The moon shone an eery light on the industrial road. Warehouse after warehouse lined the wide street, but only one showed any signs of life. A dull orange glow as from a gas lamp illuminated the street as a dark figure opened the forbidding door.

"Yo, 'Jimmy!'" Most people, upon entering such a building, would be scared to be heard. Not Shego — she'd kill anyone who even suggested she was scared, and she supposed that she'd find here exactly what she'd been told. That and she could handle any crazed psychopath who might have thrown the knife she'd just caught.

"Oh, it's you. Calling me Jimmy, I–"

"Thought I was Betty? Didn't you kill her not long ago?" Shego turned to face the man, watching him as he walked towards her.

"Yeah, yeah, I did. It's just–"

"You wish you hadn't?" She took note of the surprised look on Len's face. "Yeah, we saw that, too. Anything else you feel like sharing?"

"Are you ready to die?"

Shego flared her hands. "Come again?"

"I guess I'm not sharing, then." He leaned back a little, and then blurred.

About 5 feet away from where she had been standing, Shego used the momentum from her slide to push herself up onto one knee before stopping with her other foot. "So, that's how you want to play?" she growled, unfolding to a less floor-bound pose.

"Play?" Len chuckled. "I tired of playing a long time ago." He narrowed his eyes and dropped the cheerful tone as Shego ignited her hands again. "Just try to consider what you're actually dealing with here," the man continued, sighing as Shego threw a green burning ball at him. "You know, I could always find someone else to do this — it just seems a waste to have to actually kill you."

"Huh?" Shego watched her bundle of charged ions continue through the space Len had occupied a moment before.

"Thought you'd have learned that one by now," Len stated thoughtfully from behind her.

"No, I mean 'What in Hell are you talking about?'"

"Ah." Len placed a hand on the green girl's shoulder. "Allow me to explain…."

A storm gripped the Possibles' lounge room. Josh sulked in the corner, and Ron didn't try to make it any better from his seat on the remaining couch. Kim didn't really blame Ron — he had tried, but Josh had effectively said 'Fuck you, Ron' in more complicated language. The redhead figured that if she hadn't been in the room at the time, he would have said those exact words.

"Josh, we did not sleep together," she said, for the third time that morning, "and besides, you told him you'd take my shift. Perhaps if you'd slept a little longer where you were supposed to, I could have arranged things so that Ron didn't wake up that close to my… chest."

"What, you're blaming me for this now?" the bleached juvenile almost screamed. He was still angry, despite the best efforts of the other two occupants of the room.

"You're the only one who seems to think there's a problem!" Kim did scream, raising her hands to the heavens and turning away from the boy again.

At that point, the door bell rang. "Thank you, Wade," Ron quietly exclaimed, standing up to answer the door.

The blond was surprised to say the least when outside the front door, nothing said "Hey, Ron."

"Wade? Where are you?" Ron looked around worriedly.

"I'm in the hall. You can close the front door now."

"I see you, 'invisiboy,'" Kim said accusingly from the lounge room.

"Where?" asked Ron and Josh together.

"See where the air is shimmering slightly in a Wade shape?" explained the redhead, "He's right there!" She walked up to Wade and tapped him on the head.

"Ow! I guess I need to work some more on this then."

"That depends. Do you plan on me using it, or yourself to sneak around?" Kim folded her arms.

"Kim!" exclaimed the boy in a shocked tone, "What on earth would I want to use it for?"

The redhead nodded. The boy may have been a super-genius, but his reclusiveness made him somewhat naïve. "Well, I'm a lot better at hiding than you without any kind of invisibility device — I doubt anyone will be able to see me with it." A certain sidekick shot her a look. "Ron's pretty good at hiding, too," she added.

Wade flickered into vision with his hand wrapped around his wrist. "You might recognise this," he surmised, 'unclipping' a polished steel band.

"Centurion?" asked Kim, folding her arms as the band expanded into its dormant mode. Wade easily flipped it over his hand and held it out for the girl.

"Maybe in a past life," he remarked. "No, this baby is about the fourth generation of my own little project — based on Centurion, but with slightly more sophisticated nanotechnology and much better features. On top of that, the metal compound that it forms is so tough that you could punch through a wall made out of Vibronic Adamantium!"

"Watch out, Captain America!" Ron commented, almost drooling.

