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Be My Eyes: Part One

 Emitting a soft groan from the bottom of her throat, a white gloved hand that was attached to a light tan arm twitched as the fingers attached to it moved a little.  Slowly trying to sit up, she placed an arm behind her as the palm of that hand laid flat against the hard ground that felt cold to the touch.  Little by little, opening her emerald green eyes, she glanced around slowly, trying to figure out what was going on, and more important where she was. 

She shuddered as a slight breeze from the side rubbed again her skin; it felt like she had a burn. Her eyes wouldn't allow her to see it though, it looked like it was night time as everything was pitch black.  She couldn't see anything at all.  She felt the fur on top of her head with the other hand that she wasn't using to support herself and blinked as she felt some sort of surface on her head, it felt like a bandage that they used at the hospital in Station Square. 

Her mouth felt parched, the dry feeling left her with another dark feeling inside her self. Inside and out, she pretty much felt horrible. She was sure though that she wasn't in the hospital, the surface she was once lying on had told her that.  She was now beginning to panic, she couldn't remember what had happened before, and now she couldn't see where she was now.  The pink furred hedgehog shivered as she glanced around even more with her emerald green eyes although she couldn't see anything, she guessed she just felt more secure trying to figure out where she was.

She knew what her name was… Amy Rose. She lived in Station Square, in a cozy little apartment building. Her friends… She shook her head as she held it in her hands, trying to remember. She had friends, right?  She whimpered, starting to feel really confused now as her fingers trembled. 

Her hedgehog ears perked up as she began to hear some loud footsteps head her way, and her body soon began to shake in fear. She couldn't see anything, it was pitch black, she didn't know hardly anything about herself, and now something heavy was heading her way.  The cold air didn't help matters either, it just made matters worse.

The sound kept coming towards her until it stopped, the thing that had made the noise was only a few feet away from her.  A deep, robot like voice started up, "Organic object, Amy Rose, is conscious.  Censors indicate that life form is no longer in critical condition." Amy allowed her eye lids to close and rubbed her closed eyes with the back of her palm, trying to see what was going on. She opened her eyes, yet still, it was pitch black.

"Who are you? Where am I?" The confused female asked as she placed her hand that was once on her head against her chest nervously, hoping that this was a person or robot that was on her side. The…What ever it was soon answered in the same tone of voice, like it didn't have emotions. "I am Omega, life form Amy Rose is located in a small cave located on South Island. Amy Rose was found in critical condition while fighting project E-91 and was surrounded. Project Shadow saved Amy Rose."

A snort was heard across the cave as Amy moved her head towards Shadow, trying to find him, but once again to no luck. "Project…Shadow? Thanks for saving me, although I don't remember what happened." She said with a small smile, and then moved her head down towards the ground, so that she would be looking down at the cold dirt ground if she could actually see anything.

The ebony colored hedgehog frowned as he jumped off the rock he had been sitting on for awhile and hover skated over to the pink hedgehog. He didn't know why he even bothered to save her, as far as he was concerned, she was just an annoyance that chased after the blue hedgehog, Sonic was his name he believed. Something inside himself told him though that she knew some things he should know, so maybe that was why.

He could remember some of his past, like that that white bat he worked with, Rouge, chased after emeralds, and that he once worked under Eggman for some reason. Rouge tried to fill him in, but some of it still confused him, like why did he do it?

That wasn't what he was concerned with though, he had the feeling that there was something wrong with pinky here. Using his two index fingers on his left hand, he placed them under her light tanned chin and lifted them so her face would be looking up at him.  Frowning even more, he asked coolly, "What do you see?"

Amy shivered as he touched her and lifted her head up. The sitting hedgehog bit her lip nervously and replied with the same type of tone,

"Nothing. It's too dark, I can't see anything."

"…" The dark hedgehog's crimson eyes narrowed in frustration as he lifted the hand he wasn't currently using up into the air and clenched his fingers together into a fist position. He then did the unthinkable as he moved quickly and aimed his fist at the pink hedgehog's face as he jabbed towards her quickly.

Everything was silent as the cool breeze of wind passed though the wind. Omega, the robot Shadow worked with that was painted yellow, black, and red just stood still and didn't make a move. Shadow's fist was an inch away from Amy's face, not making contact at all, it just stayed still. The hedgehog stared at the girl, and then closed his eyes. He opened them again, feeling pity for the pink one.

"You're blind."

Amy's body stiffened as she heard the two words escape Shadow's mouth. Her mind seemed to shut down as water began to form in her eyes. "You're kidding me…" She murmured as she quickly turned her head away from the one who lied to her. She couldn't be blind! She might not remember anything, but she was sure as heck that she was too young to lose her sight! She wanted to see, she wanted to see her home, heck, she wanted to see where she was now.

Shadow shook his head as he stared at her with no emotion in his blood colored eyes. Although he cursed at himself in his head, wishing he would have taken action before the battle had become so disastrous. He looked at her body as his eyes traced down each arm, seeing burns on each one. There were bruises as well, as well as blood stains on her already red dress. He lowered his eyes and looked at her legs that also had burns and bruises on them; it seemed that Amy wouldn't be able to get around for awhile. Her feet were fine; luckily the boots she wore had protected them. Her boots were trashed though, but he had removed them when he and Omega brought her to this cave.

The cave was like any other cave you would find. They were pretty close to the back, so it was a bit dark, but it was light enough to be able to see some things. The floor was cold, as was the cave all together, but it was better then nothing. That's the way he saw it anyways, plus he wasn't going to bother finding blue boy. Last time he saw the two together, the male hedgehog just ran away from her, and that's not the way she needed to be treated right now. That's right, Shadow actually had a heart.

His ebony ears twitched as he heard whimpering, and turned his attention back to what was going on now. Seeing some drops of water on the dirt ground under her face, Shadow knew that she was crying. Great.

It was times like these that he wished Rouge was here. She was good with this feelings thing. Shadow glanced over at Omega, his eyes almost asking what to do. The robot didn't do anything though, he just stood there and stared at Shadow with his robotic eyes. "Jackass." Shadow growled under his breath, and then looked back at Amy. "Stop crying, you look like a weakling."

Smooth. The pink hedgehog stopped crying, and then glared up towards where she heard his voice from. The black hedgehog cringed a tad, but then frowned disapproving of his last action. What was he doing? Scared of the pink hedgehog that couldn't stand up OR see him? How pitiful.

"I'm sorry that I have feelings." She said with an angry sigh as she turned around, crossing her arms over her chest stubbornly. Strangely enough, it seemed that the pink hedgehog, Amy Rose still had her attitude; even with her amnesia. This made things interesting for the two hedgehogs.

Shadow chuckled darkly as he turned around and walked back over to the rock he once sat at, sitting back down on the hard, cold rock surface that had lost his body heat a few minutes ago while he was up. He stared at the pink hedgehog with his eyes as he asked,

"So, where was your hero, Sonic, when you were attacked?"

Amy scratched her peach colored cheek as her mouth moved downwards, a thoughtful look on her innocent face. She moved her head so she was 'looking' towards where the voice of Shadow had come from. The pink hedgehog asked innocently,

"Who's Sonic?"


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