Disclaimer: I don't own Rurouni Kenshin. I'm just a fan writing for my own amusement.

Walk away from me love

Quickly my feet take
Me nowhere that could be as
Faraway from you...

Duty, Love, Honor
Mean more to me than you
Could ever understand.

Love more so than the others,
Maybe I'm a bit crazy but that
Is the cause of my love.

Just a little further
And I will be there away from
You but closer to you.

Stand beside me in my dream,
I will close my eyes once more to be
Closer to you in my dream.

Will you still love me forever?
Understand that honor is driving
Them to commit this deed.

My duty is to you,
Their duty is to the shogun,
Mine is strongest by chance.

You lay asleep inside
While my feet take me away from this,
Your dream like peace and love.

Does this mean I will
Never see or feel that loving
Nature you gave me?

I'll walk to my fate,
So go and love me no more,
It will bring only harm

I'm faraway,
Deeply in love so do
Not cry for us...

Walk away from me love so I won't hurt anymore.

AN: I think the first part of this is stupid, I like the second half better. Also, if this isn't poetry then I don't know what poetry is. This is just something that popped into my head, it's based off of the OVA where Tomoe dies.