Last Chapter: One More Final

Vegeta glared at his older version before himself. Neither of the two males made any movement to acknowledge each other's existence, even though they were staring right into one another's eyes. The guards by them stood completely still as well, not knowing what to expect of the meeting and the looks their ruler and his son were exchanging. To them it looked like they had some kind of mental battle with each other, as if they had some sort of mental bond that helped them speak by telepathy, even though they knew such a thing was more than just impossible, so they just sat back and observed what the two regals were doing.

In the next moment a firm smirk pulled on the King's face as he spread his arms, probably a sad attempt at a hug.

"Son! You are alive! I knew you would make it!" His father said out really loud. Most of the guards that were near them had to partially cringe at his tone. Vegeta however did not even flinch. He watched his father with hatred boiling visibly in the pits that his onyx orbs represented. When he saw his son would not obey the King's "need" for a hug, he pulled the younger Saiya-jin closer and wrapped his massive arms around him. "I can smell her on you, boy. Do I get this you have already found a mate and destroyed Freeza?" He whispered into his son's ear.

At first the Prince was partially surprised, but then the scowl returned to his face.

"Don't you dare touch her. She's on her way to Earth with a rescue pod." He whispered back and pushed his father away, walking over to the control panel and typing the coordinates of a planet he had not been on for so many years and he was quite thankful he had not. Planet Cold. "Not a single one of you shall lay even a finger on the space pod." He bellowed and pointed at the screen to make sure they saw which pod he is talking about. "Or you'll deeply regret it." He hissed between his clenched teeth as he collapsed on the seat in front of the huge screen. "Oh, and, by the way," he turned his head slightly over his shoulder as he spoke, "We're going to planet Cold to finish off anything that has to do with Freeza and his fucking family. Then we shall reclaim the Universe ours..." A sly smirk covered the Prince's face.

At first no one really reacted, but then the whole ship seemed to have blown up as the Saiya-jins cheered for their new leader.

King Vegeta also smirked. Yes, Vegeta was his father's son...

Bulma slowly stirred in her sleep. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands and rolled over, hoping to find the familiar warmth by her side, only to find with a frown that she was no longer in the nice comfy bed. Her eyes slowly got used to the dark as she glanced around the place she was finding herself in.

And then it hit her. It was a space pod. A rescue space pod. He had thrown her into a space pod and probably took off somewhere.

Tears welled up in the girl's eyes as the princess' snow-white hand grasped the sheet and pulled it closer to her. She noted that she had something over herself, at least. She was sure if anything, he wouldn't want anyone to see her naked since he had just taken her. She was quite sure he was more possessive than that!

Taken her... More tears spilled from the earthling's eyes. She had let herself get so caught up in the passion of the moment that she would probably regret it forever... She shook her head furiously. Why did she have to be so foolish, so stupid, even after he told her all those things, even though she was sure he was not going to stay with her. He never wanted to, never intended to. Why would he have started after he even had his only previously forbidden fun with her.

He was nothing but trouble to her, she tried to assure herself. But even if he was, she still wanted him. She still wanted to feel how his warm skin brushed against hers. She wanted to know that he was still there, that he was peacefully asleep by her side and not to be afraid that when she woke up he wouldn't be there. She wanted him, but wanted to be sure about him in the same time. But 'sure' and 'Vegeta' do not rhyme...

With a sigh the princess furiously brushed her tears away. She was not going to cry over him. It was over... She would probably never see him again, and if it was, it was probably going to be a business meeting, a treaty or in the worst case, a war. Bulma had no other choice but to do her best at forgetting him. With a sad smile she remembered how much she doubted innocent little Yamcha, while the devil was taking his way with her. Yes, she was so caught up in her own little world that she had completely forgotten that Vegeta was officially a Prince again since none other but her revived his race.

The girl buried her face in her bent knees. What was going to happen of her? How was she going to live with all that she knew and the nightmare that she had made reality for the whole Universe!?

Vegeta was watching as his people worked their way on the keyboard and were typing what he was telling them. Ah, how fun being a Prince could actually be. He had quite forgotten how it felt.

"Why don't we start off with Earth. We are already so near it. If you want to take over the Universe, you-"

"I don't remember wanting your advice, old man." Vegeta hissed at his father, who in returned glared daggers back at him.

