Disclaimer: I don't own Jekyll or Skinner or therest of the league, but that won't stop me of forcig the leaguers todo unbelevably stupid things.

BTW, I have nothing against the Irish population, and if you're Irish and are offended bythis chappy, I'm sorry.

Dr. Henry Jekyll and Rodney Skinner were men of a mission, aside from serving england and protecting her majestys intrests they were cursed with the sacred mission.... of getting drunk at least once in evry country of the world. Now that they were done with England, France, India, Scotland and Las Vegas, it was time for Ireland.

So there they were, in the drinking establishment known as 'Shamus's', the night was young, england was safe and they had a fist full of Quid.

"OK, let's get drunk." said Skinner ever so determin.
"It's a dirty job, but for the good of mankind, someone has got to do it." said Jekyll.

One hour later.....

"So you two are like.... James Bond with a twist?" asked one of two Irish sisters in the company of Rodney and Jekyll.
"Me Lady, Jim thrives to be us... Jim has Q's toys, a liscense kill and a decent salary, but by god, he can not transform into a ten foot tall instrument of destruction." said a mildly wasted Jekyll.
"Your lying! Can you do that?" asked the wide-eyed other.
"Yes, and I can also........." said Jekyll before he whisperd into the womans ear, which drove her to raise her eyebrows in disbeleaf and say "Now I know your laying!"
"Your right, I'm laying. But the transformation bit is true."
"And I'm Invisible!" said a toxicated Skinner, who was smeared in greas paint.
"No you're not! You look like Michael Jackson, but you're not invisible!!"
"Show 'em. Rodney!" said Jekyll.

Rodney then fluently threw the contents of his pint on to his face and whiped the paint off with a napkin, to reveall his transparent self.
"Wow!" said the first Irish woman.
"Ditto!" said the second.
"So ladys, you are yet to declare your names..." said Jekyll.
"I'm is Mary-Jane." said the first.
"Mine is Elizabeth." said the other.
"So MJ and Liz, what do you do for a living?" asked Skinner.
"We're serial killers." said Elizabeth.
"I can tell this is not goig to be a marie-sue." said Skiner.
"You're mass murderes? SO AM I!! I mean so is my alter ego." said Jekyll.
"Does your alter-ego have a name?" asked Mary-Jane.
"Hyde, Edward Hyde."
"Have Edward Hyde ever done something we might have heard of?" asked Elizabeth.
"Sure, ever heard of the Murders in the Rue Morgue?"
"Yes! That was you??" asked a unbeleaving Mary-Jane.
"Damn right!" "What else?"
"You're probebly too young to remember but have you ever head of Jack the Ripper?"
"Thats was you too?"
"I can't lie, it was me."
"I'm so honored to meet you, those murders are the reason why we decided to be mass murderers!" said Elizabeth.
"I'm flatterd."
"So, do you ladys go killing randomly or do you have a pattern?" asked Skinner who was getting drunker by the second.
"Well, you usually go into bars, hang around with guys who keep braging about what they do, then we pick them up, take them back to our place, where we hit them over head with sledgehammers, then crucify them and hang the mupside down, after that we remove the eye-lids, lips, testicals annd tongues, we finally peal off the skin and make walets out of it.. " explained a cheerfull Elizabeth.

"Sounds like a lot of fun!!!" said the hammerd Jekyll with a stupid grin spread all over his face.
"Wanna go back to our place and mix it up?" asked Mary-Jane.
"Certinly!" said Jekyll.

Don't worry, no one dies in this fic, they just get real bad hangovers.