Hello my LXG lovin' Friends, for those of you whoi don't know me, I'm the one who have brought Quatermain and Dorian back from the dead with some Unknown means, deleated Sawyer and literally made women out of Nemo and Alan..... And now, I give you the Third Installement of LEAGUERS.

Dorian Gray, Elain Quatermain, Rodney Skiner, Nemona and the soonn to be Mrs. Mina Murray-Gray we're at Nemona's study on board the Nautiulus, The events of this fic take time Four months after LEAGUERS II, and take place in London, for Now.

"Aaaaaahhh!" Moaned Skinner who was laying down on the Couch wearing his Coat only.

"Shut Up Skinner, evryone ate it and your the only one with Indejestion." said Mina, Getting a little pissed.

"Right!" said Skinner.

All of a sudden, the door swog open and in came Dr. Henry Jekyll, MD and part time mass murderer.

"Lock up your daughters boys and girls, The JEKYLL has returned!" shouted Jekyll, who was met with a look of suprise from evryone.

"Welcome back!" "Hey!" "Look what the wind blew in!" said the League members -who were caught off guard- cheerfully at the sight of their colleague who was acompayd with his Bulldog, Cyrbious.

"Where is Bernadette?" asked Dorian.

"There is no more Bernadette, its Sister Mary-Gerrard now." said Jekyll as he got seatd.

"What? How? What?" asked Elain.

"Three Very good questions." said Nemona.

"Its a funny story really, you see, I proposed and she said yes, so one night in the week prior to the Wedding I took a Vile of Formula cause I needed to open a Jar, and the Hyde got drunk, next thing I know, my rear is partially exposed and some guy is saying 'Kalast min alwashm ya sedi'."

"What?" asked Evryone.

"Its Arabic for 'I'm done with your tatoe sir'. you see, I somehow got to Beirut! Wierd, eh?"

"I'll say, so what did you do?" asked Dorian.

"I had some Homus, and then hitched a ride back to France, where I found out that my Bride has decided to quit the League and Become a Nun."


"She told me but I was pretty hammerd so I can't remeber."

"Oh Jekyll! You must have been devestated!" said Mina.

"Yeah....I got dpressed, and went to the Moulin Rouge, where I hooked up with that fellow who could very well be Prof. Moriarty's Horny Twin, and we started Drinking and gawking at the cute French chicks, and then it hits me!"

"WHAT?" asked Evryone.


"But after geting dumped by your fiance for the seconnd time, you must have returnned to your fear of commitment." said Skiner.

"Thats what I thought, Bur then I ran into Azmeralda, that dane you shaged once.."

"And?" asked Skinner.

"She started complaining about Men who are Insensetive like Rodney, and men who are Idiots like Rodney, and Men who are Selfish like Rod...."


"Hey, I'm just qouting, anyway, we end up having this fling, and all of a sudden I propose!"

"What?" Screamd evryone for the third time.

"She said yes, and then I knew I was still Unafraid of commitment, so I left and came here!"

"Hold on, you proposed to a woman to see if you were afraid of commitment and then walked out on her?" asked Nemona.

"I'm not THAT evil! I arranged for her and the Duke to meet, and BOOM! sparks are flying evrywhere, they we're married a week later, thanks for the services of Dr. Henry Jekyll Von Love!"

"So......... how are things?" asked Jekyll as he rested his feet on the coffe tabel.

"Elain is getting Knighted by the queen tonight, have you had Lunch? I don't think you have, I cooked! I'll get you some." said Mina as she left to get some of what she made for Jekyll. As soon as she was gone, Skinner tured to Jekyll and said anxiously "Run, Run Jekyll, I may have had to eat it but you won't."

"What are you talking about?" asked Jekyll.

"Mina made food, I'm not going to tell you what it is, cause its like nothing I ever tasted, Nemona, Elain and I we're able to throw it out the window while she wasn't looking, Skinner however was unable to do so, since that hes Invisible she'd know that he hadn't eaten, the poor SOB had to eat it all." said Dorian with a shudder.

Jekyll then high tailed out of there as Mina returned with a bowl filled with a greyish Wad of some sort of food in a bowl.

"Where is Henry?" she asked.

"Err..... Said something about going to church." said Nemona.

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