Left in the Darkness

Summary: Sparks fly between Elladan and Elrohir, when Estel is struck

Chapter One
Brotherly worry

The sun shown down on Elrohir's back as he shifted his brother in his arms so that his head was resting on his shoulder so he could have one hand free to rube the big welt on his own forehead.

"Do you need to stop for a while gwador? Ada can wait a little longer for us to show up, he's probably not even watching for us yet," said Elladan looking at his twin.

"No, we need to keep going, we need to get Estel to Ada as fast as possibly, he is starting to worry me, he has never stayed unconscious so long before," said Elrohir looking down at the seventeen year old he held in front of him and than back at his twin.

"That is true, he is worrying me too, but that does not mean you can not take care of yourself, you still have not let me look at your head and your ankle. Remember Estel was not the only one to get hurt in that rock slide," said Elladan looking concernedly at his twin who was doing his best not to show how much pain he was in.

Earlier in the morning the brothers had just broke camp to head to Rivendell, when a sudden rock slide had trapped Estel and Elrohir. It had taken Elladan two long hours to dig them out. He had found them side by side Estel unconscious with his arm at an odd angle and Elrohir Simi- conscious with his ankle twisted almost all the way around holding on to Estel's other arm so he would not get separated from him.

Elladan had wanted to check Elrohir over before moving him, but before he could say anything Elrohir had managed to get on his horse with Estel in front of him and headed for Rivendell, so Elladan had forgotten about it-- until now.

"Will you please stop just for a few moments-just to let me look you over to be sure there was not too much harm done," Elladan said his concern growing.

"Elladan I am not the one who is unconscious?" Said Elrohir a little more sharp then intended.

"You are right Elrohir, we must get Estel to Ada as fast as possible no time to stop for a five minute check," said Elladan adding some sarcasm to the end of the sentence.

"Alright I'm sorry Elladan, I did not mean to snap at you, I promise as soon as we get home and put Estel into Ada's hands, I will let you look me over," said Elrohir wincing as he touched his forehead.

"Sure you will, and Legolas will have brown hair next time we see him," said Elladan looking with knowing eyes at his twin.

"No really I will under one condition," said Elrohir looking keenly at his twin.

I knew it, what's the condition," said Elladan looking at his brother with the "I knew it" look.

"You do not tell Ada that I too was in the rock slide until Estel is taken care of, deal," said Elrohir looking at Elladan with pleading eyes.

"Only if I know that its not serious and can wait then yes I promise." Said Elladan.

"Thank you Elladan, please believe me for the moment that I am fine," said Elrohir.

They continued on, for it was anther five hour ride to Rivendell.


Ada=dad, daddy


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