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There's a lot of dialogue at the beginning of this chapter (the Reward Challenge, namely) so it might seem longer than it actually is (although I don't know this, seeing as that I haven't written over 3 pages yet ). But read on anyway!

Disclaimer: Survivor – Mark Burnett, Harry Potter & friends & enemies – J. K. Rowling, Dan Greenbaum and George Probst – Me. Sort of. Because I don't own George's "brother".



I was slightly upset that Cho wasn't voted off as I headed back to camp that night. I knew that Luna was a big threat, but there was something about Cho that just told me she was bad news and that she was going to knock me out of the game somehow. So when we got back to camp, I grabbed Harry and Ron right away to have a discussion with them.

"Okay," I began when we were safely in the bushes, "if we're going to make it to the final three, we really just have to be knocking everyone off one by one. Ron, I know you really hate Draco, but I think that you have to lay off him for just a bit. We really need to focus on other people who are way bigger threats to us than he is. I don't care what he is or is not doing to Hermione; we have other priorities. Number one: Cho Chang."

"He has a point; she's really getting up there," Harry pointed out to Ron. "It's all that Quidditch, I'm telling you."

"All we have to make sure is that one of us wins Immunity every day, and then we can all stay together and vote for someone as a group," I explained. I turned to Ron once more. "I know you really want to vote for Draco, but unfortunately I think that Cho is more important right now, and the most important thing is that we vote together. Because we need to stay together."

"Okay," Harry agreed, nodding.


He hesitated before saying, "Yes. Fine. I'll stop voting for Draco – for now. But when he poisons Hermione with his sex charms, you all know that I warned you!"

Harry and I rolled our eyes together.


Reward Challenge

The next day the Reward Challenge was a simple Survivor classic: the auction. Each member was given a certain amount of American dollars (because they didn't want to use something complicated like knuts, sickles, and galleons) to bid on whatever food items they wanted. So in the end, there wasn't any one real winner; you just had to make sure you got some good food.

"Okay, the first item is…" George brought over a covered plate and laid it out on the wooden table he was standing behind as the Survivors watched him with whet appetites and drooling mouths. He uncovered the plate. "A nice, cold pitcher of pumpkin juice to start it out simply. We'll start the bidding at one dollar."

No one spoke for a minute and then suddenly it was as though someone just turned the mute button off.

"One dollar!" Ginny shouted, waving her bill in the air.

"Two dollars!" came from Hermione.

"Three!" said Neville.

"Five!" shot Draco.

Silence. And then, "Sold! To Draco."

He went up to collect his prize.

The next item was three cauldron cakes starting at one dollar, again.

"One dollar!" Ron shouted.

"Two!" came from Cho.

"Three!" called Ron.

"Four!" shouted Draco.

"Six!" screamed Ron.



"Sold for nine dollars to a very eager Ron."

He collected his prize and ate hungrily, downing all three cakes in seconds.

The next item was a butterbeer starting at three dollars.

"THREE DOLLARS!" screamed Harry, his eyes bulging out and a vein throbbing at his temple.

"Five!" shouted Draco.

"TEN!" screamed Harry once more, his face purpling like his Uncle Vernon's.

"TWENTY-FIVE!" cried Draco. There was a pause and then, "Oh, fuck, I don't have twenty-five dollars left…"

"BWAHAHAHAH!" cried Harry.

"Once… Twice… Sold to Harry for ten dollars," announced George.

Harry leapt up to the table and grabbed the butterbeer, chugging it down.

The items then began to become slightly less traditional. The next was a pile of chocolate chip cookies and milk starting for four dollars.

"FOUR!" Hermione.

"FIVE!" Ginny.

"SIX!" Cho.

"EIGHT!" Ginny.

"TEN!" Hermione.



"TWENTY!" Hermione.

"Sold! To Hermione for twenty dollars."

She went to claim her prize. And then a thought struck her. "Can I sell some of these cookies to get some money back?" she asked George curiously.

"Yes, you can, in fact," George announced. It had been done before on a previous Survivor.

"Who wants cookies?"

"OOOH! ME! ME! ME!" Cho and Ginny screamed in unison.

Cho got two for five dollars, and Ginny got three for ten. Ginny wasn't too good at math.

