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Chapter 14- Happy Endings

The wind blew hard for Achilles' ship to set sail from Thebe. In the middle of an calm, deep blue sea lies the ship, turning away from it's past forever. Achilles sat down in the middle of the ship, bored and heartbroken, in his hands he manage to get one colorful shell, that was lying on the bed of sand back at Thebe. How the shell reminded him back at those happy years where he thought he finally found peace and love. But, he was wrong. With one stroke of the hands from the God's his dream turned to a nightmare, where he would live forever. The women...yes, one woman who changed his life, his very being. 'Briseis' He whispered her name in the cool lonely breeze. She has melted the ice in his heart and made a burning fire, who burns for his desire for her. A desire, that only a man who has been such a fool to fall in love with a girl, can feel. But, he would trade a million of gold's just to see her smile not from the outside but in the inside. Yes, she was happy back at Thebe with her new love. Achilles continuously looks at the shell in his hand portraying the goddess like face of Briseis that he can compare with the colorful shell. So unique, so beautiful 'just like you Briseis' . Achilles mind was so full of wonder that he did not seem to notice his good friend, Odysseus, has sat beside him. Seeing that his friend had some trouble in his face, he decided it was time for him to lift the burden from Achilles shoulder, even though he would manage to lift a little or not there is no harm trying.

"A wonderful shell you have there, old friend! A gift?"

Achilles whose eyes never left the shell answered.

"Nay, not a gift. I found it back at the shore in Thebe. Thought I could take a little remembrance."

Achilles laughed but there seemed to be no twinkle in his eyes, in which Odysseus have seen. His eyes were full of so many negative feelings. Odysseus gave out a small sigh and shifted form his uncomfortable position.

"You know, before I met Penelope I thought woman were just a waste of time and she proved me wrong. I had change ever since then. From a brutal senseless man to a wise man. She has changed me completely. It is a wonder how woman can change as man and yet, us man can never change a woman. A woman's love is the greatest thing but can be the most fearful thing. They can change you, they can make us man fools but most of all they can make your life from a servant to a king. A servant who has nothing to claim, to protect or even to eat. Yes, they can make you feel like a king. Her, you devote your life to protect, she, you can claim for yourself and did I say that woman are the best cook's in the world!"

Both of them laughed. But, Odysseus seized laughing and said in serious voice.

"I would trade all of my kingdom to have Penelope and my son this minute. Would you not do the same Achilles?"

Achilles looked at Odysseus hard. Odysseus clasp Achilles hand, stood up and left Achilles to answer his question. Achilles returned his gaze back at the shell and whispered.

"But, I have no kingdom, no money. I have nothing, I have only my life and I would give it to see you again. But, now I could see that you are happy. Then it is more than enough for me."

He continued to look at the shell when a cloaked person came into view behind him. Then a feminine voice spoke up.

"If you continue to look at that shell then you would see the same color surrounding you."

Achilles gave out an irritating sigh and said.

"Aphrodite. Have you not tire of your sick games on me?"

"So, you still mock the God's?"

"And I will not stop."

"Tell me. Why did you leave her behind?"

"Who? Briseis."

"You know well of whom I am talking about"

"She is happy there."

"How do you know?"

"She is living a life of a queen now. Whom I have taken away from her."

"Do you love her?"

Achilles can not find his word's. The moment he heard that question it seemed his heart was about to blow in to pieces. It took one minute for him to answer.

"Yes. With all my heart I love her, she is the only woman who has changed my disastrous life into a life of a king."

"But even king's lives a life as poor as a beggar."

"Yes, but with love we are richer than any other king's. for we have something that is priceless and can not be bought."

"So, you left her because you love her and that you want to see her happy. But, what if the only way to make her smile was to be the one she love?"

Achilles brows furrowed wondering what the goddess had in mind. But, when he turn he saw more than a goddess for it was her, his only beloved Briseis cloaked in an royal cloak. He's heart had stopped at the very moment. She was there standing in front of him smiling and crying for she was happy to see him. No words can he find to speak at that very moment except her sweet name. At the mention of her name Briseis hugged Achilles and both shared a forgotten kiss. Everyone around them applaud at the happy couple. Odysseus who was in front of the crowd grinned madly.


"Yes Achilles, I know that Briseis was onboard. I would not let anybody board my ship without permission."

Odysseus gave out a laugh and ordered everyone back to their post. The wind was blowing softly, careful to let the sailors sail with it. The wind was playing Briseis, now messy, hair. Both Achilles and Briseis stood for a moment looking at each other. The silence was broke when Achilles finally find his words back.

"Are you leaving everything you have back at thebe? And what of Mynes?"

Brisies just shook her head smiling. Remembering the time when she was back at the shore.


The water was touching Briseis foot, wanting her to join the water. But, Briseis stood there rooted to the sand, looking at the ship that has set sailed. The ship were her love is staying. A gentle tear has escaped Briseis eyes, wetting her dry cheeks. Mynes wiped the tear away from Briseis cheeks, making Briseis to look at Mynes with a sad eyes but she quikly wiped her tear away. Seeing Briseis cry and sad had made Mynes heart torn apart. He could not bare to see her like that. She was like a free bird caged from a ruthless, greedy man. But like they said 'if you love someone let them go.' Mynes knew that it was very hard for him to let Briseis go, but he must.

"Do you love him?"

Briseis was caught off guard when hequestioned her. She wanted to lie, but she just can't find herself to face away from the truth.

"Yes. But, that is in the past."

Briseis managed to give Mynes a smile and started to turn away when Mynes grabbed her arms gently.

"But, you still love him in the present, today and the following days to come."

Briseis looked away from Mynes. How she wanted to tell him that she will love Achilles till her body burns. When she is apart from her loved ones and joined forever with her loved ones in peace and tranquility. But still she can not.

"You must go to him."

Briseis looked at Mynes, her eyes bulging. She was really out guarded this time. But, she manage to say a waord.


Mynes looked at Briseis lovingly and held both of her hands and said.

"I cannot marry someone who's heart cries for someone else. I don't want to cage you with my own greediness. I want you to be free. I know that the only way you can be free is to be with the one you love. Go. There is a boat just for you not to far from here. Go."

Briseis could feel hot tears forming her eyes, but quickly wiped them away and hugged Mynes.

"Thank You! Thank you!"

Mynes gave her a small nod and a smile. Briseis ran to the boat she was told which was not far away from here. Mynes called out to her.

"Briseis! when the world seemed to turn away from you remember that there is still one person who would be facing you, Me."

Briseis smiled at Mynes and told him she will and waved a last goodbye and continued to run.

(end of flashback)

Briseis smiled remembering how Mynes had let her go. She looked back at Achilles and said.

"Let's just say that Mynes decided to have a free bird."

Achilles laughed and so did Briseis. They shared another kiss, this time much sweeter than before. Achilles slowly started to pull out something from his pocket and started to put it on Briseis finger. Briseis, who felt a cold thing that was on her finger broke the kiss and examined the thing, which was a ring. Briseis gaped at the ring looking back at Achilles smiling face and back at the ring.

"Will you bind yourself to me forever?"

Achilles asked Briseis softly and full of love. Briseis gave out a small shrill and jumped on Achilles saying "yes" and that is how both their love, that was broken, had mended and found each other again.

The End.

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