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Note: The entire idea for this came from the origami bird in the third movie. I thought it was a love letter at first! I want to slap that man for changing the scenes so much but I loved that part. My brother came up with the name for the fic. So, do enjoy my fanfic!

Draco Malfoy and the Chamber of Secret Love Letters

By Nanaki BH

Draco sent me a few of these so far but this is getting strange now.

I was sitting in the middle of sixth year potions when another origami bird flew into the back of my head. I had already collected three from him in the past. The first one was a pleasant little animation of me playing Quidditch while getting struck violently by lightning. The next one had a cartoon of Draco chopping off Buckbeak's head. He was still a bit resentful over that whole thing. Then, the last one had featured him happily kicking Cho Chang's ass with me watching. I feared what this one would be. I looked behind me. He was looking around himself. He appeared to be frantically searching for something. Another origami bird was on his table. Draco looked back up at me and had a suspicious look of fear on his face. I turned my attention back to the bird. I opened it slowly and the picture revealed... was quite startling indeed.

It was a simple animation. It pictured Draco under the mistletoe at the Yule Ball, kissing me similar to how it played out with me and Cho. I looked back over my shoulder and by now Draco had opened his other origami bird to find out which one he had sent my way. "Dammit!" he mouthed. His bottom lip quivered and I wasn't sure if he was going to cry or scream. I pointed to myself and silently asked, "Is that me?" He nodded solemnly. His eyes fell to his lap in embarrassment. I had to turn away. I tried to focus on what ever it was Snape was saying, but I found myself not being able to concentrate. What had happened? I looked down at the moving picture again. Was he in love with me or something? It sure was looking that way. But this is Malfoy The Prat we're talking about!

Ron poked me on the shoulder. "Hey Harry, what's wrong?" I sputtered for a second and turned back to Draco.

"Malfoy," I called. I didn't get very far. Snape strode to my table and whacked his book down hard.

"Disturbing Malfoy, ayah Potter?" He tucked the book securely back under his arm. "Five points from Gryffindor!" He stalked back to his board.

"But Professor Snape!" I tried.

"Ten more points from Gryffindor for arguing with a teacher." He looked at me in pity. "You know that, Potter."

I sighed. I decided I would have to ask him later. I took one last glance at Malfoy. He would usually be laughing...

But he just kept staring at his lap in shame.

Author's Notes: Well now... how did you like that? I know it was short but this was like my prologue-thing. If you have any ideas (which you people usually do) please tell me! I honestly don't really know where to go from here. But hey, that's how I always write. I just make up stuff as I go along. So please review, tell me what you think and give me ideas!