George then brought out a sandwich with chips – or crisps as they say on that side of the Atlantic – which Neville bought for fifteen dollars, and then a hamburger with French fries which Dean and Harry fought desperately over, but Dean ended up with it for twenty dollars, because Harry didn't have that much cash left. A steak with French fries came out after that, which went to Draco, after having some dispute with Ron, who eventually lost because Draco paid his last twenty dollars for it. The grand finale then came out and it turned out to be a chocolate cake with white frosting. Which happened to be everyone's favorite dessert and Draco was almost visibly crying because he didn't have any money left. Suddenly his steak didn't seem so juicy after all. Hermione and Cho, who each had the most money left, twenty dollars, immediately began fighting over it. But in the end, they realized that they couldn't eat the cake alone, so they split it, like it was some sort of Full House episode or something.

After the Reward Challenge, the Survivors headed back to camp and had a lazy rest of the day. Very little plotting occurred; they were mostly worn out from a good day's auction, so they hung around camp, sleeping, swimming, or chatting.


The Next Day – Hermione

The next morning I awoke to find Draco sitting on a rock down the beach. It was still early in the morning and no one would be awake for a while. So walked down the beach to join him.

"Hi," I said, sitting down next to him, facing the ocean.

"Hey." After a brief pause he spoke again. "Who do you think is going to win Immunity today?"

I sighed. "I have no idea," I said. "Dean, maybe?"

"That's what I was thinking," Draco said. "If Dean doesn't win, we have to take that as an opportunity to strike him down and vote him off."

I gazed down the beach and suddenly saw a head of flaming read hair. I gasped. It was Ginny.

"Shit, it's Ginny!" I whispered to Draco, even though she was too far away to hear me. "Play along!" I stood up dramatically. "AND DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!" I cried. With that I turned on my heel and stomped down the beach again. I made sure to huff loudly in annoyance upon passing Ginny.

Ginny grabbed my arm. "What was that all about?" she asked.

"Just Draco being a weird, psycho pervert," I grumbled, folding my arms across my chest.

Ginny looked slightly confused. "Why were you talking to him?"

I dropped my arms. "I couldn't fall back asleep so I went to take a walk down the shore and saw Draco, and I thought 'Why don't I be the bigger person here' and I went over to talk to him. But he's such a prick with a giant stick up his ass that he had to turn it into something creepy."

There was one thing I could tell and it was that Ginny did not buy a nanosecond of my story. And if Ginny couldn't even buy it, then that was bad.



Harry and Ron went for a swim that day, so I decided to take the opportunity to spend a little bit of time with Harry. I splashed through the ocean and leapt right on top of Harry, causing him to fall underwater just a bit.

"Jesus, Ginny, what are you trying to do; drown me?" he said, gasping for breath.

I pouted. "Sorry." I then jumped into his arms, this time from the front. He pushed me off rather rudely and I fell into the water with a splash. "Harry!" I moaned.

"Ginny, what are you doing?" Harry asked, glancing from me to Ron.

I turned to look at my brother. His face was very red. "Ron, could you go away please?" I requested.

Ron snorted and then trudged out of the water.

"Harry, I'm just flirting with you," I confessed.

"Well you're not doing a very good job of it," came from Harry.

I wanted desperately to tell him about my suspicions of Draco and Hermione, but I wasn't one hundred percent certain of what was going on between the two. I had to do some more investigating.

When Harry's statement registered in my brain I felt my chin begin to tremble. "Thanks a lot," I said, before making a very big deal of splashing my way back to shore.



That was it. Ginny was driving me insane. I needed to talk to Dean and Ron so we held an emergency meeting in the bushes.

"I know you really want to vote of Cho, Dean, but Ginny is driving me absolutely mad," I said. "Like seriously, completely, totally mad."

Dean looked thoughtful. "But she's not a threat to us."

"Yes, but I will lose every challenge by a mile because of my insanity," I explained desperately. "Please, just help me vote her off just this once!"

Dean sighed. "I'll think about it."

I turned to Ron. "Ron, mate, come on, vote of Ginny with me," I pleaded.

"She's my sister!" Ron said.

"Exactly. Think of all the annoying sisterly things she's done to you in your life," I said. "Please. Do it for your best mate."

Ron folded his arms and frowned. "Why do you give me these tough decisions?"

I widened my eyes as big as I could and pouted, begging on my hands and knees.

Ron threw his hands up in irritation. "Oh, fine!"


The Next Day – Immunity Challenge

The Immunity Challenge the next day was an obstacle course. The survivors were to swim to shore from a raft, then each go through a separate pathway through the forest containing mud pits, ropes and walls to climb, and of course a knot to untie at the end.

