Hey guys! Final entry! This has been really fun to write and I'm thankful so much for all of your awesome feedback! Thanks for reading! And I leave you with one final thought: Will it all end happy?!

What Ron Said

"Shouldn't we be doing something constructive?" Hermione said as we all lay sprawled out amongst the chairs and couches in the common room. Harry was lying upside down on a chair, his legs where his head should be, and his hair just barely brushing the floor. He was reading a text book.

"I am doing something constructive, I'm learning." He said. All the blood was rushing to his face, making it appear as if he had a radish for a head.

"You are not learning, you probably can't even read what you are reading." Hermione said, sitting comfortably in her own comfy scarlet chair, curled up with the usual huge book.

Read what you are reading? I thought.

"Don't look so confused, Ronald." She said smugly.

"I'm not confused." I lied.

"Well you look it." Oh no. She sees right through me.

"Will you two stop arguing?" Harry said, squinting his eyes at the thick and torn-edged pages of the leather bound book.

"Oh Harry," Hermione rolled her eyes and then flipped the page.

"I'm so bored!" I said and dropped my own text book. "Is it time for term to end yet?"

"I'm afraid we have to go through finals, Ronald."

"Oh joy."

"Yes it is! We are privileged wizards, Ron!"

Oh great. Here she goes again. With the privileged wizards speech. After all, we could be one of those poor unschooled wizards in China, who never even get to touch a wand their entire lives, thinking they are crazy.

"And after all, we could be one of those poor unschooled wizards in China, who never even get to touch a wand their entire lives, thinking they are insane!" Ha! I think I've memorized it all. Hermione is very passionate about what she does. Although, I haven't heard much about SPEW lately.

What Hermione Heard

Boys can be so insensitive. Ron isn't even listening to what I'm saying, and Harry is lying over there, acting like a complete fool. But that red hair is terribly sexy. . . . But enough thinking about Ron.

I turned back to my book. The discovering of ancient wizard artifacts in ancient Greece is very crucial to our understanding of today's modern wizarding-

"Oh, this is worthless." I chucked the book at the fire. Ron stared at me astonished, but Harry didn't seem to notice anything. His face was still radish red.

"Did you just do that?" Ron said, still in amazement, looking at the burning pages in the fire.

I let out a deep breath. "Yes Ron, I did." He came over and held out his hand, I took it. He shook it as a greeting and said:

"Well done, Hermione. Well done." I laughed and so did he. Harry looked up from his book and asked what was going on.

"Hermione just took her first step into idiocy." Ron said. Harry looked bewildered. It wouldn't be a first for him.

"Does anybody care about the ancient Wizard Artifacts of Ancient Greece?" Harry asked.

"Apparantly," Ron cocked his head sideways to read the upside down book Harry was holding, "C.B. Snank does."

"I wonder what the C.B. stands for." I wondered.

"Credibly Brainless?" Ron suggested.

"Clever Buffoon?" Harry added.

We all laughed and the Harry put the history book aside. How hard could Professor Binns' final be anyway? Then I remembered all of the notes I had taken in his class over the past term. It would be incredibly difficult.

"How about, Crazy Balloon?" I suggested.

"Balloon?" Harry asked, turning up.

"Honestly?" Ron said.

"You know what I've been letting down lately?" I asked, changing the subject.

"What?" they synchronized.

I anticipated a groan. "SPEW."

What Ron Said

"Dad! Dad! I got my letter!" Harry said as he ran towards me. A piece of yellow parchment was in his clenched fist. His flaming red hair was the same as mine, but he gets his bushy-curly style from his mother.

"That's great, Harry!" he was rightly named, after my best friend, and still best friend. I picked him up and held him high in the air. He was skinny, but wasn't quite as tall as I was at his age. The freckles covered most of his face. He looked a lot like Ginny, but he had Hermione's nose, and possibly teeth.

Speaking of which, Hermione came from the kitchen. A bright smile on her face, her arms outstretched.

"Did you get your letter?" she asked brightly. Harry jumped from me to her and shoved the letter in her face. She laughed and took it from him and read it over. Then handed it back.

Harry began to read the letter out loud, "Dear Mr. Weasley, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," he went on for a long time, reading us the list of things he needed, what else was said.

"Think I'll get into Gryffindor, dad?" he turned to me and set the letter down. I kneeled down to his level, so we were face to face.

"You never know, son, you are bright enough to be in Ravenclaw." I glanced at Hermione then whispered in his ear, "You get it from your mother."

"Watch out for those Slytherin's though," Hermione warned him.

"They are horrible. That Malfoy was a real prick."

"Ronald!" Hermione glared at me.

Harry laughed and then ran upstairs. The house we lived in certainly wasn't the burrow, but it had some of the same features. Still homey looking, with a horrible yard (Hermione keep's nagging at me to weed it), and about seven flights of stairs, the house was almost as if we were in a more manor-looking version of the Burrow. It's amazing, the love Fred and George gave to us in the form of galleons for a wedding present 11 years ago.

The End