Never Stop

Chapter 38


The council was gathered once again. All the hooded figures sat in rows one right over the other stadium style focusing on Kyros who was seated directly in the front. He sat up in his chair as a messenger walked slowly into the room.

"I have a message from Ethan" he said importantly as he raised his hand and the note floated to Kyros. He picked the note out of the air and quickly unfolded the magical paper. He said a quick spell and the words began to form on the paper. The meeting hall was dead silent as Kyros read Ethan's note. The hooded figures sat motionlessly as they listened in shock and disappointment.

"At least the Li boy was saved. Someone must continue to lead this council." said a deep voice from the back corner.

"He's right" said a woman in the back. She stood up pushing her hood back. Her long blonde hair fell softly over her shoulders."We need to get him home or else we will have a bigger problem."

"Well well Angelica" Kyros said eyeing the blond girl. "You finally decide to speak up.

"You know that it is my family's job to make sure this council stays running with the proper leader. I don't want to have another big battle over our leader."

"That won't happen." Kyros said as he turned and looked forward as Eriol was entering the arena.

"Good you decided to come." he said as Eriol approached him from below on the cement training ground.

"What happened" he said eyeing everyone. He looked up at Angelica. "Long time" he said with a smile.

She blushed lightly "Yes-yes it has"

"The Card Mistress was killed in battle."

"What!" he said shock apparent on his face. "Why didn't Kiki heal her?"

"Well it seems that Kiki used all her energy as well as Justin and Ethan's to save Syaoran before he bleed to death after being stabbed in the chest by his own sword. Here read it for yourself." Kyros said as he handed Eriol the letter and he scanned it carefully.

"So how are we going to get them back?" Angelica cut in while Eriol read the letter.

"We have to send some people who can teleport them back here safely." Yelen spoke softly.

"No this can't be right." Eriol said as he shook his head disbelievingly he handed the letter back to Kyros.

"We'll go" said four of the elders in the middle. The pushed there hoods back reveling there rainbow colored hair and within seconds they poofed from in the back of the hall to right beside Eriol in the middle of the training grounds. "I'm Michael" said the tallest of the elders. He looked about 20 and had bright green hair that matched his eyes. "And the girl with the pink pony tail is Megan"

"Hi" she said with a bow.

"And this is Lilly" Michael said as he pointed to the girl with bright yellow hair. She waived lightly.

"And I'm Kevin." Said a boy with blue hair

Are you sure that you can do this?" Eriol asked eyeing the four of them.

"Of course" Michael said with a confident smile.

"Well then make your way to the door. Once we get into the other world you can teleport right to them."

"Okay" they said in unison as they turned and headed for the door.

"And where do you think you're going?" Kyros said as Eriol turned to leave with them.

"I must go and retrieve the cards before they are set free again." Eriol said as he turned and continued out. "Oh and one more thing." he said turning back to him. "I am not a part of this clan I do not have to listen to you or follow your instruction. You'd be smart to watch your tone with me" he gave Angelica a classic smile and left Kyros with a look of shock and embarrassment.

"We have to get the book and leave we have to return home now we are in no condition to stay here right now." Ethan said touching Syoaran's shoulder. He was leaned over Sakura's body is head buried in her stomach trying to stop the tears.

"He's right man we gotta go." Justin said pulling Meilin up of the floor. She reluctantly let go of Sakura's cold lifeless hand tears still streaming down her face.

"Syaoran" She whimpered as she looked at her cousin who was still unmoving.

"I can't go with you" he said finally looking up at them.

"What?... You have to" Meilin said giving him a confused look.

"I can't leave her" he said picking up her hand.

"Syaoran she's gone" Kiki sad lightly. "You have to get back you're the next clan leader. A lot is depending on you."

"I don't care about any of that anymore."

"Syaoran please" Meilin said as she tried to pull him away from her. He pushed her away.

"No I'm not going." he said forcefully.

"Well that's just fine." They turned around to see Hyros and his two sorcerers at the door way."You'll be easier to kill if you don't run." Leon and the old sorcerer lifted their hands and started to chant a spell. There was a bright spark and then five figures appeared between them.

The sorcerers stopped there spell as Hydros asked "And who are you?"

