Chapter 11: To Be Complete

Eli and Madison were lost in each other's eyes and oblivious to the rest of the world. All was quiet and Sakura smiled as she slipped Harmony into her pocket wit hall her other cards. Something from earlier came back to her, she frowned slightly.

"Li," Sakura turned to face him once more. He was staring at Eli's book, uncertain what to do with it since Eli was busy. "What was that all about, earlier?" Sakura asked, catching and holding his gaze.

"Oh that," he gave a careless shrug, "nothing." It really was nothing now, after all that had just happened.

"No," she insisted softly, placing a hand on his chest, "it wasn't nothing. What was it? Did I do something?"

He gazed at her, his eyes full of tenderness, "No love," he whispered gently, caressing her cheek.

"But I must have!" she said, sorrow filling her eyes, "please tell me." She whispered.

"You didn't do anything, not on purpose."

"Then I did do something!"

He almost looked away, "Sakura, when," this was hard for him to say, he felt so foolish now, "When you said you wanted to know all those things, about magic. That you should be able to do things like that without me… I felt like you didn't want me around anymore. Like you needed me, but you didn't want to, and as soon as you learned enough from me, you would push me out of your life."

"Oh, Li," tears formed in her eyes and unable to bear them he looked away, "I'm so sorry," she caressed his face, thinking over her earlier words. Yes, they had sounded much like that. But that wasn't how she had meant them. She had been thinking that it would be important to know those things in case Li or Eli were ever unable to help her. She hadn't meant to hurt him. Just as he had never meant to hurt Meilin back in elementary when she had felt that because she had no magic she wasn't needed. That had been untrue. But his careless words in light of that belief had often cut her. And it was equally untrue in this case. But it didn't take away the hurt.

"I will always need you, Li." She whispered. "You're my heartbeat, and the better half of my soul."

Li's eyes met hers once again, and he drew in a shaky breath, smiling gently at her. "I know that now, Sakura." He drew her close to him, Eli's precious book slipping, unnoticed to the ground, "I'll never doubt you again, because you are my heartbeat as well. The better half of my soul." He leaned in toward her and she closed her eyes, anticipating his kiss.

"Ahem," a throat cleared behind them, causing them to back away from one another.

"What?" they snapped as one.

"Could someone explain to me what just happened?" Fujitaka asked.

Ms. Mackenzie laughed, and soon those around her were laughing as well. It was quite a lot to take in.

The others emerged from their hiding places. Tory helped Meilin up and they walked out toward the others. Kero and Yue had already reverted to their false forms, just in case any one came by. Now that the Harmony had been captured the Time spell had been broken.

In an unorganized jumble each group told their story, and with each story Fujitaka's eyes widened.

"I didn't know you children led such, um," he searched for the right words, "interesting lives."

Sakura laughed, "We don't always, but yes, we have had more than our share of adventures."

"Mm hmm," Fujitaka raised a brow. "So, is there anything else going on in your active lives that I should know about?"

"Plenty!" Eli laughed . The others joined him.

"Nothing dad." Tory assured clapping him on the shoulder, "We plan to lead uneventful lives for the rest of our days."

Watching him Eli wondered if that were really true, especially considering a certain sneaking suspicion he had. He raised a brow at Meilin and Tory. They were standing just a little close. Julian noticed too.

"Uh, what's with you two?" he asked.

"Hm?" Tory tilted his head at his best friend in question, "What do you mean?"

"Well, you're uh…" he gestured helplessly at them.

Meilin blushed.

"Oh!" Tory grinned, throwing an arm around her shoulders, "I decided Meilin wasn't so bad after all. We're going to a movie on Friday."

Meilin pulled back, glaring at him imperiously. She put her hands on her hips, "YOU decided?" she asked incredulously. "Oh I see."

"Come on Meilin." Tory smiled wickedly. "You've got to admit, as a kid you were a pain."

"A PAIN!? And I suppose you think you're God's gift to women? Is that it?"

Tory shrugged, closing his eyes and crossing his arms behind his head, "You said it, not me." he said smugly.

"Why you!" Meilin clenched her fists, "You know what? Maybe I won't go to that movie with you," she turned her back to him and he watched her through one barely open eye, "you are a jerk Tory Kinomoto! And you can just find yourself another date for Friday night!" she flipped her hair defiantly.

"Is that so?" Tory drawled. Meilin couldn't see, because her back was turned, but he was very close to her now.

"Yes," she went on angrily, "and if you think for one second that I'll-" she stopped as arms encircled her from behind. Troy rested his check on top of her head.

"Yes, you'll what? Go on, I'm listening." He said softly.

"I'll, I'll." Meilin stammered, trying to resist the urge to melt into his arms. She failed, "Oh, never mind." She mumbled, leaning back into him.

Tory chuckled.

"You know what?" Madison smiled at her friends as they observed the new couple. "I think they deserve each other."

Li and Sakura nodded, "You said it." They spoke in chorus and then blushed. Li pulled Sakura into his arms.

"So what are your plans for Friday?" He asked quietly.

Sakura smiled, moving her hand up to play with his hair, "That depends," she said coyly, "What are you doing Friday?" Li brushed his lips over hers and she sighed in contentment. Wrapping his arms around her he deepened the kiss.

Eli nudged Madison, "That looks like fun." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Madison giggled, "Eli." She said warningly.

Ignoring her he drew her into his arms, placing his lips over hers.

Fujitaka took all this in silently, happy that his children were happy. Ms. Mackenzie, her arm linked through his, agreed whole heartedly with that thought, though she of course couldn't be absolutely certain what he was thinking. The two adults smiled at one another. Julian watched them all with a small smile of his own. He picked up Kero, who was once again pretending to be a toy, and eyed him thoughtfully. It was good to see everyone happy again.

A/N: Well, it's finally over. sniff I love Tory and Meilin, they SO deserve each other. Brats, both of them... and Sakura and Li are just so sweet! I hope you enjoyed this story. (all two of you who still read it). It's been real! Au revoir!