Title: Lie To Me

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Rating: pg-13

Summary: Post-Gift. She had lost track of how long they had been traveling. How many Hotels they had stayed in. Spike never wanted her to worry about things like that. He wanted her to forget, and in turn, so did she.                              

'You can get away with anything if it's all for her'-- James Marsters

Chapter 1: Tabula Rasa

The Hotels always smelled the same. It didn't matter where they were, there was always a certain smell that seemed to accompany the tacky plastic flowers and the eighties bedspreads. This hotel room, as did the others, had a scent that made it feel lived in. Not homely, it could never be considered that, but the history of past occupiers could be seen throughout the tiny living space. The marks on the walls, the crooked TV antenna, the dark stain on the carpet; they all had different stories to tell, stories Dawn could make up.

Her fingers traced a small round dent in the wall that was situated just above the bed head, the worn out mattress made her kneeling form slope slightly towards the right. She figured that the dent was most likely made by a couple, probably screwing their brains out in this seedy hotel room. But there were many other possibilities, and Dawn had a lot of time.

She didn't know what day it was. She had lost track of how long they had been traveling. How many Hotels they had stayed in. Spike never wanted her to worry about things like that. He wanted her to forget, and in turn, so did she. She had let everything bleed into one another until she couldn't tell them apart. Sunnydale was just a blur to Dawn now, a memory clouded in the stories she made up. She left it all up to him to show her the way. 

Dawn swiveled around on the bed as the door opened and Spike stormed in, she flinched slightly as he slammed the door shut behind him. His jaw flexed as he stripped off his leather duster and carelessly threw it on the bed. It was a prominent sign for Dawn that he was in one of his moods, a mood that was continually getting worse.

She kept quiet as he paced around the room. She let her fingers curl around the collar of his discarded jacket and pulled it towards her, letting the smooth leather rest in her lap. After another round of pacing, Spike joined her on the bed, falling backwards on it and closing his eyes. A frown was still placed on his face, and he offered no words towards her. 

Before she could stop herself Dawn lightly caressed the scar that resided on Spike's left eyebrow. She stopped for a moment when she realized what she was doing, but with no resistance from him, she continued to trace the scar with her finger. He had never told her how he had gotten it, but she had never asked. It was better this way though; she could make up more of her stories.

She scooted towards him to get a better inspection. Her long hair draped down as she brought her face inches away from his. Spike still didn't budge, his eyes remained closed, and his expression didn't change. She concluded, obviously, that the scar was made by a battle he was in. 

Her fingers lingered down the side of his face, his frown slowly disappeared between her soft touches and he finally spoke, "All of this, it's for you. You know that, right?"

Dawn still hovered above him as his eyes opened. He lightly grabbed her hand that had started to trail down his neck and entwined it in his own. "Everything I do, all the things we do," Spike continued, what had been bothering him before had seemingly faded away, "I do it for you, Pet,"

She smiled back at him, a look that Spike could only consider to be ghostly. Eye contact was missing; her attention directed slightly to the side. Her small smile was hesitant, as if she was unsure if it was appropriate for the situation. Maybe she was forgetting too much.

"I know," Dawn replied simply, as she rested her head against his chest, her hand draped over his stomach as it held his, "You protect me,"

Spike ran his fingers through her hair, as he exhaled an unneeded breath. She was in his care and had been for a while now. The Scoobies didn't know what she needed and probably weren't too happy with him for taking it into his own hands. But she more than willingly came along, almost begged him to take her away. She had given her life to him, and in turn, he had taken care of it the best way he knew how.

He had made her forget. He had spoon fed her lies, manipulated her to believe otherwise, and even resorted to putting her in trances. Dru was always good at luring her victims that way, but it was much harder for him to do so. He did all of this just so she wouldn't have to think about a tower made by crazy people, a hell god that was out for her blood, and a sacrifice he thought about every night. This was all for her.

AN: That's just a little teaser of what's to come. Well, let's recap: Spike's a tad obsessive, Dawn a slight mental case. Sooner or later it all has to come crashing down, especially when a person from their past catches up with them. OooOOOooo, who could it be? Reviews are appreciated. Bye.