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Tadaima = I'm home

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Manager Ranma 1/2

Episode 6

Vendetta of the Long Lost Past

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[ Ranma was in the kitchen cooking breakfast as Motoko walked in. The girl had decided to treat Ranma with a mild indifference but not so much as to appear cold. Though she still guarded herself around him at all times, Motoko knew he was no typical pervert male. He displayed a martial arts prowess that she had never witnessed before from a man. ]

Ranma: Yo Motoko. Ready for our match tomorrow?

Motoko: I am.

Ranma: Great.

[ Ranma continued to cook in silence. Motoko, feeling slightly uncomfortable at the silence, felt the need to spark a conversation. ]

Motoko: Ranma, I am curious...your fighting style, I have never seen such a style before.

Ranma: (nods) I'd be surprised if you had. It's pretty unorthodox. It's the Anything-Goes Martial Arts.

Motoko: Anything-Goes?

Ranma: Yeah, we take the best from other styles and incorporate them into our own. We're also the best at adaptation in the middle of battle.

Motoko: (dryly) How modest. Still, the Grandmaster of the school must be very powerful isn't he?

[ Ranma paused for a moment before smirking to himself at an inside joke. ]

Ranma: (smirks) You could say that.

[ Skuld and Hotaru walked in. ]

Hotaru: Good morning Ranma-san, Motoko-senpai.

Skuld: (cheerfully) Good morning!

Motoko: Good morning.

Ranma: Morning. You're awefully happy today Skuld-chan. Something good happen?

Skuld: (grins) It's a secret. You'll find out in a couple days.

Ranma: (thinks) Why does she suddenly remind me of Urd? Ugh.

Hotaru: What you and Motoko-senpai talking about?

Ranma: Oh just some martial arts stuff. Me and Motoko are gonna have a rematch tomorrow.

Motoko: (nods) Yes.

Hotaru: (slightly worried) A rematch?

Motoko: (noticing Hotaru's tone) Don't worry, I will not hurt our new manager...(small grin) too much.

[ Ranma raised an eyebrow at Motoko but said nothing. ]

Ranma: (shakes head, thinks) As if there's any way she could possibly win. I'm Ranma Saotome after all.

= = = = = = = = =

[ One. One, two. Duck. Sweep. Block. Dodge, turn, roundhouse. Ranma sweated as he continued his kata which seemed more intense than normal. The entire morning he'd had a cold ball forming in his stomach and he had no idea what it was. He only knew that something bad was going to happen today. An omen. ]

Ranma: (brows furrowing, thinks) Could it be a new enemy maybe? It has been a couple months since a crazy martial artist has come seeking my blood, which is odd. Usually it's every other couple of weeks. But then why am I worried? I'll just beat 'em like I've always done! Right?

[ Jump. Kick, kick, roundhouse. Land. ]

Ranma: (thinks) But then again...I have been slacking in my training. Between job hopping and college exams, I haven't had any time to do any real hard training. Man, I have really gotta step it up! After all, I am the--

[ Ranma's body abruptly tensed. Whipping his head around, Ranma saw something racing towards him out of the corner of his eye. He jumped out of the way just in time as the object impacted into the ground and created a great explosion of dust. When it cleared, a red bamboo umbrella lay in a small crater with a man standing at the edge of the hole. ]

Ranma: R-Ryoga?!

Ryoga: Hello, Ranma...

[ Ryoga wore a stoic, emotionless mask on his face. He looked neither angry nor sad, only a grim expressionless facade was visible. Ryoga walked up calmly to Ranma. Ranma's panicked shock gradually turned to caution as he narrowed his eyes. ]

Ryoga: It's been a long time hasn't it, Ranma? One or two years right? I can tell you've gotten stronger.

Ranma: (bluntly) What do you want Ryoga? Talk about old times? Come to "ruin my life" again?

Ryoga: (incredulous) ME ruin YOUR life? And just when I thought your head couldn't get any bigger...the world doesn't always revolve around you Ranma! I didn't come here for you.

Ranma: (raises eyebrow) Then what did you come here for? I doubt that greeting meant you were just passing by.

Ryoga: (angrily) Well sorry if I can't just forget everything that's happened between us and act like old pals! I came here for myself and that's it!

Ranma: What?

Ryoga: (calming) When you left, you didn't exactly resolve anything. Things became even more complicated.

Ranma: (dryly) I find that hard to believe.

Ryoga: Well believe it. What did you think was going to happen when you left? Everything was just going to solve itself? After you left, the Tendo's--

Ranma: (cuts in coldly) I don't wanna hear it. I left for a reason. If you're just here to talk about the past, you can leave right now 'cuz I ain't talking about the past. The Ranma Saotome you knew is dead alright?

