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Flapping against the wind, a pair of purple skinned wings attached to a certain white bat girl was seen flying though the air, right over the bunched up trees. Her azure eyes glancing around for any sign of the black hedgehog form she had been searching for, an annoyed sigh escaped her mouth as she saw no such sign. "What sort of treasure hunter am I if I can't even find one black hedgehog.." She muttered to herself, continuing on with her search for Shadow.

After a few more minutes of searching, her sensitive ears twitched at the sound of moving branches, and a devilish smirk crossed over her lips as she flapped her wings even faster, making her way towards the sound as she dove through the layer of green leaves above her. Her eyes brightening a tad, Rouge the bat's smirk widened as she saw only a few paces in front of her just the black hedgehog she had been looking for.

Seeing him stop, she saw his head turn, his crimson hues staring at her for a few seconds before rolling his eyes, dropping from the branch onto the ground, landing almost like a cat would; his knees bent close to the ground only for a half second before standing up straight way, crossing his black and red streaked arms over his white furred chest. Landing on the ground only a few feet away from him, the bat placed her left hand on her hip as she kept her smirk on her face; her azure eyes staring straight towards him as she said calmly, "So I finally found you, Shadow."

Letting out a snort, Shadow's expression didn't change at the least bit, his arms still crossing over his chest as he stared down at his ally. "What do you want, Rouge?" He asked roughly, getting straight towards the point. Rolling her eyes, the bat sighed as she dropped her arm, shaking her head. "So a bat just can't drop in and tell her old friend hello?" She replied right back, her eyes staring towards him curiously, "And what exactly are you doing? It seems as if you're in some sort of a rush."

Seeming to relax a bit more then he was, Shadow dropped his arms as he glanced towards the trees, the same frown on his face. "I'm looking for a stupid pink hedgehog that doesn't seem to know how to sit still." He replied, his eyes not moving away from that spot. Blinking, his sentence making her even more curious, Rouge tilted her head to the side, an 'eyebrow' raised in questioning. "Pink hedgehog? You mean that Amy Rose character?" She asked, a slight giggle coming from the bat as she teased, "Shadow, are you becoming a babysitter?"

Shadow returned his sight of vision towards Rouge and shook his head slowly, his eyes closing half way in an annoyed look. "I found her being knocked around by some of Eggman's robots, so I stepped in. What I've found out now though it was just a waste of my time, the idiot doesn't know how to keep still even when blinded and injuried." He replied to her question in a cold tone. Her eyes flashing mischievously, Rouge turned to the side as she kept her gaze on Shadow as she closed her eyes half way slyly as she commented, "It seems to me Shadow, that you're getting soft. Perhaps what you've got my friend is a crush."

His eyes widening slightly, Shadow growled as his eyes narrowed, seeming peeved that she had even suggested that. Him, ever liking the pink hedgehog like that? "I think you've gotten everything confused, Rouge. I-" Before he could continue his sentence, a familiar voice screamed from deep in the forest.


Panting, the pink furred hedgehog, Amy Rose, was trying her best to avoid trees while not having any sight in where she was going, her ears picking up the crunching of twigs and leaves behind her. If she could see behind her, she would end up seeing the same GUN solder that she was 'spying on' earlier running after her with a gun in hand. She kept her bare feet moving, knowing if she was caught it would mean trouble to Shadow, the one that had saved her earlier.

Her luck seemed to tremble even slightly lower as her foot caught onto a root and she fell over, flat onto her face. Pressing her palms against the ground, the hedgehog tried to push herself up before the man caught up with her, and was barely on her knees before feeling a hard, cold surface hit her across the head and fell back down towards the ground, shaking slightly. She felt the presence of a looming shadow above her, which indeed was the GUN solder, aiming his gun down at her. While keeping an eye on the pink hedgehog, the man pressed against his ear as he began to speak, "General, this is agent 723, we have found a pink hedgehog ne-"

Before the agent was able to react, a foot had made contact direct with his face and was kicked backwards against a tree, knocked unconscious. Twitching her ears, Amy blinked as she couldn't hear anything until a pair of hands grabbed her arms and helped her back onto her feet. "Are you alright?" The figure asked, and a smile crossed Amy's muzzle as she smiled and nodded. "Yup, thanks Shadow!"

