Title: Reach For Me

Author: NT aka Aku-chan

Pairing(s): Yuki/Kyou, Ayame/Kyou

Warning(s): Yaoi AND ONLY YAOI! NO HET OR YURI! Angst, dark themes

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Chapter Three: Sweet Memories, Sweeter Present

It was innocent enough. It seemed like almost nothing, well, he knew it was definitely not nothing, but that didn't mean he wanted to think on it more than he had to. Sure, it wasn't something that happened often nor was it ordinary or remotely close to what he imagined possible in his life. But denial wasn't the road he was about to take, so he simply accepted the unacceptable.

"Y-Yuki..." Kyou moaned out, as the nezumi's hand tangled in his hair and lips drifted dangerously close to his own. He felt a hand slip beneath his shirt, roaming indecently across his skin, causing the muscles to tighten and shiver.

It was odd, to say the least. Kyou had no idea how it came to this, but one minute Yuki is close to falling into unconsciousness, and the next thing, Kyou finds himself straddled by the nezumi and being practically molested by said cousin.

"Kyou." Yuki whispered between kisses, as he induced more friction between the two. "I... heard you... last night..."

Kyou froze beneath the nezumi, gathering the words whispered hotly against his ear. Had he heard right? Maybe he was hallucinating. I mean, what sane person can think with such a delicious body on top, doing equivalently delicious things with his tongue? Then again... maybe he wasn't imagining the words the nezumi spoke, but this entirely impossible situation he was in. Kyou sighed, cursing his overly active imagination and waited out the rest of the "fantasy" he named.

"And what... of it?" Kyou asked, between his moans, as he bit onto his finger to stop from the purr that desperately wanted to slip from his lips.

"Do you remember what you said?" Yuki asked, lighting nipping on the neko's earlobe. Receiving a swift shake of the head and a purr from the boy beneath him, Yuki smirked and continued. "You were moaning out my name so sensually, while you were touching yourself. I could remember the way your face flustered like it is now. You looked so delicious, caught up in a dream about me it seems. You whimpered, and I could tell that you wanted more, but I didn't give you more. And then you whispered something I'll never forget."

The nezumi leaned in closer, pressing his entire body against Kyou's, savoring each piece of flesh that touched. He relaxed every muscle, the only resistance of his body from gravity being Kyou's own.

"W-what... did I... s-say...?" Kyou managed to breathe out, as Yuki grinded his hips, thrusting his groin against Kyou's to prove to him this wasn't a dream.

"You said 'Touch me, Yuki'." Maybe it was the rush from the words or maybe it could have simply been the exhilaration through his veins whenever the other touched him in such sinful ways. Whatever the reason may be, Kyou let the nezumi have every part of him, giving away his pride so easily for this moment.

"Say it." A touch here and a kiss there. It had started out innocent. They were all accidental, they would say. It wouldn't go any farther, both would deny. Because no matter how accidental or how suppressed, it would still remain the same.

"Say it, Kyou." It was wrong. They were both male, cousins even. But they were so much farther apart than cousins. If you asked one of them before, the answer would be so plainly obvious. Never. They neither considered each other family because once they did, it would be even more wrong than when it had began. It had started out so innocent, too.

"Say it for me, Kyou." And it was time for them to live up to their so-called sins and take the chance. Because the next time it would arise may be never. And if you asked them now, they would answer 'Never'.

"T-touch me... Yuki..." It was never supposed to happen, but they would never return it and pretend it never did. It would never be forgiven, never to be traded, and never to be lived down. It would never be betrayed and never be lost. Well, at least that is what he had concluded. "Touch me, Yuki."

"Hai..." It would never be forgotten. That, he could trust. If anything in this world, he could trust his memory. Well, only to a point. But for now, it would be good enough for him. He would settle for anything because when you live a life where you are neither good enough nor care enough, everything to you is in black and white.

"Yu... ki... Yuki... Yuki!" He would never forget, but now he wonders.

