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Chapter 11

You know one major problem with this world? Laws and rules. There are far too many rules and laws telling us what we should and shouldn't do. Don't do this! Don't do that! Do obey these stupid rules that don't even work and are completely ridiculous!

It's true they don't work, you know? Well, you probably don't, but it is true. If they did work then there wouldn't be any need for prisons, nor would we have any convicts, but we do have them both, so the system obviously doesn't work.

Why doesn't the system work, I hear you say because I'm saying that I hear you say this, and no, I am not going insane. Well, the answer to that all boils down to one simple things that is totally worthless yet a lot of people consider it the one thing life could not survive without: money. Think about it for a moment or two. All money is is small disks of something which we have dug out of the ground, melted down and reshaped or small pieces of trees which we have covered in a plant extract or something similar. Pretty worthless, really, and without it we wouldn't have half the troubles we do nowadays.

Of course, it would only happen like that if we hadn't of used the stuff in the first place. If we were to stop using money now we would cause widespread panic and theft. It's stupid really. The world is so corrupt nowadays, and that corruption would have been unlikely to have happened had we not used money in the first place. Of course, we could still be fighting over land and things like that. But I stand by my point! Money is the cause of all problems!

Well, that was a good way for me to waste time and about three hundred words, don't you agree? Oh well, I suppose you want me to tell you what happened next now, don't you? That's easy to answer; I got hyper.

How did I get hyper? I bet you probably don't want to know how, but I feel like telling you all, and the answer's pretty simple anyway, so you're stuck unless you were to suddenly stop reading now, which I couldn't blame you for. In fact, I'm surprised you've read this far without hitting your head multiple times because of all of the clichés that have happened in my life since the person who had been trying to kill me for practically all of my life told me he was my father, which is a cliché in itself.

The answer to how I got hyper is, like I said, pretty simple. You see, I may not look, act or sound like it, but I'm one of those people who gets hyper incredibly easily, a fact I discovered about myself in recent years. My hyperness is also that really scary kind of hyperness that's really random and completely freaks everyone I know out if they aren't hyper too.

Now, fortunately, my hyperness only comes about every few years or so, because it used to freak me out so much. But, this time, my whole avoid hyperness plan got a bit out of hand.

One the day I went back to Hogwarts after Christmas I was fine, completely recovered from my little trip down those stairs and having had the people who were involved in it apologise to me because my father forced them. I even got to London to get on the Hogwarts Express early. I got there so early, in fact, that I decided to take a tiny little detour that would only take a few minutes into muggle London. Nothing could happen in such a short amount of time, I thought to myself, I'd be perfectly fine! So I went.

The thing as that I went to one of the muggle supermarkets, one that was quite close to King's Cross. It was Asda, I can remember that much really clearly, and even if I couldn't, I'm pretty sure I could have remember the green sign proclaiming the supermarket's name, along with the smiley yellow coin that was everywhere announcing that Roll Back was going on. It was really annoyingly bright and cheerful.

You probably can't imagine my surprise when I found I had some muggle money with me (probably planted on me, I thought in paranoia), but it was huge. I never carried muggle money around with me! I rarely ever carried money around with me at all! So I did what any one even remotely like me would do! I headed for the aisle where the sweets were.

The sweets aisle in a supermarket is, as you probably know, a wonderful place. It's almost like Honeydukes, only inside a bigger store that contained almost every other thing you could want and it didn't contain the magical variety of sweets. There was still loads there though.

Looking along then, I could instantly tell which ones would send me incredibly hyper, whether I knew from the short period of time I had recieved pocket money from the Dursleys and spent on sweets which sent me so hyper the Dursleys decided never to give me pocket money again, or they were similar to the magical ones. Other's I wasn't so sure about.

First I looked at a pack of jellybabies, and decided to get them, which I have yet to eat. Then I noticed I was running short on time, so I just grabbed somethings thtat I could afford with my limited fund and knew I wouldn't get hyper on and went to buy them.

The person at the checkout wasn't exactly friendly. She was called Dave according to her nametag, and unless she was called something like Davina, I figured it would be a mistake. She looked at me like I was the scum of the earth, possibly, from the look of her, because I didn't have a visible tattoo. She scanned my items, I paid her and left, wanting to get away from her. She was just plain creepy! Even compared with my father!

I got back to King's Cross without any trouble and onto platform nine and three-quarters with only a few moments to spare.

When the train was pulling out of the station I finally looked inside my carrier bag from Asda and saw properful for the first time what I bought. Jellybabies were the first thing I saw, making me realise how morbid they really were. They could silently promote cannabalism, since they were human shaped. Oh well.

I also saw what I had grabbed. There was one packet of mint imperials, one pack of ordinary tictacs and two packs of spearmint polos.

Ah, polos, my one true love, they are the best things in the world. Polos are, in case you didn't know, are flat, circular disks of whatever that minty stuff they use to make mints in, with a hole in the middle and the word polo written twice around the top of them. The spearmint ones have little blue bits in them. They come in packs of about twenty on average, and they send me incredibly hyper.

How hyper exactly do they send me? Well, it took about three days for me to calm down after my frist one, and I've still got about another thirty nine to go! Plus everything else that I bought! Fortunately no one has discovered exactly what sent me so unbelievably hyper, so I still have them! But back to my story!

Well, I decided that if I was going to open the mint imperials then I'd probably have to eat them all in one go, the same for the jellybabies, so I put those aside for later. So that left me with the polos or the tictacs. Since I had more polos, I figured they would last me longer.

The smell of polos is wonderful. I don't think I've said that yet, so I'll say it again for good measure: the smell of polos is wonderful. It smells of, well, polos! So minty, so fresh, so wonderful! I do love the smell of polos in the morning, just like a lot of people love the smell of freshly cut grass or meat being cooked, both, incidentally, are smells I happen to hate, but I don't feel like going into that just yet.

The only thing better than the smell of a polo is the taste. It's wonderful, perfectly minty, as I found out when I ate one. And then things started to go wrong. I'm not completely sure what happened then, but after some of the sugar from the polos got into my blood I can't seem to remember a thing of, apart from breaking out into uncontrolably fits of hysterics every few moments, and sprouting on about rabbits taking over the world and spoons stopping them, all for the next three days. I think I may have freaked quite a few people out when I was hyper, because now, everyone around school looks at me like they're terrified (with a few exceptions) rather than simply hating me. Fun, eh?

I'm not actually sure when I should eat my next polo, but I do want to eat the majority of them, along with the rest of the sweets I bought before summer. If I took any back with me my father would probably destroy them, which would be a total waste.

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