Looking towards the soldier, Shadow frowned as he wanted towards him and stopped by his side, his eyes narrowing. "How did GUN find out where I was?" He muttered to himself, growling in frustration. The corporation was like a thorn in his side, a thorn that needed to be destroyed. Walking towards Shadow, Amy looked towards where she heard his voice come from and stopped only inches away her mouth slowly opening. It looked as if she was trying to fit her sentences into right words. Until finally…

"Shadow, who ever these people are, they're after you! That guy, he was talking to some other guy about their troops being here to catch you and some Agent Rouge was suppose to find you and lead them right to you. We gotta get outta here now!"

Shadow froze in his tracks, his eyes widened a tad. Turning towards Amy, he stared at her, as if he was expecting her to be joking. Rouge, backstabbing him? It couldn't be, she was his ally, someone he could actually trust! Growling, Shadow's hands curled into fists as he shook with rage before he blinked, feeling a pair of arms lightly surround him and hugged him with comfort.

Glancing down, he saw the pink hedgehog rest her head against his chest, her eyes closed as she began to talk, "Please don't be angry Shadow…" Blinking again, Shadow's muscles seemed to calm down, his fists slowly unclenching and he didn't something not even he expected. He…

…Hugged her back?

Yes, his black furred arms were now wrapped around the pink hedgehog, his chin resting on her head as he closed his eyes for brief seconds, trying to recollect himself. 'She's right… Now is not the time to be angered, I have to get her out of here before GUN shows up. Therefore I can finally take them down… Maria…'


'Maria? …Is she the one in my dreams?' Reopening his eyes, Shadow looked down at Amy with his crimson eyes, not empty no long. Yes, the ultimate life form seemed to remember his past a bit better now, thanks to pinkie here. Letting go of Amy, he pressed his hands against her shoulders as he kept her eyes on him.

"Amy, you need to get out of here now. I have some business to take care of." His voice wasn't like before, it wasn't as dark. So he still had some darkness, hey, he was making progress. Amy slowly let go of the black hedgehog and tilted her head up towards his voice, a look of worry covering her face. "But Shadow…"

"Get out of here, no-"

Hearing clicks around him, Shadow froze as his eyes narrowed, glancing around him. They were surrounded, a huge circle of guns were pointed at them as the soldiers held their place, their hands right on the trigger. Letting out a loud growl, his crimson eyes glanced around for the bat who had apparently betrayed him, but there was no sign of her at all.

"Project Shadow, if you wish for you or the girl to get out of this alive, drop down on the ground now!" Yelled a soldier, and Shadow's eyes froze on the soldier before taking a step forwards. Hearing a bang, he stopped from moving forwards as he glanced towards the ground, seeing a bullet smoking right next to his feet. His eyes glaring back up towards the soldiers, he stopped moving as he raised his arm into the air. Keeping his other hand close to Amy, his eyes narrowed even further as two words escaped from his mouth,


Her wings spread up in the air once again; Rouge's blue eyes stared down at the red chaos emerald in her hand. Her mission was completed, the bat felt accomplishment, but she still had a job to do. Glancing around, her huge ears twitched as she tried to detect the black hedgehog who she had helped catch and froze in the air as she heard a bullet shot below. A frown now set on her muzzle, she wasted no time in flying towards the sound, a determined look in her eyes as she flew as fast as she ever could.

"Shadow, hang in there… Help's on the way."

As soon as Rouge got there, there was nothing but pure chaos going on at the scene. Landing a few feet away from the battlefield, behind a tree, her azure hues glanced towards all the violence; and she couldn't help but smile slightly as she watched Shadow take on all those gun members while Amy apparently decided to help with her Piko-Piko Hammer. She might have been blind, but even Rouge knew that with a keen sense of hearing, you could hear what was going on around you; even on the battle field.

