Evil Catfist Ranma

Again, the story is mine, but the character Ranma, and any others I use from other Anime are not.

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Morning is a wonderful thing. It's the start of the day, and each new day brought fresh possibilities, and Nadoka thought this was the start of a beautiful day. Of course after her son's absence for so many years, any day with him present was bound to be a good one. These past two days had been among the best of her life. First, she got her son back, then she got rid of Genma, and now her son has a potential love interest, and a very beautiful one at that.

No, things couldn't be any better. She was still upstairs when she heard some commotion outside. She went to her window and saw quite a site. Her son and their guest, Shampoo, were sparring. What surprised Nodoka, (after observing her son yesterday was the fact that Shampoo was almost keeping up, though it did look like her son was holding back, it didn't look like he was holding much of his skill in reserve. This girl must truly have been trained extensively to be able to go toe to toe with her son. True she hadn't seen him truly fight, but given the display he made yesterday morning (and the skill the Amazon was showing); she guessed that Shampoo could close the gap considerably if she tried. Nodoka was a skilled martial artist in her own right and estimated that Shampoo would be a nearly equal to her son in perhaps 6 months if she trained rigorously. Their spar was truly a sight as Shampoo was very good, and showing her skill to her son. Going downstairs, she went to prepare breakfast for her son and his 'fiancé', and oh how she liked the sound of that.

After another twenty minuets, Ranma and Shampoo came in the backdoor, and headed upstairs to the bath.

"You can go first Shampoo." Gesturing to the bath.

"First? We both go together" and grabbed his arm and started dragging him in.

"No no no, remember last night. We had that talk about all this. I'm willing to give this a try, but we are going to take it slow. If anything is going to happen, it's going to happen because we want it, not because of your laws, do you understand?" Halting his momentum and keeping himself steady at the entrance to the bathroom took a lot, both physically to retrain the enthusiastic Amazon, and an exercise of considerable willpower to avoid what his own hormones wanted.

"Of course, but this is bathing, I wash your back, you wash mine, nothing happen." Shampoo replied coolly, and proceeded to drag him into the bathroom. Once inside, she started stripping off her clothes as though he weren't even there, used one bucket to rinse herself, sat on a stool, and started to wash herself.

Meanwhile Ranma found himself just staring at her, looking at all those curves. Abruptly taking his eyes off of her, tried to fight off a fierce blush and stripped off his own clothing.

By the time he was done she was already rinsing herself off, finished washing. Ranma took the empty bucket and 'carefully' keeping his eyes downcast and doing his best 'not' to think of the naked beauty just a few feet from him. It was the work of a moment to fill it with cold water and douse himself, the shock of the cold water snapping his mind to his own position.

He takes up the stool she just vacated, and then begins to scrub himself until he suddenly freezes up. He feels a pair of hands grab the soap and quickly and efficiently wash his back, afterwards, she hands him back the soap, rinses off her hands, and then goes into the changing room to get dressed. Nearly Five minuets later, he comes back to reality, and finishes washing himself, rinses off and gets dressed in record time. Rushing downstairs, he sees Shampoo and his mother already at the table talking. Once he gets to the table they begin eating.

After breakfast, Cologne arrives and after a few words with Nadoka about her staying on a more permanent basis, she leaves with Shampoo. After talking with his mother, Ranma decides to get a job, and after a few minuets of looking through the papers, he sees an ad about an assistant at a clinic. Thinking it might be a good start, he decides to check it out.


"So, what happened child, you don't look downcast, but you're not as thrilled as I'd thought you might be. He is a fine catch, do you not agree?"

"Oh yes, perfect." Shampoo enthused, and then her voice saddened a bit as she continued. "The problem is that his mother wants me to go slow with him and I don't know how." More than a little frustration was in her voice as Shampoo considered the task before her.

"Well child, tell me what happened after I left and I'll help you where I can."

"After you left, we talked for a while, and then when we went to bed, he wouldn't let me sleep with him, he and I talked for a bit before I was sent to the guest room. Then in the morning, we sparred against each other. He is 'very' skilled, I was going all out and I could tell he was still holding back. I don't' know how much, but it didn't look like too much. After that we had a bath together and then went and ate breakfast, and that's when you came."

"You bathed with him?" Curiosity came up; she didn't think he would move that fast seeing as how he was so against this at first.