"Yuki?" Is this okay?

"Hai?" Is he happy with this?

"Aishiteru, Yuki..." Is he content with what is left?

"...Oyasumi, Kyou." Is it okay to want... more?

"...Oyasumi." He understands.


"Gomen, Kyou. I know that's not what you need right now. Just... just forget it." The hebi grinned sheepishly, as he cleared the table from the half-eaten breakfast. Kyou nodded dumbly, walking up to help with the dishes. Ayame smiled, and continued to wonder how Kyou became so subdued, yet emotionally stressed. 'It has to be due to Yuki. Something happened... I wonder what.'

"Ne, Kyonkichi, want to head out for a bit?" Kyou glanced upwards at the taller man, one perfectly arched eyebrow. Shrugging he mumbled an 'okay' before drying off the dish in his hand. Ayame sighed, knowing Kyou read his words for what they really were, which was the only reason he agreed.

'Want to take your mind off of Yuki?'


"Where are we going?" Kyou absentmindedly asked, playing with a leaf that had fallen on his head while he waited patiently outside of the door for Ayame to join him. Autumn was always his favorite season, even though it was a rather depressing one, but it was for that reason he loved it. It calmed his soul and left him pensive. But then he could clearly remember the times when it was only him and Yuki. Walking through the rain of falling leaves, he was so graceful and beautiful with that smile saved for him. It seemed so real, he wanted to reach out and touch it, but Yuki was only one step ahead, just out of his reach.

"Try and catch me, Kyou!" He would call and it shattered everything within Kyou.

Becase he never did manage to catch him.

"Kyonkichi? Kyon-Kyon? Kyou!" Ayame waved frantically in front of Kyou's blank face, trying to snap the neko out of his reverie.

"Huh?" Kyou blinked, then stared curiously at the hebi.

"Are you okay?" Ayame glanced at the leaf the sun-kissed haired boy spun between his fingers. Cute, he thought at the innocence Kyou radiated even without trying. It was just a quality of Kyou that would always remain no matter what. Even in his blunt anger, Kyou was still innocent and naïve – a fact that the Ayame cherished.

"Hai. I'm fine." Kyou replied softly, letting the leaf touch his lips gentle, the scent of autumn filling him. "I'm fine..."

Gently clasping his hand in Kyou's, Ayame looked away from the startled face, knowing full well that it would be flustered from the action. But surprisingly, the neko did not pull away from the contact, which caused the hebi's heart to warm.

"Well, we're here!" Ayame announced happily, as they stood before the mall.

"Why are we here?" Curiosity spurred in his scarlet eyes, as he glanced around to see the slow-paced day of a lazy Autumn Sunday.

"To shop, of course! What else do you do at a mall?" Ayame's sun-kissed eyes gleamed happily, as he continued to drag the neko into the large three-floor building. If he had looked back then, he would have swore that his younger cousin wanted to cry.

It seemed to be that everything brought memories of the nezumi for him. Maybe he had fell entirely to the point of obsession.

"What else do you do at a mall?"

He smiled sadly, remembering the times Yuki and him spent at the mall. More than half of those times were spent with playful touches and stealing kisses from one another. Although it was definitely not the best place to have chosen for quite a few of their meetings, it was better than home.

'Yeah, better than home.' Kyou clutched tightly to Ayame's hand, the hebi sending a questioning look to the other, but he understood and continued walking. The two Souma's remained silent, as the neko never let go of the other's hand. It felt safe to him. Better.

Staring up at the hebi, he noticed for the first time how tall he was and even if his frame looked fragile, he did have an outline of muscle. He smiled slightly, glad to know that even as his brother, Ayame looked nothing like Yuki.

"Because, my koneko, I love you."

