Left in the Darkness

Chapter nine

A twin bond

Elrohir sat up with a jerk sending a new wave of pain through his head.

He had not meant to fall asleep, he had just stopped to start a fire to try and warm up Estel, his shivering had grown, and Elrohir knew that he had to get him warmed up, so he had stopped along the side of the road started the fire then without knowing it had fallen asleep.

How much time had past Elrohir did not know the sun was at midpoint in the sky, so Elrohir guessed that he had been asleep for most of the morning for it was now nearly noon.

Elrohir sat up rubbed his head and ankle gingerly, and then crawled over to his younger brother.

"Estel, how are you doing now?" Elrohir asked himself as he felt his brother's forehead.

"Oh Estel, you are still burning up," Elrohir said as he felt the heat that was coming from his brother's body.

Elrohir moved Estel's head over again, this time the black spots on the gash had grown, the infection was getting worse.

"Now what do I do, oh Elladan I wish you were here, I don't know what to do, Estel is getting worse, I can barely walk, if you were here I know you would know what to do," Elrohir said to himself as he put out the fire.

He told Elladan's horse to lie down; slowly the horse did what he was told. As soon as the horse was on the ground Elrohir, staying on his knees got Estel under his arms and pulled him onto the horse, and then he got up behind him.

"Let's go boy," Elrohir whispered into the horse's ear.

The horse took off at a slow run, Elrohir pulled Estel up so his head was on his shoulder then he dozed. About a half hour later, how much time had really past Elrohir did not know, he opened his eye to a dull pain in his chest, he looked down but there was no wound, then he felt a pain in his shoulder, then his back, he looked again no wound.

Elrohir shivered for he knew what it was, Elladan was hurt.


Sorry I know it's short, I will try to make it longer next time, there is only so much a person can write when they have writers block.