Ryoga: (getting angry) You got another thing coming if you think you can just blow me off just like that Ranma! If you're gonna be a stubborn ass I might as well beat you right here!

Ranma: (brings up fists, yells) Then go ahead and try!

Ryoga: I--....No! Goddamn it Ranma, why does it always have to come to this?

Ranma: (scoffs harshly) You're asking me? You're the one that always starts it. Whenever I tried talking through things with you all you'd say was "Prepare to die!" and all that crap. Hell, when I first met you again in Nerima then first thing you told me was that you were going to ruin my life and those lines never changed throughout the years. What the hell do you expect from me? How do I know this is any different from our first meeting in Nerima, huh Ryoga? Can I really trust you simply wanna talk?

[ Ryoga gathered his nerves and looked straight into Ranma's eyes, unflinching. ]

Ryoga: Yes, you can. I've changed. We've changed. I'm not here to ruin your life or kill you this time Ranma. I'm only here to finally settle things between us, once and for all, so that I have no regrets.

[ Ranma stared back at Ryoga for a moment before looking away from him. ]

Ranma: Have you been looking for me all this time?

Ryoga: (shakes head) No. I've been wandering around Japan...

[ Ryoga told Ranma of the exploits and adventures he had experienced of the past couple of years. Shortly after Ranma had left, Ryoga went on a journey to find himself. A man, both friend and rival, who had been Ryoga's focus for half his life had suddenly got up and left. He didn't know what to do. At first, Ryoga thought of following Ranma once again, as he had done all those years before. It would be so easy. For some reason however, that didn't seem to be the answer. It seemed like the easy way out and Ryoga hated the thought of running away from his problems just as his hated rival had done. Ranma angrily wanted to defend himself, but he restrained himself and let Ryoga continue.

Akari had wanted Ryoga to stay with her but he told her that he wasn't ready to settle down yet. As Ryoga walked away from Akari, he thought realistically to himself for once. When would he be back? Weeks? Months? Years? He decided to tell her one thing before he left. "Don't wait for me," Ryoga told Akari sadly.

Ryoga had met many people during his travels across Japan. He had tried many times to travel to China, but to no avail. He would either get lost getting to the airport or become cursed on the ship ride and end up on the shores of Japan.From stopping crooks to helping villagers to escaping from becoming B.B.Q. pork, Ryoga had many strange tales. For years this cycle continued until fate intervened and his path once again crossed his eternal rival, Ranma. ]

Ryoga: Ranma...let's have a duel.

Ranma: Huh? Uh ok--

Ryoga: A real, all out fight Ranma. Right now. A battle to finally settle everything. The curse, the promise, Akane....everything. This will be our last fight.

Ranma: ....alright.

Ryoga: C'mon, let's go to the mountains.

= = = = = = = = =

[ Mihoshi, while watching her favorite show, Moldiver, ate at the table with Setsuna who was reading the newspaper. Urd walked in and searched the room. ]

Urd: Where's Ranma?

[ Setsuna shook her head while Mihoshi was completely entranced in her television program. ]

Urd: Mihoshi? Do you know?

[ No answer. ]

Urd: Mihoshi? MIHOSHI! I'm talking to you!

Mihoshi: Mmmphf? Mmmphf omff mpff.

Setsuna: ....Mihoshi, don't speak with your mouth full.

[ Mihoshi nodded naively and chewed before speaking again. ]

Mihoshi: Hmm, I dunno! He just left this food on the table.

Urd: Oh. Wonder where he went?

Setsuna: ....I did see him leave with another man earlier.

Urd: Really?

Setsuna: Yes.

Urd: Was he his friend?

Setsuna: I don't know. Both of them looked rather angry with each other.

Urd: Where did they go?

Setsuna: I don't know.

Urd: What! What do ya mean you don't know? Didn't you at least eavesdrop on them? I would of definitely followed them.

Setsuna: No, I did not eavesdrop. Unlike you, I respect people's privacy.

Urd: Ha! Yeah right. I know all you do is watch people all day up in that room of yours.

Setsuna: (brow twitches, annoyed) That's because it's my job!

Urd: Sure, sure. Say, how about we go look for them? You can use that "thing" of yours to track them can't you?

Setsuna: No.

Urd: Pleaaase?

Setsuna: Absolutely not.

Urd: C'moooon, you can't tell me you're not curious about Ranma's past?

Setsuna: .....

Urd: Ha! See!

Setsuna: ...Why do you want to find Ranma so bad anyways?

