody would hear him. He was almost to the stairs and began climbing them when....

"Freeze mister!" Piper yelled, coming through the living room.

Chris froze mid-step, and slowly turned around.

"Hi...." He said sheepishly.
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