This is a very loose fanfic over DNAngel. In this story, Daisuke is an orphan who has never fallen in love, and therefore could never transform into Dark (I'm sowwie. Maybe Dark will make an appearance later?).

Warning: This is a Satoshi x Daisuke yaoi fic. Yaoi involves a male/male relationship (a.k.a. gay, shaych, homosexual). If you find yaoi offensive, do not read this story, and do not send flames. If you continue to read this even if you find yaoi offensive, I don't want to hear about it.

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Thunder roared overhead as lightning whipped across a midnight velvet sky. The back door to the house slammed shut so hard the lights inside flickered before regaining their strong, steady brilliance. Angry voices followed, flowing outside the walls of the home, but nobody really cared what he did or didn't do.

Hands shoved into his pockets, sixteen-year-old Daisuke Niwa stormed down the street, rain puddling around him. Within moments his flame-red hair was saturated, plastered onto his face in straggly ribbons streaming cold rainwater down his cheeks to mingle with angry tears. He ignored it all.

They don't know, he thought. They don't have to deal with it… The pain, the torture, the anguish… The fires burning deep in my heart that nothing can quench. Nothing can quench it; not now, not ever. And even if they did know, would they care?
The answer was simple, one syllable, a word he'd been babbling ever since he could talk: No.

Lightning flashed across the sky in a brilliant fork of a snake's tongue. The streetlights sparkled uncertainly before going black entirely. Every light that had been on in a house went dim to be replaced momentarily by the uncertain wavering of a single candlewick's flame, dancing chancy rhythms in the faint breezes of people's breaths. The street was dark.

He didn't need the light, though. What was light, anyway? Just the illumination of what was dark. What was dark? Death was dark. Despair was dark. Life was dark. And love…

Love did not exist in Daisuke's world.

He kept walking.

Soon his clothing was sopping, trying to weigh him down. His thin black trench coat hung with a fraying hem around his feet, swaying as he walked, rubbing against his soaked pants legs. The skin on his legs was getting chafed; he could feel the angry scratches already, stinging and biting at his nerves with every step he took.

The thin silver cross that hung from the slender braided silver chain around his neck slipped beneath the collar of his shirt, chilling the skin over his breast. The cross had nothing to do with the church; he couldn't care less about religion half the time. The necklace was a gift, the only thing left to remind him of his mother. She had been a churchgoer, a believer. But there was nothing left for Daisuke to believe in.
A car drove by down the road, jetting past the frustrated teen. A solid wave of water splashed over him, nearly knocking him over a step or two. As sound caught up, the sound of the vulgar horn of the car blared in Daisuke's ears. He ignored all of this and kept walking.
Sheet lightning blanketed the sky, bathing the world in light momentarily, just long enough for Daisuke to gain his bearings. There was a park not too far away from here. He turned onto an adjoining street and continued walking.

The power was out down this street was well, it seemed. All for the better, in his opinion. As the park loomed closer, illuminated now and then by the occasional lightning flash, Daisuke felt himself beginning to relax for the first time in a long time. Maybe it was just that he'd needed to get out of that house, away from those people.

Wet gravel crunched underfoot as he made his way across the playground, past the jungle gym, beyond the teeter-totter, and behind the merry-go-round. He seated himself on one of the black rubber swings and pushed his sopping ruby locks from his violent red eyes. A deep sigh filled his lungs. Thunder boomed, shaking the earth for a second, as he leaned down and scooped up a handful of the pebbly gravel.

He threw the rocks one by one into the dark abyss that was the world beyond the rain and rocked himself in the swing with one foot. Daisuke wasn't all that tall and his toes could barely reach the stony ground, resulting in his swinging slightly in a circle. He leaned his head against the chain holding up the swing and sighed, closing his eyes. They don't understand. They could never understand me.
The social workers had come again earlier on that week, to "check up on him." Really that meant they were speaking with his new fosters to make sure he wasn't getting into too much trouble. The Sunoas were his twelfth "family" in seven years, ever since he'd first been fostered out. He'd spent six years prior to that first foster family in an orphanage in a small town. Ever since he could remember he'd been alone. One of the nuns that belonged to a local cloister had found him wandering around a shady neighborhood after church one rainy day and had graciously taken him by the hand and escorted him to the orphanage, where he was given fresh dry clothes, warm food, and a soft bed to sleep in.

From then on it had been a schedule of three meals a day, a naptime, and a rigid education agenda so strict one could set their watch by it. Some of the other children teased Daisuke because of his hair and eyes, matching shades of ruby red. To these he usually retaliated with fists rather than words, often landing him in worse trouble than the original ringleader, and usually in the nurse's office. By the time Daisuke turned seven, he'd broken both arms at least once, three fingers, his nose (twice) and had a black eye at least once a week. His victims were usually in worse shape.

Daisuke hummed the refrain to a popular song as he let the soothing rain fall on him, washing away his anger. He'd have to go back sooner or later, he reasoned. But why not stay out a bit longer and enjoy the rain? Lightning flashed across the sky; thunder bounced off the park equipment. Daisuke stood and climbed up onto the jungle gym, swinging agilely around the plastic and metal pieces until he sat in the sheltered alcove of the brilliant yellow twisty-slide. Sheltered from the direct downpour, he delighted in the light spray on his face and settled back to watch the lightning show.

A bit short, but that's all right, first chapters usually are. . Satoshi comes in later, prolly in the next chapter. Just so everybody knows, I only have the first two mangas of DNAngel, being as only the first two are out in English yet, (At least, my local Waldens Books only has the first two, and I bought them out of the second one.) and I was never lucky enough to catch the anime version, so whatever I write will be based on the characters of Daisuke and Satoshi as they are in the first two mangas. Thankies, and please read and review!