Urd: (smirks) It's a secret.

Setsuna: (bluntly) ...You just thought of another prank you could pull on Ranma.

Urd: Wha...? How...? (shakes head, smirks) You know me too well Setsu-chan!

Setsuna: Unfortunately--

[ Setsuna stopped suddenly as her breath got caught in her throat. Both Setsuna and Urd look at each other with stunned expressions. ]

Urd: You feel that?

Setsuna: (nods grimly) Yes. Two enormous powers just exploded.

Urd: They're...they're fighting each other.

Mihoshi: Huh? What? Two big powers? (excitedly) What is it, what is it! Evil earthquakes? Space pirates?

[ They sweatdropped as they had forgotten Mihoshi was in the room with them. ]

Urd: Uh, don't worry about it Mihoshi.

Mihoshi: Okay!

= = = = = = = = =


[ Ranma tried his best to defend himself as he was shoved back by the initial pillar of ki. He had managed to avoid most of the damage but the pigtailed fighter knew the worst was yet to come. As Ranma looked up, his eyes shot wide open as he realized what an understatement that was. ]

Ranma: WH-WHAT?!

[ Above the two fighters was a gigantic wave of lightning blue ki that stretched out across the sky. As the wave got closer and closer, the sky became completely engulfed. Ranma could feel a great force pushing down on him, into the ground, as if the gravity had suddenly gotten heavier. He could barely move. Ranma glanced at Ryoga and saw he was simply standing, a slight purplish glow around him, unaffected by his move. ]

Ranma: (thinks) It's time.... (to Ryoga, unusually confident voice) Heh...I was waiting for this move Ryoga. Somehow, I knew our fight wasn't over so I developed this attack. My own Ultimate move.

Ryoga: (emotionless) It doesn't matter. This is the Shi Shi Hokodan in its most Perfect Form. It is unstoppable. Not even several of your strongest Mouko Takibishas can stop it.

Ranma: (grins) That's where your wrong. It's only gonna take one....

[ Ryoga said nothing. Ranma got into a horse-stance, spreading out his legs and bending his knees as if he were sitting on an invisible surface. He crossed his arms in front of himself in an X quickly as he didn't have much time left. A furious golden glow emitted from Ranma while he let a surge of energy rush through him. ]

Ranma: You can't beat me Ryoga...I'm the best. I've beaten every single martial artist I've ever fought. Happosai, Cologne, Herb...I'VE KILLED A GOD!

[ As Ranma spoke, his golden aura became larger and larger. ]

Ranma: I am Ranma Saotome...and I...NEVER...LOSE!!

[ Ranma's eyes shot open. ]


[ He let out a battle cry and flung his arms out diagonally above him. Like a trigger, the motion transformed his aura into a burning, yellow sphere that exploded outwards. Eventually the sphere and the wave collided and clashed in a sparkling battle of spirit. Ryoga was also forced to protect against the sphere that was beginning to crush him.

Ranma & Ryoga: AHHHHHH!

= = = = = = = = =

[ Ranma slowly opened his eyes. How long had he been out? Who won? As his vision cleared, he saw a figure standing by him, looking down at Ranma. He frowned sadly and closed his eyes again. ]

Ranma: (sadly) I...I lost huh....

Ryoga: Heh. No Ranma, you didn't lose.

Ranma: (eyes open again, surprised) Wha? But your...

Ryoga: I woke up before you, that's all. We were both knocked out.

Ranma: (relieved) Oh.

Ryoga: Here.

[ Ryoga held a hand out to Ranma and helped him up. ]

Ranma: That was a good fight. You've gotten stronger.

Ryoga: (nods) You too Ranma.

Ranma: (thinks) Not as much as you. I hate to admit it, but it's obvious that you've been training a lot harder than I have. Damn it...

Ryoga: (shakes head, grins wryly) I can't believe you're Ultimate Attack is just you telling yourself how good you are.

Ranma: (indignant) Hey! It works doesn't it!

Ryoga: Hahaha.

[ Soon, Ranma too was joining in on the laughter. After the moment died, the mood was solemn. ]

Ranma: What're ya gonna do now?

Ryoga: I'm...not sure. Maybe travel a bit more or visit Akari. I don't know. I'm going to head out now.

[ Ryoga began to head off deeper into the forest. ]

Ranma: Okay. Stop by some time will ya?

[ Ryoga stopped walking. He didn't turn around to face Ranma, but looked over his shoulder. ]

Ryoga: Ranma...this will be the last time we'll ever see each other again. Goodbye.

Ranma: Wh-What?