It was definitely unexpected. He was sure the man would be confessing a love like that to Hatori or to that stupid inu. But to him, that was the last person he would have suspected. And he considered it. Ayame... loved him... it was sinking in his mind. Ayame loved him. Ayame, even knowing about Kyou and the true side of the cat, loved him. And that love wasn't like Tohru's sympathy or Otousan's guilt. It wasn't like Okaasan's false one because Ayame had no real reason to be nice to him. Ayame didn't take in strays out of pity, and he had no guilt for him, and... he didn't give him sweet lies and even sweeter promises like...

Okaasan had. Like Yuki had.

Ayame... wasn't like Yuki. They may be brothers, but when you take away the blood, they are nothing alike.

"...Yuki..." Kyou mumbled out in his thoughts, as Ayame look startled by the single word breaking the silence between the two. He smiled sadly, wondering if Yuki was the only one Kyou thought of now and could think of. They all knew how much Yuki meant to Kyou, but... how much did Kyou mean to Yuki?

Sweeping away those thoughts that would only lead to anger, Ayame abruptly stopped in front of a store, sending Kyou crashing into him. Clinging to the older man to stop his fall, Kyou ended up digging his face into Ayame's back.

"Hehe, if you wanted someone to hug, you could've just asked." The hebi smiled at the blush spreading across the neko's tan cheeks. "C'mon! Let's go find Kyonkichi some clothes!"

Dragging the still flustered Kyou, Ayame easily found his place in the store, looking at various clothes that would suit his kitty. Kyou, on the other hand, was confused in all the colors and racks and decided to just follow after a bouncing Ayame. Watching the hebi, Kyou realized how exciting Ayame got with clothes, as he squealed every now and then about a shirt or pants. It was... cute. Kyou looked away, trying to dispel the redness that decided to sweep once more over his face.

After a half hour of shopping in that single store, Kyou had been forced to the changing rooms with piles of clothes thrown at him and a single "Ganbatte!" was thrown from an overly eager Ayame. Kyou sighed, but smiled all the same. It wasn't so bad being around the hebi. Looking down at the pile of clothes, he sweatdropped, clenching his fists tightly. Scratch the last comment before, being around the hebi was unhealthy. Resigning to his fate, Kyou slipped on the first outfit he saw.

Outfit after outfit, Ayame squealed out a 'kawaii!' or 'If I didn't know better, I'd say that outfit was made for you', while Kyou would yell back a 'stop that!' or 'I look like a whore!' That last comment left Ayame thinking suggestive thoughts and sharing said thoughts with Kyou, who blushed madly.

At the end of the shopping spree, Kyou finally agreed on some of Ayame's 'favorites' as long as he was allowed some decent clothes. Ayame paid the cashier happily, leaving behind an angry employee who had the task of putting away the massive pile of clothes that the two hadn't bought.

Leaving the mall, the two headed back home, Ayame chattering about what he would cook for dinner, as Kyou followed content behind. Upon arriving home – Kyou noted how easily he called Ayame's place home – the porch was occupied by a few guests.

"Kyou!" Tohru cried happily, as she was about to glomp the neko, but stopped when Kyou backed away, saying he didn't want to turn into a cat. "Oh, hehe, right."

"Kyon-Kyon, where have you been? Tohru has been worried about you!" The inu whined, as he wrapped his arms around his younger cousin, who cried out 'let go!'. Ayame smiled, as he dragged the bags of clothes into the house, asking if they wished to stay for dinner. The duo nodded, and they were all about to enter the home, if not for a presence appearing.

"Stupid baka neko, worrying Tohru like that." A familiar voice said from behind, causing Kyou to freeze and the rest to look.

"I thought you had plans tonight, Yuki." Shigure blinked curiously at his younger cousin, not realizing Kyou had slipped away and backed as far away as possible, which ended up being where Ayame stood.

"Iie, they were cancelled." Yuki said flatly, eyeing the neko, who held back a whimper and looked away.

"Would you like me to help with that dinner, Ayame?" Tohru asked brightly, not noticing the tension in the air.