"Your worst nightmare!" Eriol exclaimed as he lifted his staff. The ground below then began to shake then a wall shot out of the ground creating a barrier between them and Hydros who was yelling from the other side. Eriol turned to the others suddenly moving toward Sakura's beaten body. He stood above her his eyes heavy.

"Michael you know what to do." Eriol said softly as he continued to stare at Sakura. Michael, Lilly, Kevin, and Megan moved into a circle around Justin, Kiki, Ethan and Meilin. They joined hands letting their energy form all around them

"Wait the book" Ethan yelled and with a flash they all were gone. Eriol looked at Syaoran with sad eyes. "I'm so sorry" He said as he placed one hand over Sakura. The Sakura cards shot out of her pocket at once and gathered into a stack in his hands. He flipped through the cards counting them. "Some are missing" he said looking up to Syaoran questioning him. All he could do was shake his head. There was a huge crash as Eriol's wall was came crashing to the ground. They both turned their heads to Hydros and his Sorcerers once again. "Nice try but I've got something better" Leon said as he sent a wave of fire toward them. Eriol grabbed Syoaran's arm and with a poof they were gone.

Hydros gave an evil laugh. "We won" He looked over to the book that was completely unharmed in the corner. "Now we will be unstoppable." he said as he left the tower. Leon and the sorcerer gave a evil smirk as they followed close behind. Not noticing that Sakura's body had vanished as well.

Eriol and Syaoran appeared in front of the portal to their world where everyone else was waiting.

"Oh my gosh you made it" Meilin exclaimed as she ran toward them. Syaoran looked around

"You left her body" Syaoran yelled as he pushed Eriol back.

"You know I can only transport one person at a time." he said calmly.

"You have to go back and get her." Syaoran ordered.

"I can't do that" he said softly

"And why the hell not?"

"She's gone if I go back we all run the risk of having the same fate as her and you know she wouldn't want that for any of us." he ran his hand through his hair. "We are leaving right now." He said forcefully as he pushed him toward the door.

"Get off me." Syaoran said as he pushed back. Eriol shook his head.

"I know you are hurting but you need a doctor there is nothing else we can do so just go. I don't want to make you."

Syaoran charged at him trying to tackle him to the ground. "You left you should have stayed" Syaoran yelled at Eriol threw him to the ground. "You could have been there she would have lived." he said darkly as he jumped up and charged at him again. This time he dodged him and quickly grabbed him restraining him.

"Your right I should have been there" Eriol said as he struggled to hold Syaoran "But I wasn't" Eriol said his voice cracking as he tried to fight back the tears. "I'm sorry" he said and Syaoran stopped struggling and pushed away from him.

"She's dead" he said running his hands through his hair fresh tears streaming down his face.

"I know" Eriol said putting his arm around his friend as they walked back into their dimension.

"You're back." Tomoyo squealed as everyone came through the portal. She smiled happy to see her friends she examined everybody's tear streaked faces and noticed one missing. "Where is Sakura?" She asked the smile disappearing from her face. She looked instantly to Syaoran. "Where is she?" She said as she pushed him into the wall. He shook his head as fresh tears fell from his eyes.

"I'm so sorry Tomoyo." he said trying to keep his composure. She looked around the room everyone's face was grief stricken.

"No, no" she yelled punching Syaoran in his chest. "Don't do this to me. Syaoran tell me this is a joke." She said hysterically he grabbed her pulling her into him.

"She's gone" he whimpered as he tried to hug her.

"No, no she can't be" she said fighting against his hold. He struggled to keep her from getting away from his hold.

"Tomoyo" he all but whispered. As she finally stopped and looked into his tear filled eyes. She could see everything in his eyes in that split second she knew how he felt and understood that it was too late. She felt something hot dripping down her face.

"Syaoran" she whispered as she let go of everything she let out a soft cry as Syaoran pulled her to his chest. "She's can't be gone" was all she kept repeating as she sobbed. Syaoran held her close as his sobs mixed with hers. She knew that he was the only one in the room who felt exactly like she did in that moment.

"I loved her so much." Syaoran cried as he held her tighter. Meilin moved to the two of them and quickly threw her arms around Syaoran her cheek was pressed to his back as her own tears fell.

"It's okay Syaoran we're going to make it through." Meilin said softly. Tomoyo began taking deep breaths as she pulled away shaking.

"I can't breathe" she said as she stared to hyperventilate. Eriol was at her side in an instant.