[ Before Ranma could say anything else, Ryoga took off into a sprint into the forest and disappeared. He was gone. Gone from Ranma's sight and gone from his life. ]

Ranma: Ryoga....

= = = = = = = = =

[ Ranma walked towards the entrance to his new home. After steeling himself and putting on a smile, he walked in. ]

Ranma: Tadaima!

Urd: Oooh, Ranma! There you are! Where have you been?

Ranma: Eh, I was just um...out with a friend.

[ Urd blinked as she got a closer look of Ranma. ]

Urd: Ranma, what the heck happened to you?!

Ranma: (bewildered) Huh? What?

Urd: You've got bruises and cuts everywhere!

[ Ranma felt like smacking himself. He had forgotten about his appearance. ]

Ranma: (thinks) Great, you idiot. Of course if you feel like crap you're gonna look like crap too. Hell, I'm just BARELY able to keep myself standing and that's only possible 'cuz I was knocked out for a while! What to say, what to say...I don't want the others to know that Ryoga and I almost killed each other just in case he ever shows up here. (sadly) He'll show up here again...he has to. Who else will keep me on my toes besides that idiot? (out loud) Um...well uh, we decided to spar for a bit and just got a little carried away. (changes subject) Have you been looking for me?

Urd: (grins) That's right, I have! It's been so boring with just Mihoshi and her stupid pet she picked up.

[ Not once did it cross Urd's mind that it was Ranma and his friend who were the two enormous energies she sensed earlier. ]

Ranma: (rolls eyes) Is that it? Why don't you get a job or something?

Urd: (indignant) Hey, I do have a job! I'm on, uh, probation for a bit.

Ranma: Why ain't I surprised? Anyways, what's this about Mihoshi's new pet? I think I can allow her to keep it here depending on what it is.

Urd: (waves hand dismissively) Oh it's just a stupid--

Girl's Voice: EEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!!

Urd: What was that?

Ranma: Was that Skuld?! And Motoko?!

[ Urd and Ranma rushed towards source of the scream and found a freaked out Skuld and Motoko and a crying Mihoshi. Skuld was running around with her hammer out, looking furiously for something to smash. Motoko was doing likewise as well with her bokken. ]

Skuld: Wh-where is that black Bug?!

Motoko: Where is that filthy animal!

Mihoshi: (weeping) Nooo! Please don't crush Piggy-san!

Ranma: Alright, what's going on here?

Skuld: I was trying to get rid of a black Bug that invaded my room!

Motoko: And I was protecting Skuld-chan from that...that little monster!

Mihoshi: (cries out) It's not a bug or a monster! It's a cute little black piglet! I found it in the backyard and brought him in!

Ranma: ..... (thinks) ....Small...black....pig....?

Skuld: It's not a pig, it's a Bug!

Mihoshi: Is not!

Skuld: Is too!

Urd: Okay, okay, that's enough children. Skuld, I think you're overreacting. Why would a Bug be on this plane? Is that even possible?

Skuld: Um, I...well, it's unlikely but--

Urd: Like a million in one chances right?

Skuld: Yeah, but...

Urd: (sighs) Let's go and find Mihoshi's pig. I bet it's scared to death.

Skuld: ..... (thinks) But I could of swore...

[ Skuld walked off back into her room wondering what in the world just happened. Ranma raised an eyebrow at Motoko, who still looked nervous. ]

Ranma: Uh, you okay there Motoko?

Motoko: Y-Yes...

Urd: Oh don't worry about her, she just has this strange affliction of small animals. (chuckles) You wouldn't believe it, but the great warrior Motoko is actually DEATHLY afraid of--

Motoko: That's ENOUGH Urd-san!

Urd: (grins) Haha, I'm just kidding Motoko-chan. Don't worry, I won't tell him your weakness. (walks off)

Ranma: Huh? What was that about?

Motoko: (blushing) I...I have an embarrassing fear that I would not like to talk about. That is why I overreacted when I saw the animal. Please do not think any less of me as a warrior.

Ranma: (eyes brighten) Ooh, I get it! Heh, don't worry about it. Actually, I have an embarrassing fear too so I understand where you're coming from.

Girl's Voice: AHHHHHHH!

[ Motoko and Ranma were interrupted by another shriek from Mihoshi. Quickly, they rushed over to her. ]

Ranma: What? What happened?

Mihoshi: (smiling cheerfully) There he is! There's Piggy-san! Come here!

[ Mihoshi ran over to a corner and picked up a small, black pig and cradled it into her bosom. Although Mihoshi was most certainly crushing the life out the little piglet, the animal didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, it almost seemed to be blushing. ]

Mr.Piggy: Bweee!

