Dragon Queen16 here! Here's a Seto/Serenity poem by me that's, well what do you know, angst! -sarcastically- Betcha weren't expecting that! ; ) It'd be nice to get some feedback on this, so if you'd push that little button down there that says Ôsubmit review' after you read, I'd really appreciate it! Okay, on with the poem!

Cold stone floor
Against my skin
The pain rushes back

I see my life's blood
Streaming away
But the knife stabbed inside of my skin
Is not the cause of my pain

I still hurt from
When you rejected my care
And my heart's still broken
Beyond all repair

So as I lie here
I can't help but be amazed
To see you standing over me
Tears running down your face

As you take my hand
You whisper to me
Words I thought you'd never say:
"I love you, Serenity.

I gasp in shuddering pain
As my life slips away
The knife of my death forgotten
In presence of this dark haze

And as I surrender to my death
I try to speak to you
In my last breaths I say
"Seto, I love you too.

Even as I'm dying I hear
Your cry of helpless angst
I feel the great rain of sadness
Of your tears on my face

But even as I close my eyes
I see you take out the knife
And stab it into your own heart
And take your own life.