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Chris orbed up to the attic. He had finally vanquished the demon that killed Piper.

It was over. Or was it?

He felt into his pocket for the spell. He pulled a piece of paper out from his jeans.

Only it wasn't a piece of paper.

It was a photograph. It was folded and wrinkled. But it was beautiful. The only photograph he had left.

Of his family. His parents.


And himself.

They were…happy.

When was this?

Another time.

Another place.

"Before Wyatt turned," Chris breathed.

Memories came flooding back, both good and bad.

He could hear laughter. Talking.

Happiness. His family, he used to have a whole family.

A semi-normal life.

The laughter was soon drowned out by screams.


There was still laughter though. It got louder and louder.

The laughter, of the demon.

The demon who killed his mother. Nobody had been prepared that day for an attack…they had been demon free for so long…

Chris quickly pushed that memory aside. That was a different time. He had changed it.

He ran his fingers over the photo in his trembling hands, the light catching on his mother's face.

"Mom…" Chris whispered.

He didn't care anymore about what happened in the future. Forget future consequences. If he couldn't change everything he wanted to in the future, he had to act on his emotions now.

"I miss you Mom…"

Screw the future consequences. He had no idea what it meant to have vanquished that demon. However...

There's no time like the present.

Chris laughed at the saying the popped into his head. It seemed to fit this situation so well.

Just go for it. She's your mother. She loves you. You love her. You miss her. Just tell her that.

So much made sense now.

It was his moment of clarity.

Who cares about tomorrow? Today he just wanted to feel a mother's love again.

It had been absent from his life far too long.

He ran back downstairs where Piper and Leo were just sitting and enjoying being together again. He hated to break it up but he had to tell Piper that he loved her, missed her, needed her right then and there.

"Chris? What is it?" Piper said, standing up.

"I'm so sorry Mom," Chris cried. He ran and hugged his mother, sobbing. Leo smiled, seeing his sons fears were finally gone.

"I missed you," He whispered, resting his head on her shoulder.

Piper just held her son. She didn't say anything at all. This is what she had wanted for so long. And this time Chris didn't hold back anything.

Nothing at all.

And…that's the end. GASP!

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