So, deciding to give a helping hand, the bat grinned as she flew into the battlefield and sent a kick right towards a soldier's back, sending him flying past a few trees and skidding across the ground. Landing gracefully on her feet, Rouge arc-kicked the other solider right next to her before he could even pull the trigger, her eyes lightened up. It had been quite awhile since she had gotten into a good fight, and she was just loving it.

For Amy, it seemed she was doing quite as well. Like Rouge had thought, even without her sight, Amy could clearly hear what was going on around her, and with her rediscovered Piko-Piko in hand, she could fight these guys with the greatest of ease. Sure she almost got shot once or twice, she had been able to dodge and smack those soldiers silly with her huge mallet.

As for Shadow, well, let's just say the soldiers against Shadow weren't having a good time at all. His hover shoes blazing across the grass, the dark furred hedgehog was using his chaotic energy to his advantage as he sent punches and waves of Chaos Spears towards the soldiers running towards him, sending them flying into the air and flying into trees.

Sending a kick towards the last remaining solider, Shadow back flipped and landed on his feet, watching the man fall against a tree and pass out. Letting out a snort, he glanced towards Amy who was leaning against her Piko, huffing and puffing before looking towards Rouge who was dusting off her hands as she looked around at her work and growled slightly as he took a step towards her.

"Why did you tell them where I was?" He asked, his crimson hues staring straight at her, as if to tear open her soul. Looking towards Shadow, Rouge rolled her eyes as she tossed him the red chaos emerald before crossing her arms across her chest, giving him quite the annoyed look. "I figured if I was going to quit GUN, I was going to leave with a bang. And seeing that red chaos emerald, I figured I might as well take the chance and tell them."

Raising his arm into the air and catching the emerald in his hand, he pulled it down towards eye level before nodding towards the bat, his normal look returning before he frowned. "This means I need to find a new spot to hide in... Damn it." He cursed, his eyes narrowing before he blinked, feeling a hand on his back. Turning, he saw the pink hedgehog looking up at him with a smile on her face. "Ya know, I could help you with that…"

Shadow just plainly stared while Rouge let out a giggle.

"You've…Got to be…" Muttered Shadow under his breath. Standing in her apartment building, Amy stood with Shadow, Rouge, and Omega; yes, they were even able to fit the huge robot in as well. "Amy, I thought you forgot about this.."

Shaking her head, the pink hedgehog continued to smile as she had both of her hands behind her back. "This and my name are pretty much what I remember! So why don't we put that to good use, right? You guys are welcome to stay as long as you like!" She said with a grin. Shadow stared at Amy before opening his mouth, wanting to turn down her offer so she didn't get involved with GUN anymore, but growled as soon as he glanced towards Rouge who had automatically stepped on his foot before looking towards Amy with a small smile. "Thank you Amy, we really appreciate it."

Shadow just grumbled under his breath as he closed his eyes, turning away from the others as he walked outside towards the outside patio, favoring the location for now because of the darkness night brought. His crimson hues looking up towards the sky, his vision shifted towards the pink hedgehog that was next to him. He couldn't help but ponder how the heck she could track him like that before looking out towards the busy city.

"You do realize with me here, there's going to be a lot more trouble?"

Amy blinked as her head turned towards Shadow's voice, and she tilted her head to the side before she grinned and shrugged, turning her head back towards the noise of the city. "You're my friend Shadow, friends are suppose to help each other out. Like you did when you brought me back to your home." She replied cheerfully, her eyes glowing from the reflections of the lights from the vehicles under them and the lights from the other buildings around them.

Glancing back towards Amy, Shadow stared at her before a small smirk covered his muzzle and he leaned over, giving her a small kiss on the cheek before looking back out towards the city, acting as if nothing happened. Amy blinked and turned her head towards where Shadow stood, putting her hand on her cheek where she felt someone… Shadow..

Kiss her?

Meanwhile, inside, Rouge stood, looking out the window as she giggled before turning around, looking up at Omega as she rubbed her hands. "Omega, we get to play matchmaker!"

"…Object matchmaker unknown. Rouge must explain to Omega."

Rolling her eyes, the bat grabbed the robot's arm before pulling him away from the window and began to imagine all the devious plots she could put the two hedgehogs through…

Oh what fun she was going to have now.

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