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Set in an alternate universe where Ranma is 10 years old. Everything is the same except for Ranma and Genma. If your looking for a canon fic, don't bother, this'll be anything but.

It was a calm, serene day. Birds were chirping, people were out admiring the beauty the day had brought, and hoped for more like this. In an isolated park, trees and other shrubbery were making it impossible to see farther than a few feet into the park. About twenty meters in, a clearing could be seen. There were thirteen men, all standing in a semi circle with one right next to the boy in the center.

It all started with a flick of the wrist, and the man to the side was cut in three sections, falling apart in three neat, cauterized parts right beside the boy before him. The boy, looking at his handy work, looks at the other men around him. Twelve left, two with katana's, four with Bo staves, one with a quarter stave, and the rest were barehanded. All were wearing a stylized Gi, two toned, for the unarmed men it was dark red with a fiery orange around the arm and leg endings and around the collar. The two katana wielders had midnight blue with light blue, the Bo wielders had purple with black, and the quarter stave had Black with white. And lastly the one unarmed man totally out of this color scheme wearing a dirty, red blotched white Gi with a pair of glasses on his bald head. All but this man had seen what this boy, if it could be called that, could truly do. They each had a look of apprehensiveness, and a healthy amount of fear.

"I'm sorry it's come to this boy, but you've given us no choice." Stepping forward, he motioned for the others to get ready.

"Ha, this is your own doing POPS! You've made me what I am, and for that I'm grateful. I finally understand things as they are." With that, he unfurls his left hand and a set of 3 glowing; pulsing blue blades of Ki materialize between his knuckles, matching the set of his right hand. Looking around, he sees all twelve men ready, and only his 'father' looks relaxed, but even he's ready to move at a moments notice. Using skills he learned prior to this, he notices someone else, a girl if the aura is correct, precisely ten meters to his right, just beyond the clearing he was standing in, behind some shrubs with some sort of weapon. Noting the hostile intent, he makes sure to keep an eye out for any surprises she may unveil. Looking over the men before him once again, he knows for a fact he could take them all on with a minimal difficulty, but with his father and his bag of tricks, this would be far more dangerous than he would like. He closes his eyes in preparation.

'If I don't pull out all the stops, this boy will never stop, he'll kill, and kill, and it's all my fault. I'm sorry son, but you leave me no choice, this is my penance, my pain.' So thinking, he was the first to attack.

Opening with a quick punch to the head, weaving back from the claw swipe he brings his hands to his sides and says just under his breath "Kajin Rashu Dan", from his arms a low whining is heard, and a wave of barely seen air heads toward the boy.

After his duck from the punch he instinctively swipes his claw in the direction the attack came from, at this point, he opens his eyes and what's seen is not the stormy blue eyes everyone is use to, no, these eyes are the slitted eyes of a cat. What color could be seen was blood red with four black dots in an X shape around the iris. Seeing what his father is doing, he copies, performing the technique as he sees it. A vacuum blade heads right for him and halfway there, it meets a vacuum blade of its own which cancels each other out.

"I hope that's not the best of your tricks 'father', or this will be a far shorter fight then I thought." Two men with Bo's come from his right, the other two from his left trying to out flank him, which would have worked if not for the fact that he could sense them since they started moving again. Two swinging high, the other two low, nicely done if they had connected, all four Bo's were held back by his claws. The Bo's were glowing a light yellow which was the only thing keeping them, and their wielders in one piece. Furiously exchanging swings with swipes block and parries, one Bo holder lands a solid hit to his arm which knocks the boy to the side where he's hit once again by another Bo, this time to the shoulder spinning him around. Sweeping the ground with the momentum of his spin, he knocks down two while the other tow jump back, and which point he rushes the two retreating men and becomes a whirlwind of pulsing blue blades. Block after block, parry after parry, he kept going, giving more and more wounds to his enemies until he sees an opening and decapitates the one man, and while the other watches in morbid horror, he is gutted by a claw through the stomach.

