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Draco Malfoy and the Chamber of Secret Love Letters
By: Nanaki BH

The evening was approaching. The sun was reclining in the sky. Students filed back to the building in droves as Draco and I made our break for the lake, hidden beneath the stretching shadows of passing students, surrounded by the threatening, orange glow. Minutes later, I snatched his hand and we crept down to the edge of the water, finding ourselves a spot by a lone tree.

It wasn't a fancy picnic so I hadn't planned on needing to bring a blanket, though I was wishing I had one since the grass immediately got my ass wet when I sunk down. He whined like I expected him to but I couldn't keep myself from smiling at it. I watched him silently as he flailed, patting his bottom when he noticed the dampness, then how he cried out when he realized he'd gotten his leg wet too when he rolled over.

I laughed and he looked over at me, glaring as if I'd done something wrong. The disapproving expression he wore just made me slip out another short chuckle and I raised my hand to try to stifle it. His features softened and he brought up his knees, looking away to hide his own smirk. I reached over and put a hand down on his, twining our fingers together like snakes amid the green blades of grass. Draco glanced at our linked hands and quickly darted his eyes away.

He was terrible at hiding embarrassment. Unlike me, he did better around people. I preferred to have him alone.

He lifted up the bag and shook its contents. "Want one?" he asked.

I nodded and held out my other hand. I let him slip away his hand to open it but I was, admittedly, a little disappointed by the loss of contact. I was handed one of the unicorn horn-shaped lollis and he took his own, tossing the bag off somewhere else. With a thump, he fell back into the grass. It looked like he'd given up on resisting.

I followed suit and lay down. The wrapper on the lollipop annoyed me – it was tight and hard. It was like who ever made them wrapped them in pure plastic. Being a wizard, you'd think I knew some kind of magic that could get it off.

Noticing my obvious frustration with the thing, Draco reached over awkwardly and grabbed it from me. He put half of it in his mouth and with a crunch the plastic was pierced. Even after it was given back to me, I was still staring at him, dirty thoughts flooding my teenage brain. How'd he do that, I wondered?

"T-thanks," I mumbled, peeling the wrapper the rest of the way off.

Whatever little light was left lingering on the clouds still made it hard for me to look directly into the sky. I squinted and lifted a hand to shelter my eyes. I wasn't sure anymore why I thought the lake was a good place to hide away at... Right. Because it was hiding, as opposed to making out in the common room and blowing everything to hell. That comforted me a little... Just a little.

I could feel his eyes on me and soon, I heard him scooting closer to me; more like wiggling. He glanced at me from the corners of his eyes and took a tentative lick of his lollipop. They were supposed to be mesmerizing somehow but he found it pretty easy to tear his eyes away from it to look at me. I was kind of flattered.

I nudged my head against his shoulder and stared out at the horizon that glistened above the lake. Some sort of large, white bird swooped down and landed in the water, flapping its pink-touched wings violently upon landing. I felt him nudge his cheek against mine. My nostrils flared.

"Don't fog your glasses, Potter," he purred, licking his lollipop dangerously close. I closed my eyes tightly then and counted back from ten. It was fast, though. I wasn't about to take ten accurately spaced seconds when I had Draco so close to my face. I gave up on whatever resistance I had and gave into his cheesy, though undeniably sexy behavior. I turned and grabbed his chin and forced our mouths to meet. He cried out but I easily stifled his protests. That quickly resurfacing Malfoy pride wasn't about to spoil things if I had my way.

His fist curled around my tie and pulled me even closer, bringing our hips together. I wasn't about to do anything I would regret; not out in the open. If he didn't stop soon I feared I would have to regardless, though. He freed a hand and pushed down against my opposite shoulder and sat himself up on my waist. I expected him to have something of a look of devious pleasure in his eyes but he had nothing but affection shining there instead.

How... unexpected, I thought

His fingers loosened their hold, letting my tie slide smoothly through them as he leaned down and kissed me again. Fervent, wanton kisses were great and all... but having him so unexpectedly be sweet was so much greater. I wanted his lips to remain pressed to mine forever. I never wanted it to end, though I knew that no good things could truly last a lifetime. Every experience I ever had with something good was broken and ruined, stamped into the ground. Draco… I feared… would one day be lost as a mere footnote among the pages of my tragedy.

"Harry," he whispered, his breath ghosting against my mouth. "Harry," he said to me, "I promise. I… promise…"


"I promise that I'll be here. With you. Forever. I promise that," he said.

I wanted to believe that.

And for some reason, I think I really did.

Author's Notes: Unless I come up with an epilogue, I think that ends it. I rather liked this chapter. Hopefully it wasn't ridiculously cheesy and I hope you enjoyed it!