"'Vibronic Adamantium?' 'Captain America?' Am I missing something here?" asked Kim as she took the band from Wade's outstretched palm.

"Duh, KP!" Ron exclaimed, "Captain America's only the coolest super-hero with an Adamantium shield! Not even Wolverine could cut through it!"

"I've heard of Wolverine," said Kim dryly, "He was in that movie…."

"X-Men," Wade sighed. "It's a comic, by Marvel. Captain America is one of the Avengers, another comic. Adamantium is an indestructible metal that was constructed by a Canadian scientist, and bonded to Wolverine's skeleton and claws" – at this point Kim rolled her eyes and glanced at Josh, who just shrugged – "Vibronic Adamantium, which actually came first with unreproduceable results, is a stronger metal, the only existing sample of which makes Captain America's shield."

"So, it's stronger than some fictional metal?" sardoned Kim, after a brief pause that indicated the just proven nerd to be finished, "Great. So is it heavy?" The redhead flipped that band into the air and caught it around her wrist. As she expected, it tightened around her arm. What she didn't expect was for it to apparently integrate itself into her skin.

"No," replied Wade, "normally the armour is only about 10 atoms thick, and sub-molecular neuro-electronics can thicken the armour at any time where you need it."

"Neuro-electronics? This isn't going to interfere with my nervous system is it?" asked Kim worriedly. "and 10 atoms sounds pretty flimsy."

Wade grinned. "It's strong enough, believe me — the thickness only needs to be doubled to withstand a nuclear blast the size of Hiroshima. As for CNS interference — well, that's the beauty of it. Biometric sensing is in the past, this works via a direct extension of your nervous system. This particular one I pre-programmed to respond best to your brainwave patterns as well."

"Somehow that doesn't sound very reassuring. This particular one?"

"There's one in the works for Ron as well," explained the boy, "I'd have brought it, too, but soft coding electro-chemical reactions to Ron's brainwave patterns is proving to be quite entertaining."

"Okay, I'm confused," exclaimed Ron in his trademark fashion.

"And that's why," Wade continued, Ron growling at him.

"So how do I work it?"Kim asked, suppressing a laugh.

"Just think about growing a second skin. It's just like Centurion in that regard, but you have more conscious control over it."

Kim frowned, and concentrated hard on the task of growing armour. It was proving to be a futile expense of effort very fast. "It's not working," she said, shaking her head, and relaxed — an action that caused a fluid reaction on the surface of her skin, and almost instantly she was covered in a steely armour.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Ron, "That is badical!"

The second skin had a seamless surface that cascaded in a fluid motion where she moved. Kim tested it a couple of times by punching her abdomen. She then pulled the Beretta from a pocket and shot herself in the foot. The armour held better than the bullet, which flattened on the surface and slid off. Kim pocketed the gun again.

"Sweet," said Josh, walking up to her. He took Kim's hand, making her blush — and she disappeared. Josh fainted right there.

"KP!" Ron yelled, grabbing at her vanished image.

"What?!" asked Kim, reappearing.

"Ah, you still have that problem?" Wade asked. "That might cause difficulty on dates."

"What problem?!"

"Your blush reaction is, for you, very closely tied to the wish to disappear, I guess," explained Garçon Genié. "The armour reacts to that."

"Ah," Kim responded, glancing at Josh's prone figure. "That's a nice trick." She then looked questioningly at Wade. "How does this help with my hand?"

Wade smirked. "You work it out," he replied.

Kim closed her eyes and thought for a moment. When she opened them again, steel threads were knitting themselves into a hollow and remarkably hand-shaped glove, criss-crossed with reinforcing struts. Within a second she had a fully-formed steel hand, and she could feel more threads under the armour growing into a muscle-like structure she could control easily. She flexed the new hand.

"You, Wade," she said very pointedly, "most definitely rock."

"Don't say that yet," he replied, "it gets better."

Working on a hunch, Kim concentrated on a feeling she could remember from a previous mission. She pushed Ron lightly in the sternum, and smiled as he fell backwards a little then looked to her to be stopped in an unbalanceable pose. The redhead walked around behind her friend, and then allowed time to catch up with her, and Ron fell backwards into her arms.

"I guess I don't have to tell you, then," Wade surmised.

"That was mean," complained Ron.

Kim laughed. "I stand by my statement, Wade."

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