"Well, I dragged him into the bathroom, washed up, and then as he was about to wash his back, I washed it for him. I realllyyyy wanted to keep going but then what his mother told me the night before came to mind, so I finished up and left. If I stayed any longer, I don't' think I could have showed as much...restraint as I did. I'm sorry great grandmother, I couldn't do anything with him." Looking down, ready to be scolded.

"Child, you did wonderfully."

"Huh?!?!" Wide eyed and shocked.

"You not only followed what his mother said, you showed that you weren't going to 'jump his bones' at the first opportunity. You showed that you are willing to take it slow, and that right there secured a place in his heart." Cologne answered, her words a pleasant surprise to her grand- daughter. "He is not the type to be aggressive with, at least not until 'he' shows interest in you. Only then will you do as an Amazon does, is that understood?" Shampoo paused as she considered the Elder's words. Perhaps things had gone better than she first thought.

"Yes great grandmother!" Shampoo literally bounced as she tried to restrain her excitement, tried and failed as she considered her grandmother's advice.

"Now, isn't it time to spend some quality time with your Airen? Go, you have this week off, but next week you work. We opened a Ramen shop in Nerima called the Nekohanten. Good luck great granddaughter, and see you in a few days. Just remember, go slow, let him make the first moves and you'll be set. And remember, learn all you can from him, watch him, one must know their mate as they would their own hand. Good luck Great Granddaughter."

And then Shampoo was quickly out of site, looking for her Airen.

'If she brings him into the tribe, this will greatly increase the tribe's power. I haven't seen what he is truly capable, but I know it's far more than what little he has shown.' Quickly roof hopping, she is seen entering a building with a sign above the entrance called Nekohanten


"Thank you for giving me this opportunity Dr Tofu, I will greatly enjoy all you have to teach." Bowing to the good doctor, Ranma started to head for the door when it suddenly opened, the light shining in giving the girl in the doorway the look of an angel.

"Oh my, hello Ranma. I am very sorry for how my family reacted yesterday. Please except my apology on their behalf, and I ask that you come over for dinner to make up for yesterday." Kasumi asked Ranma as she bowed low in a demure manner.

Ranma paused, considering the girl's words. He hadn't been impressed by the Tendo's yesterday, but there was just something about this girl that made it hard to say no. Even so Ranma knew he had to let her know that he wasn't going to be pushed around, nor used as a whipping boy by her family.

"Very well, but if your sister attacks me again, I won't be as lenient as before. I will be bringing a guest and will arrive at 7:00 o'clock sharp." With that, he opens the door to the clinic and heads back towards home, roof hopping the way back.

"Oh hello Kasumi, fancy meeting you here" Grabbing his skeleton, he starts dancing with it.

"Oh your so silly Dr Tofu" Giggling to herself as she puts the book she borrowed back on the shelf.


While on his way back, he spots Shampoo and after meeting up with her, they head back together. Just a few houses after entering Jubaan, Ranma suddenly stops.

"What's wrong, why you suddenly stop?"

"I... felt something, over in that direction" Pointing East, he quickly bounds towards it with Shampoo on his heels.

Fifteen seconds and a quarter mile later, they stop at a roof over looking a large intersection. Said intersection currently had two cars flipped over and lots of people running away from some vaguely human, brown...thing.

"Shampoo, mind if I handle this thing, I been itchin to fight something with my claws, and this thing gives me the perfect opportunity."

Remembering what her great grandmother told her before she left, she nodded her consent, but added one condition. "I Will jump in if it looks like you need it, alright?"

"Heh, sure thing, but not before" So saying, he turns away and jumps off the ledge down to the street, and starts making his way towards the thing.

Once in range, he comes up on it from behind and after seeing it drain a person of their energy, he tries to sense what this thing is. Realizing it's not human, but merely rock powered by...something he preps himself. Unfurling his 'claws', he rushes towards the thing, and just as he gets to it, it turns around only to get it's self cut into six pieces horizontally. Falling apart, Ranma turns around smirking to himself, seeing as how easy that thing was.

It didn't take Ranma long to move behind the creature and take it on. Given the circumstances ... and the fact that the "creature" drained someone nearly dry during the time it took him to get into position, Ranma decided not to hold back too much. While he didn't know what it was, it was clearly not human. It was a construct of some kind and little more than rock taken human form and powered by ... well he wasn't sure what powered it. Unfurling his 'claws', he rushes towards the thing, and just as he gets to it, it turns around only to get it's self cut into six pieces horizontally. Falling apart, Ranma turns around smirking to himself, seeing as how easy that thing was.

Unnoticed by Ranma, a group of girls in Sailor Fuku's arrive in time to see the creature get sliced into six pieces by some hunk.

