Title: Reach For Me

Author: NT aka Aku-chan

Pairing(s): Yuki/Kyou, ?/Kyou, and Hatori/Shigure randomly and maybe others like Haru/Momiji or something

Summary: Yuki can't handle anymore of the insults and all the rejection since he first started dating Kyou, leaving the ginger neko colder and more closed to the world than he was before. Maybe another Sohma will be able to help him. And how will Yuki react to the new bond?

Warning(s)/Heaven: Yaoi AND ONLY YAOI! NO HET OR YURI! Angst, dark themes

Disclaimer: Trust me, if I owned Fruits Basket, it will be ALL YAOI! Makes you want to just give me it now, doesn't it?

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Prologue: Blame Me For Your Lies


"It was a mistake. I'm sorry. I... shouldn't have said yes..." His violet locks blanketed his eyes in a shadow, as the two slim figures stood outside of the school, the sun still high in the sky, though slowing dimming out by the oncoming clouds.

The breeze, though slightly chilly giving sign to the autumn season, didn't faze the two in the least, as the tension around gave the air an almost suffocating feel. The tan hands clenched into fists tightly, giving the skin a pale glow as blood slowly formed from the restraint their owner was putting on it.

It was a matter of pride.

"No..." His voice didn't waver in the slightest, sounding hollow and miles away from the other. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen. "It's my mistake..."

'Blame me... always the fool. The one to be tricked. It'll never end, will it?' His mind calmly asked bitterly, already realizing the answer.

"My mistake for thinking that you actually meant the words you said..." The other winced, hearing clearly the edge of venom, as if the neko were trying to slice through him with a blade known as his words.


"Stop already!!" His voice yelled, on the edge of hysterics. "Stop..." Kyou kept his head lowered, not wanting the nezumi have the pleasure of seeing his tears. Small fragile drops fell to the ground, as the taller one watched, his ears expecting to hear a small sound when they hit the concrete sidewalk.

Kyou clenched his scarlet eyes shut, feeling the tears slowly form a line down his cheeks and drip off his chin. Yuki felt the pain burn in his chest, his instinct telling him to just embrace the neko and pretend this never happened.

'But... I have to.' The stubborn part of his mind kept him from comforting his koi. Repeating the same thing over in a sequence that would never cease to end.

"Kyou, we can still... we can still be friends." His lips tried to form a semblance of a smile and his eyes tried to lighten into what he hoped would seem reassuring. But neither went his way, and his own heart wrenched as Kyou took a step back from him, as if wanting to walk away from Yuki's life completely.

"Yuki... you're a liar..." And he couldn't take it. He couldn't handle the reality of it all. So he did what his instincts told him to. He ran.

The clouds darkened as if in mockery of the fleeing neko, his heart pounding as the thunder overhead. He wasn't going to let it happen. He wasn't going to have himself fall. Not again. And he began the process of isolating himself from the world. He didn't need it. He didn't need Yuki.

'Kuso nezumi... You're a liar!!!!' His thoughts screamed, fleeing with his legs as the rain poured heavily on his tan skin, his heart crumbling with the hurried flow of water against his body.

The trees past by in a blur, none of him focusing on where he was going, just that he needed to leave. He couldn't return to Shigure's house, knowing that was where Yuki was heading, so he fled into the woods, the home to filth like himself.

Not watching his footing, the rain allowed him to fall straight to the mud- stained ground, his hands and knees keeping his face from drowning himself in the heavy downpour. "I don't need him..." He whispered, convincing himself that he was not crying that it was merely the rain. "I don't need you, Yuki... I don't need you!!!!!"

And he leaned against a tree, the cold bark painful on his sensitive skin. He closed his eyes, stopping the tears- no it was only the rain. His drenched hair, their ginger color dulled by the water, stuck to his skin, but he didn't bother to move it. He curled in on himself, hugging his legs, as his sobs were suppressed when he knew that this would probably be the only comfort he would be granted.

"I'm the liar now... I need you, Yuki..." His voice, lost of all their hope and defiant nature, was left vulnerable and broken. "I'm a worthless baka neko..."


To Be Continued...


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