Two of the unarmed men jump forward pop open and upend small jars, strike a spark with their teeth, and become two flamethrowers, shooting flames strait toward the boy. Seeing he can't dodge, decides to try something. His pulsing blue blades become one solid red blade with he uses to split the flames coming toward him into two trails going to either side of him. After nearly 12 seconds of this, the barehanded martial artists look at their target and gape at what they see. A little smoke wafts form his shoulders, and one scorched earth path becomes two a few feet in front of the boy leading to both sides of him, leaving the ground he's on unscathed.

'How did the boy 'DO' that? The Neko-ken was never supposed to do this; it was merely a technique to help with his Ki manipulation, but never to this extent. What has he become.' At this his boy dispersed the single red blade and put his arms to his sides, mimicking what he himself had done only minuets ago.

'SHIT' "MOVE NOW!" The two barehanded men turned to look at him and missed the void of air cleaving them in half. But unlike before, when this blade of air was halfway through them it exploded in a very gory fashion. Sending blood and other innards around the clearing and covering everyone their in blood. The two katana wielders nearly throw up at this, and start backing away slowly. The boy turns towards them and starts walking towards them when a load shot is heard. Before anyone can realize what's happening, the blue streak appears before the boy the two katana guys look on in shock for a few moments and then fall over with a gunshot wound, one with a shot to the heart, the other in the center of the chest. The boy is crouched there with his hand raised behind him with a blue blade right behind his head.

'Almost forgot about her, all well, she seems to have lost her nerve and is running away now, to bad I won't be able to play with her right now, maybe later.'

'How...how could the boy be that good!? Even I have trouble dodging a bullet, and that's only when I can see it and know where it's coming from! But he didn't dodge it; he split it in half with his claw and was able to direct both halves into those two. He is far too dangerous now, no other choice now.' At that, he signals the other five guys left to go for an all out attack.

As they close in, the bald martial artist prepares for what he's about to do.

A swipe to the head, followed up by a thrust to the face from the Bo, was easily dodged but the counter was reversed to block a glowing red fist to the side. A quick sidestep put him just out of reach of a glowing red foot aimed for his kidneys, and a quick back flip managed to get him out of range of the quarter stave. But apparently not quick enough for another Bo to trip him, which another soon followed it to slam into his chest while he was on the ground. As the two barehanded martial artists came in while he was down, he flung both arms out, claws reaching out towards his next victims. One severed a leg while the other was blocked by a glowing white quarter stave. The one who was saved quickly grabbed both feet with glowing hands while a Bo was slammed end into and through the boys one hand, pinning it to the ground, while the other was held back by the quarter stave.

"I'm sorry, Ranma" said only in a whisper, just loud enough for him to hear as his father materialized above him, and then slammed him open palm onto Ranma's chest. Nothing happened for a second and then the boy screamed out as all the energy he had was blasted out from his back, and then with no escape with the ground on one side, and Ranma's back on the other, it exploded blasting everyone around the clearing.

Smoke, dust, and the smell of ozone filled the air were the only things the team of fighters could see and smell. After a few moments, the dust settled down, and a large 2 meter wide crater was seen where the boy was. No sign of the boy in site, but knowing there might be a chance he would still be alive, the fighters looked all around finding no sign. They finally ended up at the craters edge, which seems to have broken into what looked like a deep Chasm. They heard a very weak moan, and concluded he must be done there, after debating for a few minuets, they all backed off, in which the quarter stave user twirled his stave around while glowing white, and then slammed it into the ground. Spider cracks of white energy spread out from the impact heading to all sides of the crater. After a few moments, the entire thing collapsed in on it's self. Burying the boy known as Ranma. Hours after the fighters left, all that remained was Genma. Staring at the now small mound of dirt, that and many deep gashes in trees were all that remained form the colossal fight which happened merely hours ago. The mound of dirt was given a large stone imbedded into the dirt to act as a burial stone for his son, and a ward, to keep anything form happening to that place.

And so ends the incredibly tragic life of what could have been the most powerful force on earth.


Well, what do you think? This isn't the end for our favorite martial artist, no, not by a long shot. Happosai survived ten years in a cave with nothing to live on. Ranma here could actually give Happosai a run for his money at the simple age of ten. No, Ranma will live on, and only you can help him. Even someone as inexperienced as Ranma is compared to Happosai, he could do some major damage. Remember, even a pupil can topple a master from time to time, though incredibly rare it is.

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