"You have to calm down." he said putting his arms out to her.

"No this can't be true" Tomoyo said as she fell into Eriol's arms tears flowing freely from her eyes. "She can't be gone." He rubbed her back soothingly trying to shush her.

"Ahh" Syaoran yelled as he punched the wall with all his strength. He yelled as he picked up the chair and launched it across the room.

Kiki screamed. "Syaoran Stop!" she said grabbing his arm he flung her away pushing her to the floor with a thud.

"Get away from me he yelled" his eyes were dark and erratic. "YOU SHOULD HAVE LET ME DIE" He yelled at her as he began shaking heavily his aura surrounded him.

"I couldn't…." Kiki choked out. "I could have never sat there and watch you… BLEED TO DEATH" She screamed. A heavy wind picked up knocking everyone off their feet. Kiki struggled to sit up. "YOU WILL NOT BLAME ME FOR THIS" She screamed tears flowing from her eyes. Syaoran eyes went blank and his body was surrounded by fire and lightning.

"What's happening?" Tomoyo yelled at Eriol.

"I don't know." he said holding Tomoyo close.

Syaoran's sisters came running into the living area after hearing all the commotion. "Syaoran" they yelled in unison as they looked at their brother. "Mother" they yelled "Mother"

Yelen was still at council with the others when she heard her daughters calling out to her. She jumped up.

"What's wrong?" Kyros asked

"Something is happening." She said as she pulled out her fan. She ran out of the council quickly. 'I'm coming girls' she thought as she swept don't the long passage way to her house.

"I know what's happening." Meilin said suddenly this happened to him when we were younger when his dad died. It's like his power is taking over him. He's so angry he can't control it."

"Syaoran!" Yelen yelled after seeing Syaoran. She opened her fan as her aura surrounded her. She whispered a little spell flung the fan forward sending a surge of wind and light at Syaoran. It hit him dead in the chest and he fell on his back. Meilin was closest to him and crawled to see if he was okay."He's not breathing" she yelled as Yelen got down beside her son.

"No Syaoran" Yelen said as she put her ear to his chest. "His hearts not beating." she said panicked.

"Move" Kiki yelled as she pushed Meilin out of the way. She started doing compressions on his chest and blowing into his mouth. Her hands glowed lightly as she continued.

"He needs more energy." Ethan yelled

"I'm trying" she said as blood started dripping from her nose. She breathed for him again. "I gave him all I had last time." she said as she continued the compressions again. Yelen put her hands on Kiki's arm and let her energy flow into her. Kiki continued. "Come on Syaoran don't die on me now." Here Ethan walked up and put his finger to Syaoran's chest and sent a surge of lightning threw his body.

"Good idea" Kiki said she resumed her CPR. "Again" she said looking at Ethan. He put his finger to Syaoran's chest again shocking him. Kiki felt his heart pump.

"That's it" said before giving him one final breath. He sucked in air suddenly and his breathing became normal again. Kiki kept her hands on his chest continuing to heal him. Yelen continued to give Kiki her energy until his eyes finally opened.

"Oh thank goodness" Yelen said as she pulled Syaoran up into her arms.

"Mother" he said softly.

"You always love to cause me such a scare." she looked up at Kiki. "Thank you."

She nodded. "Anytime." she said sobbing she grabbed his hand. "Syaoran" she choked out in between her tears.

"Kiki" he whispered. "I'm okay" she let go of his hand and got up quickly.

"I need some air." she said as she quickly left the room. Justin jumped up and followed her out Meilin, Fanren, Fuutie, Feimei and Shiefa where at his side immediately.

"Syaoran don't you scare us like that again" Fuutie yelled looking at her brother.

Kiki stood on the front porch trying to calm herself down.

"Kiki" Justin said as he walked up beside her.

"I have never been more scared my whole life." She said turning to him. "Look at me. I'm still shaking" she said showing him her trembling hands.

"You just brought a man back from being practically dead. I would be scared too" he said giving her a smile. "You where amazing."

She smiled "thank you"

"Come here." he said pulling her into a hug. "When did you learn CPR?"

She looked up at him. "I just took a class last year. After I found out I was a healer. I figured if I was supposed to heal I better know all types of techniques."

"Well thank god you did." he said with a smile. "Let's go back in." he said softly.

"Okay." she said as they headed back in the house.

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