"Iie, I'll just have Kyou help me! After all, he's living here now." Ayame smiled easily at the shocked expressions of everyone, including Kyou.

"WAAHH! You stole my kitty away, Ayame!" Shigure said with faked tears, but he smiled, nodding at the flame-haired boy. "You can gather your things tomorrow, Kyou."

"Hontou ni...?" Two scarlet eyes stared hopefully up into gold-stained ones, as a quick nod and a soft 'hai' was suited for the answer.

"At least now my house will survive." Shigure laughed lightly, unbeknownst to the narrowed eyes coming from behind him, directly solely at the now two residents of the home.

In the kitchen, Ayame and Kyou silently worked on dinner, the hebi glancing down at the other a few times. Kyou seemed okay for the most part, and maybe having to deal with Yuki now was better than delaying it. But he had to make sure.

"Kyou... are you okay?" Kyou stopped cutting the vegetables, and dropped his head slightly lower.

"I don't know..." He whispered, as Ayame nodded in understanding. "If you can't, just tell me."

Looking up at the older man who resumed mixing the soup, Kyou smiled gently, nodded even if the hebi couldn't see it.

Dinner had remained relatively peaceful, although tensions were still present, mainly between the nezumi and neko who unfortunately had to sit beside one another. Yuki's eyes glanced over at Kyou, enjoying the flinches every time his leg or arm came into contact with him. Even if he was no longer dating the neko, it didn't mean he couldn't still play with him.

Thankfully for Kyou, he excused himself to go to the bathroom. But coincidentally – or not so much – Yuki also excused himself for one reason or another and followed Kyou. The neko sighed, telling himself he could handle the situation, as he lightly splashed water over his face, before he turned to exit, only to be face to face with the one person he didn't wish to see at the moment.

"Kyou..." Yuki smirked as said boy backed away with each step the nezumi took until he was cornered. "Why did you run away to here, Kyou? Couldn't handle seeing me anymore?"

Yuki pushed his body closer to Kyou, as the neko struggled to free himself. Grasping his wrists and pinning them behind him, the nezumi easily overpowered the other. "Did you love me that much?"

Kyou winced at the words, wanting to call for help, but knowing that somehow, he would be blamed or no one would bother. He tried to kick his legs out, but Yuki's own legs had his trapped, his entire pressed against his own.

"Or... is it that you still love me?" Yuki whispered out the words, his breath hot against Kyou's flesh. "Do you want this, Kyou?"

It was like the first time. Yuki forced Kyou to indulge in all the sinful pleasure, leaving him breathless and ashamed at his want and need. His body reacted completely contrary to his thoughts, and it felt like he was falling all over again. He was even when he knew the outcome of it all. But he had promised himself. He had promised to... give Ayame a chance. Because Ayame... loved him. Not like how everyone else 'loved' him.

"No... I don't want this." Kyou whispered back, his eyes in a shadow of his eyes.

"Your body seems to think differently."

"No... no... I don't want this!" Kyou cried out, as his clothes were coming off and tears pricked his eyes. He didn't want this, not again. He couldn't handle being broken again. 'Ayame...'

He was going to give Ayame a chance. But if Yuki... if Yuki did things to him again, he would be dirty again. Ayame... Ayame wouldn't want him.


"Say it, Kyou..."


"Say it for me, Kyou..."


Was he too far gone that he would allow this? He wondered if this was how it was going to be, until Yuki would finally find him boring and leave him again.

"Say it now, Kyou."

"...Touch me..." He was too far gone. "Touch me..."

"Say my name." The moans were more distant to him, his own lips moving in his reflection, but he couldn't hear any of the sounds. But he heard his voice perfectly. "Say my name..."

"Yu... ki..." He was much too far gone. "Yuki.,. Yuki!" He was going to let this happen.

"That's a good boy..." He knew in the end, he was to be broken again. "You're mine, Kyou. Remember that."

He couldn't give him the chance now.

'Gomen... gomen, Ayame...'

To Be Continued...

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