Chapter One: Guardian

The ebony spikes of the Saiya-jin prince shifted back as he hurried down the halls of Frieza's spacecraft. He was planning to demand what was the meaning of this nonsense! He had been called urgently from his training as if the ship was on fire to meet with his master, Lord Frieza. He snorted at the thought and dismissed it immediately with a hard mental kick. His master! Lord! That homosexual lizard would've loved to hear those words leave his mouth. Frowning deeply once again at the images speeding through his head like a roller coaster, he furiously stepped further, knocking some of the henchmen of the creature he had grown to feel so much hatred for.

Why, you will probably ask? It is actually plainly simple. You would've felt the same way the Saiya-jin boy did if your homeland was destroyed by the filthy pawns of a being lower next to nothing that could ever be described. Vegeta despised the lizard for killing his father, his only family left and all of his people who adored him. All he could ever be proud having, gone in an instant. The mightiest race in the whole Universe, the Saiya-jins, wiped out like a dirty spot on a spacecraft's front view window. The whole race demolished, except for him - the sole survivor of the Saiya-jins. But what was the big deal being a prince with no people to rule, with no planet to live on? What was the use being of the strongest race when he could do nothing about a gay bastard playing with him like a petty little toy in his hands? He was just a bit more than a walking trophy.

Shoving the thoughts of bitter revenge for his wounded pride, the boy burst through the huge wooden double-doors of the meeting room, not caring enough to courtesy around with the guards standing on each side of the premise to lead him in.

"What is the meaning of this? I want an answer! And I want it now!" his mutating voice echoed eerily over the still room. The inhabitants snapped to the direction of the source of the strident sound. Seeing the angry sparks of his most odious man-whores Frieza could ever have, the blue skinned oaf Zarbon, made the prince's mouth twist into an evil smirk. If there was one thing he would always love to do, it was having that idiot extremely mad.

A forced chuckle could be heard as the lizard approached the stern positioned toy-Prince in the middle of the room. Reaching up from his floating chair to take the bold boy's chin in his palm he wasn't surprised the tiniest bit when the head of the prideful Saiya-jin jerked away from his touch. Being part of that fucker's sick twisted fantasies was not in the list of the black haired teenager's favourite activities. He would have to take a bath afterwards to disinfect himself from the loathsome Freeza-germs. The tyrant on his front let a full-hearted laugh at the brisk and sharp reaction he had received.

"You do not need to worry, boy, because you are not my target currently. I intent nothing that could do you any harm. " 'Or that's what I want you to think just yet.' He finished in his head, letting a coy grin take over his facade. Growling deep in his throat, the boy crossed his arms and glared at his tormentor yet again.

"Why have you interrupted my training! I thought I was told that nothing could—" His angry rants were cut short as the white hand of his Master was raised in a ministration, mentioning for him to shut up. Clenching his teeth and balling his fists not to attack the older… thing, he waited half-patiently for the lecture he was about to receive on "manners", as Frieza called his mindless blather whenever he got bored on playing with his lackeys and tried to get a hold of Vegeta's temper. Or more like get a rise out of it, Vegeta thought with bile rising in his throat at the mere image.

"Why are you in such a hurry, Prince Vegeta?" The title of the boy slipped by mockingly, letting the Saiya-jin notice it, earning another growl. "You should not forget who you are speaking to even if your life depends on it, or you will surely feel sorry about it."

"I beg your pardon, my Lord." Vegeta put his hand over his chest, bowing to the lizard, for if he didn't, he would really take the chance to attack him and then all he had suffered until now would be in vain. His race would've died in vain. He didn't want any of this! But he had to put up with the embarrassing role of a puppet. At least until he grew strong enough to take the challenge and avenge the Saiya-jins.

A smirk crossed the sharp features of the tyrant.

"Now that's a good boy. Zarbon, bring the girl in immediately!" He ordered before the other man bowed and stepped back to do as ordered. Girl? What was he talking a—

A small fragile figure was thrown in his feet as he raised his head from his bow. He watched it as it slightly fell up and down sharply and soft noises emitted from the ball. Sobs. Bitter sobs. Examining the ball further, the boy figured out it was probably the girl Frieza was talking about. Seeing a flash of marine blue tresses, the prince's anxiety grew bigger, which he wouldn't ever admit. A disgusted look took place on the lizard's face.

"How truly pathetic." He muttered and floated to the window of the spacecraft.

Meanwhile, the girl at the Saiya-jin's feet rose up and dried her face with the long sleeve of her ruined dress. Even in the condition it was, Vegeta guessed that she was no ordinary female. Frowning, he wondered if she suffered the same fate as him. But he couldn't give a damn if she did anyway. She was no concern of his.

"This is what I called you here for, boy." The man spoke with his back to the young pair. "This is Bulma Briefs, the daughter of King from the allied Empire Breifs. The old man wanted to take care of his precious little child's safety and I offered him my kind help." He chuckled harshly at his own newfound mastermind abilities. "I couldn't dismiss the thought that you would be a suiting body guard to her highness, Princess Bulma." It was the boy's turn to speak his mind on the matter. It was not panic what was rising inside him and boiling like a pan of oil over the hot-plate. It was sheer anger…

"You want me to walk after this weakling earth female like some dog?" He barked out of frustration. This was not what he needed right now, taking care of a useless pathetic sniveling princess of what-was-its-name kingdom he had never heard of!