"Don't you dare talking to me like that, boy, you are still a mere Prince-" A hot wave and breeze passed through the King as his son's aura exploded in golden while his eye and hair color changed. The teal glare of the Super Saiya-jin made every one in the room freeze in whatever activity they were performing. All of them wanted to see this ultimate creature that they believed was only a myth.

"I am the Strongest being in the Universe, NOT A MERE PRINCE, OLD MAN! You will treat me with the respect I deserve, or I will be forced to take the crown forcefully off your head." He threatened and let his power level fall back to normal. His father's eyes were still slightly bigger as the youth sat on a chair near the control panel. "What are you still looking at, idiots!? Back to work!!" He screamed and the lively atmosphere returned back to the room. "You will never touch the Earth, or any of its current allies. NEVER! Understood?" Vegeta glared at his father, who in turn only smirked.

Yes, his son indeed seemed to have a mate. An earthling. Well, Vegeta was always a strange bird...

Bulma put on the rest of the clothes she found in the space pod she had been traveling in the past two hours and looked around the dock. There was no one else but the usual guard on their posts. A frown graced the princess' lips as she stepped further to the throne room where she guessed her mother and father were currently located.

As she opened the huge wooden doors with a heavy scowl plastered on her face she saw all the heads in the room turn their attention to her. Huge grins spread over everyone's faces and her mother ran towards her, pulling her in a gentle hug while burying her face into the young woman's neck.

"Oh, sweetie, we were so worried about you! We thought we would never see you again!" She cried in her daughter's neck, only to be pushed away a little by the teen.

"That's why I called you, mother, so you wouldn't worry about me." Her mother completely pulled away, looking back at her father and, scowling Bulma noted, Yamcha for some kind of... backup? When she received nothing but a nod from her husband, the Queen continued.

"Since we received such a scare, dear, we thought... Well... We wanted to tell you that we have decided to... Marry you to Prince Yamcha." Bulma froze in her place, her eyes getting bigger. No... She didn't just say that.

"You decided?...." She repeated numbly. "You decided..... YOU DECIDED!? HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY DECIDE SUCH THINGS WITHOUT ME!!?!!! HOW!?!!!!" The princess yelled for her dear life. No, that was not happening... It wasn't happening!!!

Her mother's hurt expression told her that she was probably against it, but gave in at the end. Hell, what did she care, she fucking gave in!!

"Sweetie, we want you to be happy! Yamcha is a nice boy, he will give you the protection, the love and the respect you will deserve as a wife. With him around you I am quite sure you are going to be fulfilled! A good husband is everything a woman needs, honey, you need to understand me."

"No, I don't! And I don't want to! How... How could you!?" She let her tears fall freely in front of all the servants and people inhabiting the room but she did not care. All she thought about was the last thing she had lost this day... Not wanting to hear another words about it, the girl ran towards her room, leaving her worried parents all by themselves, trying to figure out a way to mend things now...

The Princess shut the door behind herself and locked it, throwing herself on the soft covers of her bed. At least someone believed she would surely be back. Ah, that Chichi... What would she do without her?...

Bulma rolled back on her bed and looked towards the ceiling. She had lost her virginity... She had lost it to someone that would care less about her their whole life. She had lost her pride to herself. She had given in to the temptation that Vegeta represented all this time. She could not resist him anymore, she had given up. She had lost her heart, had it shattered into the hands of a murderer, that was going to plague the whole Universe with no mercy for "weaklings" such as her own country. And, who could know, he would probably come to take over her planet as well?...

But most important of all, she had lost her freedom. She had lost her freedom to someone that didn't deserve it. Yes, her mother was probably right, it was perhaps really nice to have a caring husband... But what if she didn't care back for him the way she should, as a wife? Why wouldn't her mother want to understand that? Why wouldn't her father listen to what she was saying!?

Tears spilled from the girl's eyes again. Everything was collapsing.... Everything was collapsing right in front of her very eyes and she could do nothing about it... She had let it all fall apart. She had ruined herself... Her own life...

"Why did I have to love you so much, Vegeta, why..." Her words faded away in the darkness that engulfed her very soul at the same moment the words passed her lips. A glare took over her features as a heavy scowl made its way to her beautiful yet pale face. "No... You are not something to cry over, you jerk... I will forget you... And hopefully I will hate you!..." She brushed her tears angrily away. It shouldn't be so hard to hate someone that had taken everything from you, she assured herself...


A/N: There is a sequel up, called "Incapability".