Ranma: (growls) Ryooooogaaaa....

Mr.Piggy: B-Bwee...


[ Ranma snatched the pig out of Mihoshi's arms roughly by the scruff of its neck. He held it up in the air and glared at it. ]

Mihoshi: Oh, is this your piggy Ranma?

Motoko: (raises eyebrow) You keep a pet...pig...Ranma?

Ranma: No! This ain't no pi-- OUCH!!!


[ Ranma cried out as the pig chomped onto his hand furiously. ]

Ranma: (growls) Why you...fine, I won't tell them. But you better explain to me what the heck you're doing here...

Motoko: Why are you talking to a pig Ranma?

Mihoshi: Oh, is he a special piglet that can understand us?

Ranma: Um, yeah...he's...he's a special circus pig. He's my friend's, I dunno what he's doing here...I'm gonna go give him a bath.

= = = = = = = = =

[ Ranma crossed his arms and looked at the man before him with an annoyed expression. ]

Ranma: (dryly) Final battle? Last time we ever see each other again? And here you are...

Ryoga: It's not like I was trying find you! I just got lost!

Ranma: (shakes head) Right....anyway's, you better not turn Mihoshi into another Akane you perv. I ain't going through that again.

Ryoga: (angrily) I'm not a pervert!! It was just an accident that I was picked up by...Mihoshi-san?

Ranma: Yeah, her name's Mihoshi, she's a resident at this place. This is where I work. And it didn't seem like you were exactly uncomfortably in her arms either...

Ryoga: (blushes) S-She handled me very gently and...

Ranma: (smacks himself) You've gotta be kidding me! And you call ME a two-timer! What about Akari?!

Ryoga: I'M NOT A TWO-TIMER! I'm just saying that she's nicer that most people that find an animal wandering around in their house, unlike that other girl with the hammer or the girl with the bokken.

Ranma: Right...whatever.

[ Ryoga grabbed his pack off the floor and walked to the door. He donned a serious look as he glanced at Ranma over his shoulder. ]

Ryoga: I'm serious this time. We'll never see each other again. Goodbye Ranma.

[ Ranma, on the other hand, simply rolled his eyes. ]

Ranma: Uh huh, see ya around Ryoga... (thinks) Somehow, whether he likes it or not, I have a feeling that we're gonna run into each other again sooner than he expects...

= = = = = = = = =

[ Dinnertime. Everyone was eating dinner at the table, but with an odd expression on their faces. Ranma's brow twitched in annoyance. ]

Misato: (raises eyebrow) So....who is that again?

[ Ryoga passed the residents for the fifth time with a bashful look. ]

Ryoga: Um, sorry, which way is the exit again?

Ranma: (annoyed) That way...no...THE OTHER WAY YOU IDIOT! That's the bathroom!

Ryoga: Shut up! I knew that! Right...this way...

Ranma: NO, NOT...ah, I give up. Oh, he's an old friend mine, Ryoga Hibiki. Say hi Ryoga.

Ryoga: (bows awkwardly) Um, hello everyone.

[ The residents returned the greeting, still curious about the new man. ]

Ryoga: It was nice meeting you all. I'll be on my way now...

[ Ryoga proceeded to walk into the kitchen, into a circle, then back into the bathroom again. Everyone grew a sweatdrop. ]

Ranma: Don't worry about him. He's an idiot with a horrible sense of direction.

Ryoga: (out of view) I HEARD THAT!!

Ranma: (shrugs) He'll find his way out in an hour...probably.

Misato: Okay...

Hotaru: You sure do have "interesting" friends Ranma-san.

Ranma: You're telling me...

= = = = = = = = =

[ No one noticed the small, tiny black creature hiding in shadows that was not Mr.Piggy.... ]

= = = = = = = = =

[ ....Suddenly, Ranma got a jolt of realization, as if a light bulb lit up in his head. ]

Ranma: .....HEY!! I get it now! You were telling them that I was good in bed weren't you Misato!? See, I'm not as slow as you think--

Everyone: WHAT?!

Mihoshi: (cheery) It must of been love at first sight if they did it after only meeting each other two weeks ago!

Urd: How could you?! Before I even got the chance!

Hotaru: (teary-eyed) S-Say it isn't so Ranma-san!

Skuld: Mortals are so carefree...

Setsuna: ......

Motoko: (disgustedly) Men....

Misato: (grimaces, mutters) Ranma, you idiot...

Ryoga: Ranma you cad! You haven't changed a bit!

Ranma: (thinks) Why is Ryoga still here?! (out loud) Er...wait...it ain't watcha think!

= = = = = = = = =