"How did you ever guess, my little Prince?"

Letting a raw roar leave his throat at his raging state, Vegeta grabbed the hand of the girl intending to release some of the tension that was building up in his body for her ruining his plans on trying to figure out a way to destroy Freeza. She acted quite boldly for the situation she had found herself in, which she probably didn't even realize yet. She slapped him hard across the face, catching him off guard, taking the chance of stomping hard on his foot. Taken aback by her reaction, the Saiya-jin Prince raised his hand about to hit her when he heard his master's sly voice again, entering his sensitive ears like slime sliding down the glassy surface of its bottle.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah. If ever one hair falls off of her gorgeous little head, you will be the one to take responsibility of it."

Great. Just great. That was about the last straw of this! He had had enough!

Storming out of the room, Vegeta left behind the fiery female to stand in wonder what had just happened. Frieza mentioned for Zarbon to take her away. As the doors slammed shut again with a thick resounding sound, the smirk made its way to the lizard's expression yet again.

"Oh, my dear Prince, you have no idea what I have settled you in for."

A maniacal laugh echoed in the empty room…


Vegeta had thrown quite a fit in his private chambers which resembled a cell more than anything else when he heard the door next to his slam shut. Bitter weeps followed it, as he guessed the girl crawled on the bed and decided to let her sorrow free. He thought about going in there and perhaps making her stop that goddamn noise that was soon surely going to drive him insane, but he shook the thought off as useless waste of precious and much needed energy. Taking a towel, the prince took off to the training chambers but as he passed her door something drew him to it, made him wish to go there and do something to soothe her grief. The boy growled deep in his throat but entered the room no less. If there was something his subconsciousness wanted, he could do nothing else but give in to it, or else he would have to endure this entire mental struggle for stupid topics such as this one the whole day.

When the door opened, there was a sight before his eyes that made something in him crack slightly. The fiery little princess who had not so long ago slapped him and boldly stepped on his foot, fending for herself just like a Saiya-jin would, was crying her eyes dry, probably hoping that would get her to sleep. The Saiya-jin sighed in annoyance of his own actions but approached her quietly nonetheless. She had not deserved such a fate, whatever had happened to her. He couldn't quite put his finger in it, but he could take a lucky guess her father had freely given her to the worst and most disgusting tyrant in the whole Universe.

The tiny female heard his footsteps and took a step back beside the bed and bared her white teeth at him. He stepped further, and she stepped back again, keeping a fair distance between the two.

"Who the hell are you?" She spat with venom in her high-pitched, yet stern voice.

"Did you not hear what the lizard said?" He reached out to pull her on the bed and make her go to sleep, but she wasn't about to give in that easy.

"And you will do as you were ordered?" Bulma's sapphire eyes traveled down his firm stance to land on his irritatedly waving tail behind him. Her glare returned to her innocent face as she fixed her gaze with his. "You're the Saiya-jin Ouji!" She spoke, not believing her eyes.

She always thought that the Saiya-jin Prince was the source of all the riots among Freiza's army; that a prince of such a proud race would never give in to anyone's orders, meant it for him to die because of his bold actions. And yet, here he was, running around like a lap dog whenever his master called him, doing whatever he was told to. Vegeta could see the disbelief in her eyes and growled again.

"I don't have a choice, do I?" He muttered turning around, instantly cursing the moment the thought of doing something for her crying fit popped up in his head. He could feel her features harden.

"Of course you have a choice! You could always—" He didn't want her to finish that sentence. It was enough that his consciousness constantly teased him for being weak, not being able to protect anything that was important to him, forcing him to accept nothing after the loss of his race as 'important'. He didn't need her rubbing it in how repulsing his weakness was.

"Look here, little wench, let's make this clear – I did not want to be your bodyguard. I do not ask for anything of your likes. Just who do you think you are? Look at yourself! You're a scrawny little brat not able to defend herself even to someone 'as weak' as me! Why don't you fight against Frieza's thousand-man army, huh? I would like to see you try that before you start telling me what I should and shouldn't do!" He hissed between his clenched teeth while his fists balled by his sides, shaking dangerously. The princess' cerulean eyes welled up with tears at his words. What could she say to that? He could indeed crush her neck with a simple flick of his wrist if he so much as wanted to.

Fed up with her bitchy little self, Vegeta turned around and marched for the door, slamming it shut behind himself, leaving the young princess by herself again, sprawled on the bed.

Bulma's fragile form collapsed on the velvet covered mattress. She had been so happy with her life among her mother and her father. Why did she have to leave it? Why did her dad want her to be "secure" in that lizard's filthy arms? Didn't he know what a sick twisted fuck that guy was? Or did he trust him, which was scarier? Shrugging the topic off, she decided to get some sleep before dealing with her newfound bodyguard again. She would need to straighten her nerves every time she had to meet him, she guessed.

And she didn't have an idea how right her guess was.


Here's a guide to the characters' ages: Vegeta is 14, Bulma is 9 and well, does anyone even have the slightest idea how old Frieza and Zarbon are? Because I certainly have none...