Final Fantasy 3/6 vs. Chrono Trigger

Another GD Crossover Fic by: MasklessDuckman

Despite what the name may insinuate, the heroes for the most part will not be fighting each other, the story is more complex than the name makes it seem. Enjoy! -MasklessDuckman

WARNING!!!: This story contains some graphic violence, reader discretion is advised.

Chapter 1: The Return of Kefka

The World of Peace (After the world of ruin)

In a secluded area surrounded by a mountain range, sat a large tower, this tower belonged to the supposedly gone, "Cult of Kefka". These sick twisted individuals worshipped the dead man like a god, and at one time, he was a god... Four men in dark red robes walked the path through the giant tower consisting mostly of stairs; their robes drug the floor as they walked. The Cult of Kefka had disbanded after their champion; the "Magi Master" was killed by those heroes who destroyed Kefka. The four cultists continued up the twisting stairs, walking for almost an hour up the tower. There at the top was a small room, a room that used to house Kefka's treasure, "The Gem Box" it increased magic power greatly when used, but the heroes stole that. The cultists made their way into the room, there on an altar, was a small boy, squirming to get free. "Help me! Mommy!!!" the boy screamed, tears streamed down his face. One of the cultists stepped forward, and all four of them began to chant, the one who had stepped forward brandished a golden knife. The boy screamed as loud as he could, praying that someone would hear him... the cultist raised the knife. "Nooo!!!" the boy screamed, the cultist brought the knife down in a single thrust, and the screaming stopped... the boy was dead.

"Master Kefka, we give you this offering. We pray that you will return some day... we will try to bring you from the nether, to destroy the sinners of this world." the cultist said. One of the other three cultists brandished a book from his long robe and read aloud, "Clachnitch, staminori, jaminur, osinimori, flaughnaut." The cultists had found an ancient manuscript that said, in another world, there lays a device that can restore life... The Chrono Trigger. The men chanted, they had one intention, to get a hold of a creature that could merge these two worlds into one, and bring back Lord Kefka. Suddenly a silhouette appeared, it was fat with large pointy ears, it became clearer as a large green creature with an orkish face, "Who are you and what do you want?" the creature asked. "Are you the one called Ozzie?" the cultist asked. "Yes. Who are you?" Ozzie asked. "We are the cult of Kefka. Our master has been taken from us by heroes." the cultist replied. "Yeah, well join the club. Our master Magus was taken from us by heroes too, he went turncoat." Ozzie said. "And you want revenge on this... Magus?" the cultist asked. "Well of course, but he's much too strong in magic." Ozzie said. "Master Kefka could destroy him." The cultist said, "He is a god." "Oh really, well how would we find this master Kefka?" Ozzie asked, very interested. "We would have to merge our worlds so that we could bring Master Kefka back with the Chrono Trigger." the cultist replied. "I see..." Ozzie said, rubbing his chin with his thumb and index finger. "Okay, I agree, you tell me the enchantment, we bring you're master back, and he kills Magus. Deal?" Ozzie asked. "Yes, that would be perfect." the cultist replied, and unseen to anyone because of his dark hood, an evil smile spread across his face.

"Hand me that bag of nails bro!" Sabin yelled down to his older brother Edgar. "No problem." Edgar said and tossed a leather pouch full of nails to his brother. "I really want to thank you for all of this." Terra said. "'Twas no problem Lady Terra. We haveth no problem building a school for these fine young lads." Cyan said. "Yeah, someone needs to rebuild Mobiliz." Locke said, "OW!!!!" Locke let out a yelp of pain and threw his hammer to the ground, holding up his swollen thumb. "Locke, you're supposed to hit the nail." Celes laughed. Locke shot her a slightly angry look, then smiled. "Hey Sabin, do that trick again!" a little boy said. "I don't know, it really hurts." Sabin said. "Aww... C'mon Sabin, pleeeeeeaaaaase." the boy said, giving a smile. Sabin smiled, "Okay, okay, I'll do it." Sabin said Sabin took a nail and placed it against a board; he held it with his left hand and slammed his right hand down in a hammer fist striker, driving the nail clear through the board. "Wow! Thanks Sabin!" the boy said and ran off. "How come you where so reluctant to do that?" Locke asked. "Because I just broke my hand, that's why." Sabin replied, tearing a piece of cloth from his shirt and wrapping it around his bleeding hand. "You always where a masterpiece of self-destruction." Edgar said, laughing. "Oh yeah, you laugh now. Let's see you do it my liege!" Sabin said. "You should have at least used you're left hand, that way you could still use you're good hand." Terra said. "Its times like this I miss magic, this could be healed in seconds." Sabin said. "I think we all miss it at times. But if we really think about it, we where playing god with magic, we really didn't need it." Celes said. "Yeah, you're right." Sabin admitted. Sabin climbed down the ladder and properly wrapped his hand in gauze. "Thanks for the gauze Terra." Sabin said. "No problem, when you injure yourself doing something stupid... I'll be there." Terra said, smiling. "That was low." Sabin said, Terra continued to smile.

Suddenly the sky turned dark red, "What the heck is that?" Sabin asked. "I... I don't know." Locke said, gazing up at the blood red sky. "It looks bad." Edgar said. "Yeah..." Celes agreed. "Why would it do that? There would be no magic to do that unless the Espers returned, and they couldn't do that even if they wanted to." Terra said. "I got a feeling that something's going to happen. Let's go round up everyone just in case." Edgar said. "Yeah, sounds good." Locked agreed. The group of six took off in groups of two looking for Gau, Mog, Shadow, Relm, Strago, Setzer, Umaro, and Gogo.