1001 A.D.

The priest stood at the altar as six bridesmaids and six groomsman came to either side of him. Magus and Sabin walked up the isle in tuxedos and stood at the altar. Schala and Terra where both lead up the isle wearing long flowing gowns, Relm walked through throwing flowers, though she couldn't stand it because that was a little girl's job. Crono led Schala, and Edgar led Terra. The two women came up to the altar with their grooms. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today for the union of Terra Branford and Janus Zeal, and Sabin Figaro and Schala Zeal. Terra, do you take Janus to be your husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?" the priest asked. "I do." Terra said. "And do you Janus take Terra?" the priest asked. "I do." Magus answered. "Do you Schala, take Sabin, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?" the priest asked, "I do." Schala answered, "And do you Sabin take Schala?" the priest asked. "I do." Sabin answered. "By the power vested in me by the kingdom of Gaurdia, I now pronounce you husbands and wives, you may now kiss the brides." the priest said. Magus wrapped his arms around Terra and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips; Sabin did the same to Schala. Gau threw a bag of rice into one of the fans on the airship, it flew everywhere.

Several weeks later, in Choras... Lucca and Setzer where within Hero's Grave, two new additions had been added on either side of Cyrus' grave, the one on the left said, "General Leo, though he served an evil power, he remained honorable to the very end, he will be dearly missed." the one on the right said, "Cyan Garamonde, the last knight of Doma. A brave man who fought to the death defending those he loved, he is gone but not forgotten." "It's so terrible that they died trying to protect us." Lucca said, she had her arm around Setzer and vice-versa. "It's how they would have wanted to go, they where both honorable men, and both would have rather died in battle than in a bed in some hospital, slowly waiting for the reaper to come for them, it's better this way." Setzer said. "I suppose, but they could have accomplished so much in their lives, they could have done more." Lucca said. "Worry not Lucca, Cyan is with his family now, and Leo is finally at piece for the crimes he committed in the empire, they are now in a better place." Setzer said, Lucca nuzzled her head on Setzer's shoulder, "You always make me feel better." Lucca said. Setzer gave Lucca a small tender kiss, "So when are we getting married?" Setzer asked. "I don't know, maybe in a couple of years or so, right now, let's just sit back and enjoy life." Lucca said, "You're right, though the worlds will stay merged we will never have to worry about anything weird happening." Setzer said.

Suddenly a giant sword descended from the sky and planted itself into Gaurdia Castle; seven stars fell from the sky and hit the ground, suddenly green pipes sprouted from everywhere. Mushrooms, and turtles started flooding from the pipes, a large turtle dinosaur thing, a short fat man in blue overalls with a red shirt and a red hat that had the letter m on it, a large puffball in striped pants, a giant doll in a blue cape, and a ditzy looking blonde in a pink dress came from a pipe and ran towards the castle, Lucca fainted and fell back into Setzer's arms.

The End

I really got you people with that surprise ending didn't I? Now don't get too exited about CT vs. FF6 vs. SMRPG, because unless pigs fly and the devil starts throwing snowballs at them in hell, there will be no story such as that, it's just an ending, it's the end, go out, do something. This is it.

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