Sensing something, Ranma quickly turns back around only to see a fist of rock heading towards him, creating only one large blade, he cuts the rock in two but it merely merges back right after the blade and slams into his chest sending him flying back into a light pole. Seeing this, the girls get ready to approach when a beautiful Amazon jumps in front of them.

"Don't, he can handle it, watch." Said Amazon turns back to watch the fight.

'Heh, so I can't just cut it up, guess I'll have to think of something else' throwing the pole off him, he gets an idea and cuts a middle piece of the pole about 5 feet in length. Swinging it around like a Staff, he runs up to the creature and starts knocking it around. Jumping over it to dodge an extended rock fist, he slams down, sinking its head into its body, unperturbed, the creature merely turns its back into its front and grabs a hold of the pole. After a brief tug of war, Ranma lets go, running up to the creature, he side steps a thrown pole and starts hacking into the creature. Slicing anything coming towards him he manages to hack it to nearly half its original height. Jumping back to look at his handy work, he sees the thing absorbing the ground beneath it, replenishing it's lost mass.

'Hmm, physical damage doesn't seem to affect this thing, and it seems to be fed a constant stream of energy, lets see where that energy is coming from' Closing his eyes and concentrating, he opens them, and now a faint blue glow is emanating from his eyes, as well as a few veins seem to have bulged right around the eyes, like a muscles veins bulge when is strenuous use. Looking over the creature, he sees its entire form is made out of rock except for a shining source of power coming from just below where its throat should be. After deciding on a course of action, he gathers a large portion of his energy into his entire body, giving himself a miniscule blue glow over his entire frame. And with that he was gone, a shockwave sent the ground beneath where he was spewing upwards and back as though he catapulted forward.

The girls were dumfounded while Shampoo looked on in awe, she had never seen anyone move that fast, not even her great grandmother when she used the Kachu Tenshin Amagruiken. Looking all over for Ranma, she spotted him kneeling down 2 meters behind the creature, and then the creature blew up, sending rocks and mud all over.

Standing up, Ranma dusted himself off and then stiffened as he felt a wave of power. Turning around, he saw a black crystal rise up from the center of the blast radius and then all of a sudden, a shockwave of power came off it and the earth beneath it shot up, recreating the creature it just was. So quick was the reconstruction of the thing, Ranma was barely able to dodge and roll to the right at how quick it had regenerated. Thinking on his feat, as was his specialty, he sent two Kajin Rashu Dan's toward the creature, and then he was gone once again. The ground buckling under such strain gave way under the pressure and exploded outward from where he once stood. Once again, the creature exploded, but this time, as the crystal was floating in the air, it was diced into four pieces by the attack Ranma had launched just before dashing forward. Crouching three meters behind the creature, he stayed crouched long enough for the Kajin Rashu Dan to pass over his head and fade away.

A burst of energy from his eyes, and they were back to normal and the veins receded back to normal. Looking over toward the girls and Shampoo, he saw all but she had slack jaws, and two of them with hearts in their eyes. Quickly signaling to Shampoo, he jumped up to the nearest rooftop, two stories up, quickly followed by Shampoo. Once she got on the rooftop, they departed via roofhoppping.

All the Sailor Fuku clad girls started chatting to each other about the mysterious hunk and whatnot. Meanwhile, we see our 'hunk' get about ten rooftops away and stop.

Looking at Shampoo "I'm sorry, but I'm going to need some help" And with that, he collapses. Catching him just before he 'faceplants' into the rooftop, she drapes him over her shoulder and heads towards the former Saotome residence while muttering about ego's and macho men.


Well, how's this so far, I know I said that each chapter would get longer and better, but I had no clue of where to end this exactly, and if I didn't end it soon, it wouldn't have been out for another week or two, prolly more. Anyway, what I really wanted to show in this chapter was that Ranma isn't invincible, or has an endless reserve of power, when in actuality, he doesn't have quite that much, well, he does but that speed move is far more taxing that a simple Kachu Tenshin, the whole body moves at such speeds, plus factor in the body needs to be reinforced so as to not be damaged when moving at such a speed, it is an incredibly taxing move, but very effective.

Reason he even used it in the first place, he does have an ego, even if he doesn't show it, and having people gawk at his skills even if they can't really tell what's going on helps that ego just a little bit, hey, it is Ranma, even if he has been radically changed, some things stay the same as others inevitably change. That's enough rambling this time, I'll update in another two or so weeks probably, depending on my schedule, later.

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