"Survivors ready? Go!"

The eight remaining contestants dove into the water. Soon Draco began to pull into the lead, speeding to shore, with Harry and Cho slightly close behind. Draco hit shore first and sped, panting, into the forest. The next out of the water was Harry, then Cho, then Ron, Hermione, Dean, Ginny, and Neville. None of the contestants could see each other as they did their own obstacle courses, but if they had they would have known that Dean was in the lead. He swam slower than usual so he could save his energy for the obstacle course. Draco, on the other hand, collapsed halfway through, after crawling through the mud pit and then swinging on a rope over a huge puddle of water. He was completely beat and he collapsed in the middle of the path. Cho was doing extremely well and was right behind Dean in the lead. Harry was also catching quickly up to him. After that came Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Neville, who decided to complete his obstacle course at a walk. After swinging over the puddle, the contestants had to jog a bit and then climb up a wall using only a rope, jump over it, run some more, and then untie a knot that was holding a gate together, and when they finished that they would run through the gate and ring a bell at the end. The first bell rung came from Dean's pathway!

He ran triumphantly out of his path so that George could place the Immunity Necklace on him. The other survivors congratulated him, although deep down inside most of them were wishing for a chance to vote him off because Dean had just won his third Immunity Challenge in a row.



"Okay, we have to vote Ginny off," I told Draco after we returned to camp that afternoon. "She's suspicious of us and if someone finds out about our relationship we're ruined!"

Draco nodded. "Definitely."

"I'll go try and convince some others to vote her off," I said.

I first found Cho. I approached her. "Cho, we have to vote off Ginny," I told her.

"Why?" she asked.

"I know this isn't really much of a reason, but she's the most annoying person on the entire planet," I explained. "She really needs to get voted off or she'll drive us all insane and we'll all lose and she'll win."

Cho laughed. "Well I don't know who else I'd vote for, so I guess I'll vote with you."

"Awesome," I said. "Thanks. I'm going to go recruit others."

The next person I found was Neville. "Neville," I said. "Vote for Ginny, please. We're all voting for her because she's driving us insane and trying to sabotage the game by making us all go mad."

"Umm… Okay…" Neville said, looking slightly perplexed.

"Awesome, thanks!"



"Ginny, it is my understanding that Hermione is trying to get everyone to vote you off," Dan Greenbaum told me. "Ho –"

I cut him off. "WHAT?" I cried straight into the camera. I cleared my throat and started over. "It has come to my attention that a certain someone named Hermione is trying to sabotage my chances at the game by getting everyone to vote me off. If you'll excuse me, I have to go tell everyone to change their vote to her." I stood up and stomped through the forest until I reached the camp. I found Harry, Neville, Cho, and Ron sitting together at the shelter.

"You guys, we have to vote for Hermione," I said.

"Why?" they asked in unison.

"Because she's trying to sabotage me!" I cried. "She's getting everyone to vote for me, so please don't vote for me, vote for her! She's the real bad guy!"


"Fine! Don't believe me! Some friends you are…" I stomped off once again.


Tribal Council

"Ginny, I understand that you got a little upset back at the camp today," George said to Ginny as they all sat around the Tribal Council fire. "Why was that?"

"Well, George, someone told me that someone," Ginny looked conspicuously over at Hermione, "was telling everyone to vote for me and that seriously hurt my feelings. There's absolutely no reason whatsoever for everyone to vote for me. I haven't done anything wrong, I'm not a particularly big threat, and I want to win the million dollars! So don't vote for me, dammit!"

"…Okay…" was George's response.

Soon it was time to vote.



"I know I told Hermione that I would vote for Ginny," I said into the camera, holding up my piece of parchment, "but I really don't trust Hermione in this game, and I think what she did to try and sabotage Ginny wasn't very nice. So she's getting my vote tonight."



"I know you're my sister, but right now my best friend is more important than you are because I have an alliance with him," I said to the camera.


"I'll go tally the votes," George said. He soon brought back the basket. "Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted off the tribe will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote, Ginny."

A large sigh of irritation could be heard from Ginny's end of the bench.

"Second vote, Ginny."

"Gosh!" she said.

"Third vote; Hermione."

A few curious gasps were heard throughout the area.

"Fourth vote; Ginny. That's three votes Ginny, one vote Hermione. Fifth vote; Hermione. Sixth vote; Ginny." He picked the seventh piece of parchment out of the basket. "Ninth person voted off Survivor: Wizards is Ginny."


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